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Sounders release Nkufo



Blaise Nkufo has been relased by the Seattle Sounders according to a team issued press release just hours befor the start of the season. 

It has been a turbulent day for the Swiss Designated Player, who has effectively gone from the starting line-up to off the club. The Seattle Times reported earlier on Tuesday that Nkufo wouild not start in the Sounders match against the LA Galaxy tonight after an apparent incident in training. Nkufo talled five goals in 11 appearances for Seattle in his first and only season with the club in 2011.

Nkufo joined the Sounders after an illustrious career with FC Twente and a stint with Switzerland's national team at the World Cup. The terms of the Swiss striker's release are currently being discussed by Major League Soccer and the Seattle Sounders as well as the player's representatives. 

How will the Sounders replace N'Kufo? Who will step up in his place? 

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  1. Yeah, one of the best goal-scoring per game ratios in the history of the game and his last club erected a freakin’ statue to him outside their Eredivise stadium.

    And he had 5 goals in 11 games.

    Total poser, that guy.

  2. “and if anything his play diminished considerably once he actually got the DP money, so from that standpoint, there’s a case to be made for him being called a DP flop”

    Not that I disagree… but if you give a 31 (I think that’s how old he was when he got the DP money…) striker a ton of money, sometimes you overpay. *cough*RobbieKeane*cough*

    Anyway, he had done great things with the team that paid him the money, so it evens out to an extent. On the whole, I think DC got their money’s worth from him for the three years he was there.

    I just think lumping him in with turds like Denilson, Gallardo and Landin is apples/oranges.


    Sounders fans are going to be sorely disappointed if they think OBW can step up and score even half the goals that Blaise did last year. Youre defo going to need a replacement and OBW aint it.

  4. I wouldn’t put Emilio Luciano on there–his first year was tremendous and his second wasn’t bad.

    I probably wouldn’t put Reyna on there. He brought a degree of organization, professionalism and credibility that probably made it possible to sign Angel.

    It’s looking like Branco Boskovic will be on that list. Right now, he’s not starting. He’s behind either Dax McCarty in central mid or Chris Pontius at left outside mid.

  5. Depends. MLS salaries are usually pro-rated. I would bet though that for a DP player, there are a lot of guarantees.

    Ultimately though, the issue isn’t if you’re on the hook for his salary (which greatly exceeds the cap hit of $350k-400k) but rather what the remaining cap hit is. If all his money was guaranteed than you’re on the hook. If only some if it is, than it depends on the contract. I’m guessing that since he was released, that means not all of his money was guaranteed.

  6. Funny when I heard Sigi on the post game press conference, my first thought was his new role was bench warmer.

    Either way, they can buy out his contract and they most likely did.

    I always disagreed with Ives on his major roll on this team. He just isn’t that good. They need a scorer don’t get me wrong, they just need someone else.

  7. Which Emilio?

    41 goals in 87 games Emilio?

    I’m guessing every team would take a “bust” like that, every day.

    (SBI-Emilio wasn’t always a Designated Player, and if anything his play diminished considerably once he actually got the DP money, so from that standpoint, there’s a case to be made for him being called a DP flop.)

  8. When a player refuses to play the role you ask him to, you have no choice but to let him walk. They wanted him to play the high target and hold up role, but he wanted to play the supporting role (less work, more glory).

    That said, Seattle isn’t exactly a team that should be shunning goal scorers. But, I do understand why they did it.

  9. Amen. Was a sloppy game in the rain. As is usually the case when we lose, we had plenty of opportunities and couldn’t finish, while our opponent made the most of their chances. Frustrating? Yes. Pathetic? Hardly. We’ll be fine.

  10. I just came from a lackluster and inaguaral game from the Sounders side. Remember I’m a fan of both. When I heard the line ups I told my wife that the only guy Sounders were missing was Blaise Knufo meanwhile the gaLAxy was missing like 3-4 starters and there was no excuse this time. Well the game showed otherwise. Shame on the Sounders this was a pathetic game and lackluster performance. Now I read from a reader they are going to sign an Argentine WHO FAIL A PHYSICAL IN A MEXICAN MINNOW TEAM. PATHETIC!!!

  11. Yeah and I was in the game and they suck! gaLAxy was missing a whole lot of starters from Ricketts to Gonzalez to JPA. It was despicable performance.

  12. Are you serious Sounders? He was unable to pass a physical in Queretaro of Mexico which is a minnow in Mexico!!! Are you serious!!!

  13. Memo to once great, aging, and complacent european football stars: stay home and save yourself the embarrasment. You’re too old and don’t care enough anymore.

  14. David Estrada should get minutes now for sure, enough of Levesque and his Chewbacca look and play! Bring on the kid who could of been a top 10 pick 4 years ago out of UCLA who you know produces just as many pros as any other school!

  15. I doubt it, maybe just a pro rated portion but it can’t be that big at all. Should clear up the 300-400K that a DP contract takes up!

    I think David Estrada will have or at least SHOULD have some big big chances now with no Nyassi and no Nkufo.

    Yes White is there but Estrada needs to get some time, and don’t they have Tetteh as well? I imagine he can get time on the left wing now that Nyassi is not there to help start prepare him to take over the card and suspension prone Leo Gonzalez. Plus he’s up in age so it’d be nice to be Tetteh prepared and seasoned his rookie year!

    Estrada has game, that laser of a shot he scored on vs Celtic was money! He could be HUGE in Seattle’s bid for a 3rd consecutive US Open Cup and in CONCACAF Champions League Play. Lets hope they play Santos or whatever weaker than Monterrey teams make the final this May in Mexico, I want to see Seattle make it far in Champions League!

  16. Sounders learned last year not to spoil the high paid help. They wanted to make an example & not let it drag out like last year with Holy Diver FL10. It embarrassed Nkofo & he said eff it.

    Lets face it. The Sounders have the depth to do this & the $ to buy him out. Now we get another DP slot.

    Tonight the world gets to see Friberg & White!

  17. So does this mean the Sounders can get Diego Forlan in the summer now? I’m not even a Sounders fan, but that be awesome!

  18. Wow. That’s quite a hit to the Sounders. O’Brien White seems like he could slide in perfectly but honestly there’s something to be said about loosing a DP on the night of the opening game. I know people will be quick to compare it to losing Ljungberg but I guess we’ll wait for the details to emerge.


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