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Real Madrid 0, Barcelona 2: The Highlights


  1. I was stating that I liked Barca until that display of the whole team running after the ref after everytime they got bump. That was disgraceful.

    Yes I understand how both teams play, I understand the Real played defensive trying to keep Barca from forcing them deep into their end by trying to cut off the passing lanes in the defensive mid field before they got into the final third and try to play a counter attack style, which against Barca that is not a bad tactic. It worked in the Cup final.

    I don’t think Man U will utilize it given the speed they have on the flanks and the speed of their outside backs, Evra/Fabio

    I believe they will try an attack. But I do see the tactic, does it make for boring football, yes, but he was not brought in to play pretty football, but to win.

  2. USA! USA! USA!

    dude, you are the idiot. you are not even talking about things that are occurring during the run pf play. if you don’t want to see a team roll on the ground, don’t foul them. real did not just pack it in and look to counter, they packed it in and looked to maul which ever Barca player had the ball.

  3. It was disgraceful because of the way that Mourinho chose to play!!! Barca wanted to play great soccer like they do against everyone else. How can you blame Barca for getting fouled over and over?? Okay, some of the embellishing not attractive, but Mourinho’s tactics are to blame. Do you understand the difference in how the two teams play the game???

  4. So you part of the 10% who know the game. So it is played by faking injury and chasing the ref around the field. So the joke should be I went to watch I one player lying on the ground pretending to be injured and the rest of his teammates were chasing the ref around the field and a soccer game broke out. Like in hockey, I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out. You are such a joke like the Duscheman, that display was disgraceful, I used to like Barca until that display, they need to go play in Serie A with the rest of the divers.

  5. you know so little about soccer it is a joke…there is such a tactic as getting behind the ball and countering a less athletic but more technical team…it’s not “honorable” to play a losing tactic because it entertains twats like you…there is nothing “disgraceful” about playing for a result you moron…going down when you have been clipped to get a foul is not the same as faking injuries idiot…

  6. I have to admit I hate Dani Alves. He dives and embellishes way to much. The fact that he would spin his leg back if he saw Pepe’s leg makes sense to me. That right there should be a yellow because it was dangerous. But he wasnt touched. He rolled on the ground in apparent agony. Hopefully next game someone goes Brian Mullan on him next game to make him in some real agony.

  7. It’s too bad that the Champions League was ruined by a terrible call by the ref on giving the red when there was no contact. What a joke.

  8. No contact. Disgraceful display by Alves. Pepe’s challenge might have been reckless (IMO a red was crazy) but its just a bad game decision on his part. Alves is straight up trying to deceive and cheat by lying on the ground like that. And Barca following the ref around all night in a little circle was just pathetic.

    Barca is the best team in the world, plays the nicest ball, but this stuff is just trash. I wish Barca fans would be more honest about their team’s bad behavior instead of blindly buying into the myth of Barcelona as boy scout good guys.

  9. If only! Players like Messi are once in a lifetime. Argentina’s lucky to have had two such players (Maradona and Messi), but plenty of other countries with proud footballing traditions have never produced a player like Messi.

    So just to modify your comment: I sure hope that one day there’s a player like that in a US jersey.

  10. Diving, faking and all that is just depressive to watch.
    But Real Madrid playing so defensive is just worse. Real Madrid fans should complain to their coach about their style of play not about the ref. It just sad that they stay back and pray for a chance to score. There are teams that don’t have any other option than being defensive because they don’t have the talent, but Madrid doing this is just sad.

  11. That’s the purpose of a disclaimer Hobo, to let everyone know where I’m coming from. I’m not purporting to be a neutral like yourself.
    That said, despite my bias, I try to be as objective as possible and use my experience and knowledge of the game to voice my opinions.
    When you make a comment that 60-70% of Barca’s passes were backwards in their own half, that shows that you are not looking at the game objectively, because it’s just silly. But you’ve acknowledged that it’s pushing it so let’s just let it go.
    The biggest shame is that we aren’t even talking about the little genius Lionel.

  12. Wow, I am so glad I was put straight by a REAL football fan, What an arrogant Eurosnob you are. As the self appointed know it all of Futbol, please explain to me everything there is to know about the sport. Please, I would love to hear it from you, I mean you are exciting, thrilling and know more then 90% of us.

    Please explain how having an electric atmosphere makes up for having an entire team chase the ref around the field while one of their teammates lie on the ground faking an injury? The NCAA mens final had an electric atomsphere and there was some nice plays but it does not make up for the fact it was a really badly played game overall.

    As for knowing the rules of the game,

    that was a very poor red card and most agree

    that it might have been a yellow. So I guess

    all the writers who say that it should not have been a red are part of that 90%

    So please carry on and enlighten us with your vast knowleged. One more point,

    that carrying on actually distracts from the play and last night was taken to a whole nother level. So I guess should accept the

    poor sportsmanship and move on? Wow your kids most be so proud of you? I believe Sky Sports is looking for a new analyst, hey you know more then everyone else, you should go for it.

  13. What a boring person you are. The game and the surrounding atmosphere was electric and there were many nice plays and hard fighting charges and tackles. So instead of looking at the real game, including its real fouls, you obsess about how players fall and how they react to referee decisions. Real football fans know these rituals and are not much distracted by them. You did not even understand why Pepe got a red card. You are a bore and a whiner.
    Study the rules of football some more, so your kid does not grow up to be an ignorant and reflexive whiner like yourself.


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