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United-Fire matchup highlights second day of Carolina Challenge Cup


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The Chicago Fire and D.C. United each won its first match at the Carolina Challenge Cup, but something will have to give when the two teams meet tonight at Blackbaud Stadium in Charleston, S.C.

The Eastern Conference foes will meet at 5 p.m., and Charlie Davies will be starting in the match, which is being streamed live on the team Web sites for both D.C. United and Chicago.

The host Charleston Battery will take on Toronto FC in the nightcap at 7:15 p.m., and that match will be streamed live on

If you will be watching any of the action from Charleston, feel free to share any thoughts and analysis in the comments section below. Enjoy the matches.


  1. True. But he also had a clean breakway and score that seemed like a weak offsides call. So parts of his game are coming through. But agreed that he’s still got a ways to go.

  2. I pushed “send” too soon. To finish my previous post–a 1-0 win by DCU is nice. But when the goal comes from a guy who is not likely to leave the reserve team all season (Brettschneider), the result provide encouraging proof for DCU fans. It’s better than a loss and it looks like BB has some nice potential maybe down the road. But bottomline, you still don’t know if the team’s finishing is much improved. The defense appears to be better.

  3. Winning games is nice but doesn’t matter much at this stage. I mean, DCU was the winner of this same tournament last year–see how much that meant? What’s more important is that critical question marks get answered: is Chicago’s new backline for real? Is Charlie Davies showing good signs? While a win by DCU is nice, it’s far more important to show progress in the right areas.

  4. OT

    But has anyone see what is developing in the Big East Conference Tournament? Allegations of a fixed game are coming like crazy.

    St. John’s (the big east darling this year) walked out of bounds with 1.7 seconds remaining on the clock and their player chucked the ball into the stands. The officials rushed into the locker room and didn’t play the final 1.7 seconds or issue a technical for chucking the ball into the stands.

    The game ended at 65-63, which is 128. The over/under was 128.5.

  5. Chicago just got their 3rd red card in 3 games, according to the announcer. This year is going to be a long one for Chicago fans.

  6. Chavez gets sent off and is NOT happy about it… wow sounded like he could’ve broken his foot on the bench

  7. Picked up in the supplemental draft by DCU, he just scored his fourth goal of preseason. He just signed with them in the last week.


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