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Whitecaps top Seattle to wrap up Cascadia Summit


Omar Salgado showed fans in the Pacific Northwest on just why the Vancouver Whitecaps made him the first pick in the 2011 MLS Draft.

The tall striker with the deft touch and deceptive speed repeatedly torched a second-team Seattle Sounders squad on Sunday, helping the Whitecaps post a 3-2 victory against the Sounders in the final match of the Cascadia Summit.

Salgado opened the scoring when the rookie torched veteran defender Taylor Graham to make the score 1-0. Salgado also had a hand in the Whitecaps' third goal when he chipped Seattle goalkeeper Terry Boss, only to have the shot cleared and eventually converted by Brazilian trialist Camilo da Silva Sanvezzo.

Here are the match highlights, along with some other MLS pre-season results from Sunday:



  1. From the Portland game– They are a very physical, long-ball style team that will do very well on their tiny sized astroturf home field. On par with KC, I’d say.

    Vancouver could not get the ball out of their own half and were outshot 18-7 by reserves. Only scored via a portland own goal and 3 terrible defensive gaffes that no high school bench player would make.

    Sounders had 3 players deserving of many league minutes emerge from the Vancouver game– Friberg, MontaƱo and Tetteh. Graham is too far down the depth chart to care about his mistakes, but the Boss tragedy is worrying to say the least. And let’s just hope Fucito isn’t out too long, and Friberg starts for Evans.

    If LA smokes us first match, then you’ll have some real smack to talk.

  2. No words coming out of Sounders supporters mouths is exactly what I wanted to hear.

    The irony, of course, is that had you won there would have been a flood of “we’re going to take it all! We beat the expansion side with our RESERVES!!!!” posts on here.

    Friendly banter FTW

  3. Paul C,

    I don’t get it. What do you want us to say about the second team, some of which made terrible plays and lost a preseason game ?

    They have played Vancouver 112 times, not the first time I wished the Sounders hadn’t lost to the hated Whitecaps.

    Not like we have suddenly lost interest.

    The video stream must have had a lot watching, they did a post game show for peat sake.

  4. Taylor Graham is bilingual, and he helps get the Spanish-speaking players integrated into the team. It’s a subtle thing we don’t see on the field of play. I also believe that he will make a good coach, either as an assistant with the senior team or in the academy system. Sometimes, the big picture is in play, especially with older veterans who have a ton of character and intelligence. It’s not always just “what have done for me lately”.

  5. I read in an article via Google search that he can’t play until September I think, but MLS has submitted something to FIFA for an exception to this case. They have not heard back yet.

  6. From what I have heard that first Salgado goal was entirely Graham’s fault. He gifted it to him with an awful pass, how about you include that?

  7. At the risk of sounding like a total homer, Seattle really did have control of this game aside from the poor mistakes that Vancouver converted perfectly. I’m less concerned about the Sounders considering that we earned two good goals from our reserves. I guess I’d rather see our team get goals that we earned rather than goals that we were gifted.

  8. I don’t care if “the boy” hasn’t played an actual game. Did you see him? Note that I did say “potential” and don’t expect him to be thrown in the fire at such an early age, but making sure he’s cap tied sooner, rather than later, would certainly be in the best interests of the USMN senior team IMO…And if memory serves me correctly, Altidore and Agudelo(I’m sure there is more) weren’t exactly “oldsters” when they started making hay on the National team. Salgado IS that good!

  9. I’m all for youth, but the boy hasn’t played a game of actual MLS soccer. Preseasons show us nothing about the coming season.

    Let him get some games under him and we’ll see in some friendlies after the Gold Cup. Now is the time to refine the team, not add potential. We have plenty of time for that after!

  10. What’s the latest on Salgado playing this year. I heard there were some work permit or FIFA regulations that meant he couldn’t, but they also thought given that MLS is a multi-nation league they might be able to appeal.

  11. Omar Salgado is a beast. Bob Bradley take note. The fact that he’s only 17 yrs old, in my opinion(and I know it’s just 1 game), gives him as much potential, if not more than any other striker in the NT pool(I’m including Altidore and Agudelo in that statement). Don’t let him go to Mexico!

    Kudos to Portland and Vancouver in this mini tournemant for getting the results and down on Seattle for getting zero results.*from a Seattle and NT fan*

  12. I don’t want to get carried away, I know he’s only 17, but Salgado reminds me of KaKa. He’s tall and strong with deceptive speed. He even has the same hair,

  13. Seattle has looked like garbage in preseason, they could barely score against a barebones Fire team and struggled mightily against expansion teams. I’ve heard their season tickets sales are lagging too. Is the honeymoon over in Washington state?

  14. While I’m concerned about losing, I’m way more concerned by the individual mistakes made that led to the goals.

    Um we need to cut boss and keep both young keepers and wtf is graham still doing in seattle.

    Also why the hell hasn’t seattle signed or at least extended the loan of montano. He was one of the best players for us yesterday and is only 19. Its dumb that they are willing to cut him over some of the useless veterans who lose games for us


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