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Ferreira sidelined with broken ankle

DavidFerreira (Getty)

Just a day after Seattle Sounders star Steve Zakuani was lost for the season with a broken leg, reigning MLS MVP David Ferreira joined the list of severely injured stars, suffering a broken ankle in FC Dallas' 2-1 win vs. Vancouver on Saturday.

Ferreira suffered the broken ankle on a challenge from Vancouver defender Jonathan Leathers. There is no timetable yet on when he will have surgery, or a timetable on when he might be back from the injury.

FC Dallas midfielder Eric Avila stepped in and scored a goal in place of Ferreira, and will likely be called in to fill the void left by the Colombian playmaker.


  1. No…It doesnt matter what their “history” is. One play can ruin a career. Get these boneheads out of the league and technical players into it!

  2. The style of play in EPL isn’t something I’d want to mirror and that is precisely the problem with the MLS. It brings in all these Brit commentators who applaud rugby style rules. Copy the Spanish league if you want something fun. Creative players, real defense, not these hack and dirty fouls just sliding into players studs up.

    There’s a reason as to why so many Brazilians opt for La Liga and not EPL. Because they’re punished for being athletic and good on the ball. If you’re goofy and not a real football it evens the odds if you can just be reckless without being penalized for it.

  3. MLS really needs to get away from the flawed English soccer attitude. They probably have to play that way because they’re not athletic enough but the whole roughness of the league is disappointing and it discourages playmakers from playing in it. League just got more boring without these two playmakers.

    Not to mention the English’s version of soccer has done exactly nothing since the 60s. We need to clamp down on some of these tackles.

    And the one on Ferreira was not clean. Studs up, of course, but nobody is ever punished for it here. Honestly I’m surprised he lasted this long without a nasty injury.


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