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Whitecaps bolster attacking options, sign Swiss international Chiumiento


The Vancouver Whitecaps' list of attacking options keeps growing.

Days after signing French forward Eric Hassli as the club's first Designated Player, Vancouver and Swiss international Davide Chiumiento sorted out all the necessary paperwork to add him to the roster a week before the season begins.

The 26-year-old Chiumiento can play either as an attacking midfielder or withdrawn striker. He was a part of the USSF Division 2 Whitecaps and has been training with the club all preseason. His signing had been imminent for some time.

The Whitecaps now boast Chiumiento, Hassli and Atiba Harris as possibilities atop Teitur Thordarson's formation. No. 1 overall SuperDraft pick Omar Salgado is still ineligible to play with the team until he turns 18 in September.

What do you think about the signing? Feel better about Vancouver's attack now?

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  1. so something like…?


    bench: (Salgado), Knight, Koffie, Harris

  2. Ives and Co. probably understand it and can explain it better than me, but I believe FIFA has a rule where a player younger than 18 cannot play in a country unless his parents live there as well. So when Messi went to Barcelona his parents moved to Spain as well. The obvious solution, you would think, would be have Omar’s mum move to Vancouver. But apparently, according to Omar, his mum can’t move to Vancouver unless she was offered a job independently. I don’t know how Messi and Barca got around this one.

    The argument for his being allowed to play is that the MLS is a two country league, and therefore given that he is a resident of the US he should be allowed to play in the league, eventhough the team he plays for is based in Canada. But FIFA’s rules apply to countries not to leagues.

    The Whitecaps and MLS are appealing that despite the fact that the MLS is a two country league, Salgado should be allowed to play because the MLS is a single entity, and largely based in his resident country, the US.

    I am not clear on whether Salgado would be able to play away games (excepting Toronto of course) or whether Vancouver being a Canadian based team mitigates this possibility.

    other problem is, of course, that the MLS is a two-country league.

  3. Can someone please politely explain to me why Salgado can’t play until he turns 18. It’s happened in MLS before.

  4. “I think you see where I’m going with this.”

    Only point I see is that Nery Castillo and Laurent Robert sucked in the MLS.

    Vancouver had Chiumiento for a year already. They would not have kept him around if he wasn’t performing.

  5. Ummm…. Nery Castillo played in the Champions League as well and he was terrible in MLS. So did Laurent Robert and he surely wasn’t much to write home about. I think you see where I’m going with this.

  6. Chris, do your research. Vancouver signed him from the Swiss Super League at the end of last season with a front loaded contract so they could avoid the draft and carry him straight into MLS. This guy has played in the Champions League for crap sake.

  7. Yes, his wikipedia article does mention the Swiss Ronaldinho bit. In any case, you would think a European country’s “Ronaldinho” could do better than USSF-D2.

  8. ^ you do know he is really good right? His nickname is the Swiss Ronaldinho. & he hasnt had a cap since joining the caps anyways

    anyways… FINALLY

    wtf took them so damn long?


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