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With the Gold Cup draw set for Tuesday, who would you like to see USMNT face?


The draw for the CONCACAF Gold Cup will take place on Tuesday at Noon on and we will find out just which teams the U.S. men's national team will take on in the group stage.

As a regional power, the United States isn't expected to struggle out of its group, but with several smaller teams looking more formidable than usual, the Americans figure to have at least one or two tough tests in the group phase.

CONCACAF will do it's part to ensure that the United States and Mexico are in separate groups, with Honduras a potential top seed in the third tournament group. If those three are the pre-seeds, that still leaves several tricky opponents. Jamaica, Costa Rica and Canada are all capable of causing problems in the group stage as well as the knockout rounds.

So here's our question to you. Which of the aforementioned teams would you like to see the United States face in the group stage?

Would you like seeing how the Americans match up against the speedsters from Jamaica? Want a re-match with Bryan Ruiz and Costa Rica? Eager to see the United States face Dwayne DeRosario and the Canadians so we can finally stop hearing about the offside call in the 2007 Gold Cup semifinal?

Which opponent would you like to see? Cast your vote here:


Who did you pick, and why? Which team do you want to see the United States avoid? Worried about the United States slipping up in the group stages? Think a USA-Mexico final is inevitable?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Please have some games at the home depot center i LIVE in carson so going to a game is pretty easy. PLEASE HAVE A USA GAME IN LA

  2. I would love to see Canada and USA in Detroit. Great opportunity for good support from both sides of the border there as well. I would definitely be making the drive across the river to hopefully witness a Canadian upset of the Americans.

  3. I picked Jamaica because we haven’t played them since like 2006. Haven’t played Canada in a while though too. Either one would be interesting. I wouldn’t be as interested to play Costa Rica because we played them a lot more recently.

  4. I chose Canada as I probably won’t have time to watch games that don’t include the US, and I’d like to see how this version of the Canadian team can play.

    I’m also interested in seeing the rivalry intensify with a stronger Canadian team.

  5. No, I’d rather see the US play Costa Rica in the knockout stage. It’ll be more exciting as a “win or go home” game.

  6. It’s not really about being scared, it’s more about an easy alternative choice. Why play Rica when you can play easier teams like the Jamaica & Canada. If anyone is scared, it should be all the Concacaf teams playing us. Ooooh snap!lol

  7. I’ll be going to match in Charlotte, NC. I don’t care who’s playing. But I can’t wait for the draw on Tuesday.

  8. I pick Canada, not that i want to see play, but I choose them to get off their as$es and host a Gold Cup. Or at the very least one group.

  9. I pick Canada. Let’s address that North American rivalry straightaway. As long as they don’t draw a “group of death” like Group A in ’09. I’d like to see the top 6 world ranked teams (US, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Panama) reach the knockout stage. It probably won’t work out that way though.

  10. Canada sucks the most of those three. I feel Jamaica makes a deep run into the semi-finals.

    Ives, where is my CONCACAF Best XI? Please gimme one before the tourney.

  11. He’s the best short distance sprinter in the world and can pretty much name his price for any meet. Also, you can’t waste a second of training at that high of a level to play soccer. If he took even a summer off to play he’d lose his edge and never get it back.


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