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Schalke 0, Manchester United 2: The Highlights


  1. Whatever Bayern is willing to offer Neuer, SAF needs to double it. There are a lot of good keepers out there, but Neuer might be the best in the world. The opportunity to have him in goal for the next 10-15 years is worth whatever it costs.

  2. i eat my own words, i hadn’t seen all of the highlights yet, his performance was pretty all around today. we are going to have our hands full with him

  3. no doubt the kid is good. that being said, his service from El Tri, while pretty good, will not be like that of United. his off the ball runs are great, but also rely on great service. getting crosses from Rooney and Giggs is different than Mexico’s midfield.

    at the same time, he will be playing far inferior defenses, so his experience at the highest level will definitely serve him well


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