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Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

  ArsenalCelebrate (Getty)

Arsenal's title hopes have faded, but now the Gunners must focus on holding off Chelsea for second place in the English Premier League.

In order to avoid sliding into third place permanently the Gunners will need to beat a struggling Bolton side looking to erase the memories of its ugly FA Cup exit.

The schedule of matches is a bit light on this Easter Sunday, but there are some quality match-ups. If you're up early, you could catch Feyenoord-PSV Eindhoven, while Sevilla faces Villarreal in La Liga action.

If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's TV Schedule is after the jump):


8:30 a.m. - Deportes - Feyenoord vs. PSV Eindhoven

11 a.m. - Fox Soccer Channel - Bolton vs. Arsenal

11 a.m. - - Auxerre vs. Lens

11 a.m. - - Bordeaux vs. St. Etienne

11 a.m. - - Brest vs. Paris-St. Germain

11 a.m. - - Caen vs. Toulouse

11 a.m. - - Monaco vs. Stade Rennes

11 a.m. - - Nancy vs. Arles

11 a.m. - - Valenciennes vs. Sochaux

11 a.m. - DirecTV - Mallorca vs. Getafe

11 a.m. - DirecTV - Sporting Gijon vs. Espanyol

11 a.m. - DirecTV - Hercules vs. Deportivo La Coruna

11 a.m. - Deportes - Racing Santander vs. Malaga

1 p.m. - GOLTV - Atletico Madrid vs. Levante

1 p.m. - Azteca America/Fox Deportes - Morelia vs. Tigres UANL

1 p.m. - Telemundo - Toluca vs. Estudiantes Tecos

3 p.m. - Fox Soccer Channel/ - Lorient vs. Lille

3 p.m. - GOLTV - Sevilla vs. Villarreal

6 p.m. - Fox Soccer Channel - Atlanta Beat vs. Western New York Flash

6 p.m. - Telefutura - America vs. Atlante




  1. Man, supporting a team in the top 4 every year must be rough.

    Some of you are talking like this team is trash. They don’t need an overhaul or a managerial switch. They’ve had a rash of injuries and lost their best central defender for a long period of time and it has cost them points. You guys will get your keeper next year and challenge for the title again. To say that this team was always going to be incapable of winning the title this season would be a fallacy, imo.

  2. Someone in a Easter ham coma plays better soccer than most of West Ham’s roster. “Coma” I am also betting is one of the horrible one-word names that MLS 1994 was considering: “San Jose Coma?” “Nah, we’d better go with Clash.”

  3. not trying to defend arsenal’s failure to buy players, but they do have a good CB named Vermaelen — turns out his injury was more costly than anyone could have anticipated.

    imagine Chelsea playing the season without Terry, or ManU playing the season without Vidic.

  4. Ahhh… settling into good ol’ Easter ham coma and checking out the final ten of Lille v. Lorient. Both teams playing for the W and good combination of technical play + pace. Memo to Fox – please show more Ligue 1 on FSC

  5. I don’t know if I’d go as far as you, but the Arsenal board definitely needs to sit Wenger down at the end of this season and say, “Look, Arsene: your side plays technically brilliant football, but they’ve been hamstrung by the same problems for the past six years: poor set-piece defending, lack of a central defender, terrible GKs, lack of strong leadership, lack of a healthy striker with a finisher’s mentality. You’ve got one season to get things moving in the right direction, because the status quo isn’t good enough anymore. You don’t have to win the title next year, but you have to show enough improvement to convince us that things are moving in the right direction or else we’ll find a manager who can do this.”
    Wenger’s a brilliant manager, and credit to him for sticking to his guns, but doing the exact same thing year after year with the exact same result ought to convince him that he needs to change it up.
    As great as Van Persie and Fabregas can be when they’re in form, they’re ALWAYS injured and/or playing back into form. There’s no leadership since Henry and Vieira left, and while a player like Vieira isn’t exactly replaceable, they haven’t had a central midfielder of his caliber since. It’s time to bring in a player to provide veteran leadership because it’s clear that for all their combined footballing talent, none of the current batch has it.

  6. This is literally the anti-thesis of a lot of US Soccer fans. hahahaha. People think the USA play’s to ugly/direct/negative.

  7. As a Gunner fan, I’m absolutely disgusted. Arsenal is the single worst set piece defending team that I’ve ever seen and Wenger has not addressed this obvious weakness. Time and time again they concede goals on set pieces. As for the final 3rd, take a bloody shot on target. They can’t play direct. It’s mind-bogglin’!!! This team needs some SERIOUS changes if it wants to truly compete. They need tougher, more direct players that can mix with the more technical players. It’s so obvious. I’m gutted.

  8. Its time to give Wenger his marching papers. He refuses to do what needs to be done for the club, he needs to upgrade at CB and GK and literally every single person who follows football can see that. Trash performance and he clearly has lost his touch with this group of players.

  9. I think the FSC commentator said it best. Plenty of intricacy and not enough incision to Arsenal’s play. I’d like to see them keep things testy for Man U as the EPL winds down so they have 3+ change to win this one and keep their title hopes alive.

  10. Can arsenal please take a shot from outside the box. Trying to be able to pass the ball from 6 yards into the net doesn’t seem to be workin

  11. That’s exactly right. Because we should judge the quality of a player and, therefore, the quality of an entire group of midfielders, based on a 70-minute performance.

    FYI, even good players have bad games. It’s preposterous to say, “Edu had a bad 70 minutes, “maybe our central midfield isn’t as strong as we would like to thing.” It is equally ridiculous to see a midfielder score a goal in one game and then immediately go to the “here is my ideal starting central midfield for the national team: [goal scorer] + Edu/Bradley/Jones/Holden” and then go on to tear apart the players that wouldn’t be in the “ideal” selection. What else did that goal scorer do in that game? What else has that goal scorer done over the previous games?

    Good players have great games and bad games, just like every other athlete. If commenters must engage in the “this is my starting XI” and discuss depth for a national team, a player’s quality should be judged on the body of his work over a month or two (if assessing form) and on the body of his work over a year or more of actual playing time (if assessing overall quality or potential).

    I am not trying to take this out on you Beckster–this just caught me as a particularly odd comment.

  12. I tuned into the match at about the 70th minute. Edu looked absolutely exhausted. Eventually got subbed out, probably ten minutes too late.

  13. From the BBC:

    Oh dear, oh dear… Mo Edu horribly slices a shot from the edge of the box. It’s not been his day at all. How he is still on the park I don’t know.


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