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SBI MLS Player of the Week: Landon Donovan

Landon Donovan 3 (

Landon Donovan sat out the Los Angeles Galaxy past few matches nursing a sore knee, but he showed no signs of the knee being a problem last week, scoring two goals and adding an assist in the Galaxy''s 3-0 win against the Portland Timbers. His performance was good enough to earn him SBI's MLS Player of the Week honors.

Donovan edged out Red Bulls striker Thierry Henry, defender Jan Gunnar Solli and New England's Shalrie Joseph for the honors in a pretty tight race.

Donovan set up Chad Barrett's opening goal against Portland, then drew and converted a penalty kick before heading home a beautiful Juan Pablo Angel cross to seal the rout.

What did you think of Donovan's performance? Who was your pick for this week's Player of the Week award?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Landon did well, but he totally “sold” that pk. The foul started 3-4 yds outside the box, and stopped and threw up his hands once he got into the box. Should have been FK 2yds outside the penalty area.

    His pass to Chad for the assist was money. Too bad that Barret had to handle the ball twice (with upper arm and then front of shoulder) to get the shot off. Normally I could maybe let that go but both times his arm was directing the ball forward.

    Donovans header was an open net easy peasy. Timbers were pressing so hard up front it was wide open….but he did get the goal.

  2. Thanks for the dollar info.

    For the record, I’m not asking out of any sort of envy.

    Yes, I’m a Galaxy fan, but my question is purely out of curiosity. (And I don’t appreciate the accusatory tone. You sound like a total jerk, but I still appreciate the info.)

    My question is more as Devil’s Advocate.

    I had no idea a guy like Lindpere was only making 80k. It’s great for the league, but if I was Lindpere I’d shoot my agent.

    He could easily be making twice that much in the second Bundesliga.

    My point is, the team is FAR more talented than the average MLS team with only one academy product. I’d be seriously scratching my head if I were Robin Fraser (Sp?) or Ben Olsen.

  3. As a DCU fan, I would agree that Red Bulls fans could be annoying and overrate their players/team, but I have to agree with them that Solli and Henry should be in the discussion for the player of the week. LD is not a bad choice, but I would have picked one of NY players. They did it on the road against the same team that LA was unable to beat two weeks earlier.

  4. I think it’s clear Henry or Solli are ahead of LD on this one. It’s just that LD is still the league’s poster boy and it’s nice to see him back, that’s all. But if you base it on performance, importance, home/away, quality of the rival and run of play etc. NO WAY LD is ahead of what these Red Bulls did at RFK.

  5. A guy from LA is accusing NY of using salary cap loopholes? Amusing. The salary cap is now up to $2.65 mil. And the DP cap charge is down to $335k.

    You think Solli is making more than $400k? So you’re accusing NY of having an under the table DP or something?

    NY has done some decent business. Ream and Agudelo make 40k each. Lindpere makes 80k (which makes me think that Tainio and Solli aren’t making much more). Miller makes 100k. They got rid of Ibrahim Salou, who somehow was making $264k, and surely Carl Robinson’s salary has been slashed. And don’t forget, they’ve done well to pick up allocation money as well, like when they traded allocation spots with Philly and when they traded the rights to Hunter Freeman to Houston. Add it all up, and it’s not hard to see how they’re fitting all the pieces under the cap. They’ve simply done a good job getting bang for their buck.

  6. Uh, how about YOU get over it? You act like what New York fans say has some bearing on your life. Why does it matter if they want to voice their opinions?

  7. New York fans do have to gripe a bit, no?

    I’ll put forward thatthe plater who missed two weeks’ of play to injury and puts in 90 minutes of play fresh off the bench and thoroughly dominates the pitch while doing it deserves the POW honors. The others had a great week too, mind you, but they did so in full stride. Donovan went 0 to Awesome on a night most folks were just pleased to see him return to the field.

  8. Can anyone explain how New York is able to fit all these guys under the cap?

    I’ve asked this before, but I still don’t get it.

    There’s no way Solli came to New York for under 400,000.

    Maybe DC was just that bad, but I hadn’t seen an outside back dominate his side like that in a while.

    Where’s the loophole?

    Ives… I want the 411!

  9. I swear New York fans, regardless of the sport, have the most annoying and self-righteous in the country. GET. OVER. IT. You guys act like this actually has any bearing on your lives. Why does it matter if somebody shares a different opinion than you?

  10. Wow Ives your way off on this one… Yes Donovan scored 3 goals but have you actually seen how he scored them?

    Soli was a beast defensively and offensively … You know… No one is going to kill you if you cut the Red Bulls some slack..

  11. Typical New York fans, always thinking there getting the short hand of the stick. Lol.

    Watched both games, and you can tell how much of a better team the galaxy are with landon on the field. Also liked how Soli got forward using well timed runs. He is turning out to be a very good pick up for the red bulls.

    Ives, quick question, I know DeRo has the option to get forward in his central role, and that he is still getting the chemistry down with his teammates. But I was wondering if you think he might find more success somewhere else on the field?

  12. We cant get all the attention, other teams might get jealous….
    seriously, this is like now-a-days giving a trophy to every kids just for participating… Solli won this… I’m bitter.

  13. Why do NY fans always act like they’re getting slighted?

    You’re arguing against a guy who’s been talked about having such a poor start to the season – finally scoring two goals and an assist as not being a worthy “player of the week” winner?

  14. +1

    Against an expansion team that’s shakey at the back and awful away from home no less… Solli was robbed, hoodwinked, bamboozled!

  15. Donovan had a great outing, and good for him. He did it the right way: rested an injury, came back when ready, and you see the result. Doom and gloomers can now breath deep.

  16. Weak. L.A. winning at home vs. Soli’s performance away, at D.C. no less?

    (SBI-Tough call, for sure. Solli was great, as was Henry. Ultimately since LA was more of the focal point for LA’s blowout and NY’s best shared the honors, it tilted it in Donovan’s favor. Solli’s second on my ballot, followed by Joseph.)


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