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Barcelona 3, Manchester United 1: The Highlights


  1. In Canada, we had the pleasure of seeing the FOX coverage along with the Sportsnet Canada coverage and I was thoroughly disappointed by FOX. The pre-game intro was childish and dumbed down tremendously. I am sorry but having the NFL on FOX theme song being played during the pregame was a poor gesture. This needs to be rectified and I am wondering what is the correct forum to voice these concerns.

  2. Barcelona is simply the best team in the world, hands down. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say they’re one of the best teams I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been watching professional club soccer for 25+ years. I’m a ManU fan, and it was obvious early on that we were not on the same level as Barcelona AT ALL. Rooney’s goal, though nice, was fortunate. ManU had ONE shot on goal in the 1st half, and Rooney’s goal was it. I never sensed that Barcelona was under any real threat all day long. Their midfield play so fundamentally sound…so many weapons with which to break defenses down. They had 67% possession on the day, and it was a clinic. Hopefully this Barcelona group will stay together for a few more years…they’re amazing to watch.


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