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Copa del Rey trophy dropped, run over by Real Madrid bus during celebration

You'd think after lifting the World Cup and European Championship trophies that Sergio Ramos would have celebration etiquette mastered. The Real Madrid defender dropped the Copa del Rey from the top of the club's bus during the celebration through the streets of Madrid after Wednesday's 1-0 victory over rival Barcelona. The bus promptly runs over the trophy:



  1. well, the stanley cup has had some weird things happen to it, like being thrown onto a frozen river and found the next morning…..but I don’t think it’s actually been run over by a bus, just a zamboni, so you may be right…..

  2. Hilarious! I love how the party just keeps going! I’m guessing the main culprit is the guy next to him, who is wildly flailing his arms about. I can totally imagine Sergio muttering under his breath, “Dude, take it easy, can’t you see I’m holding this giant f-ing cup right at the edge of the bus!”

  3. Yeah but more than half of Barca’s starting lineup is from their football school, they’re paying their own while Madrid just strips other football clubs for established players. Cant really compare them to one of the “buying” a championship team.


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