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Bedoya scores third goal of the season in Orebro loss


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Alejandro Bedoya is making a case as to why he should be on the U.S. national team when the Gold Cup kicks off this summer.

Bedoya scored his third goal of the Swedish season in Orebro SK's 2-1 loss versus Kalmar FF on Friday. Bedoya netted a first-half equalizer when he received a pass at the top of the penalty area and dribbled away from a defender before blasting home a right-footed shot.

The goal, which was followed up by a comedic celebration, matches Bedoya's career best for goals scored in a season. Bedoya netted three goals during the 2009 season, but that looks to be all but broken with the Swedish campaign having started little over a month ago.

Here's Bedoya's goal:


What do you think of Bedoya's goal? Did you like his celebration more? Think he'll make the United States team for the Gold Cup?

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  1. Yeah…keep kicking that same can. Bradley supporters refuse to place blame on Bradley even when the lack of experience clearly influences piss-poor decisions from Sweats.

  2. I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. People were clamoring for a 4-5-1 when Holden was healthy. The fact that he refused to budge from a 4-4-2 until we no longer had the right set of midfielders to play it, and only then did he try it, struck me as a poor choice.

  3. It’s from the movie weekend at Bernie’s… It’s about a guy that is dead, but due to some kind of voodoo or whatever he is able to party with some guys all weekend. And that is how he walks. That’s kind of a convoluted explanation but there you go

  4. hahaha, i love that everyone was ripping on Bob Bradley for sticking to his trusted 4-4-2, and everyone was calling for a 4-5-1. then we use it a few times, with bad results, and now it’s the “awful 4-5-1 that we attempted.” i love our fan base and we all need to stick together, but one criticism i have of US fans is our flip-floppy attitude about everything. we always drink the kool-aid when everything goes well, and then it’s back on the hater bandwagon when things go wrong. quite sad, we need to work on that

  5. Haha it seems that we hear a lot about him, but we really don’t. He’s had an impressive season and anytime somebody puts up numbers in a league that isnt the 3 Bundesliga(apoligies to Taylors biggest fan) then we read a story about it.

    I understand the hate for Bedoya on this site. He hasn’t done anything in a USA jersey, but he is young still and he hasn’t really had much of a shot with the A team yet. Too early to rule him out for the future at this point, especially with the year he is having so far.

  6. Agree, would like to see better first touch, but he did well to corral the ball enough to finish on a dead sprint

  7. Sweden and Norway are below MLS quality. Why should this guy’s 3 Swedish goals be more important than any other guy in his position in MLS?

  8. His positioning seems to be improving based on his goals, but I still worry about him being physical enough and quick enough with his decision making to make it on the national team. The few friendlies I’ve seen him play in, he’s been out muscled each game and indecisive.

    I’m sure he’ll be in the camp, let’s see where he goes from there.

  9. Nice finish, although he should finish that, the pass put it on a platter for him. I wouldn’t exactly describe the goal in the same way “dribbled away from a defender”, no not really.

  10. Attacking midfielder, middle or either side. He would be Donovan’s backup in that awful 4-5-1 we attempted.

  11. Not sure there ever was a question of his inclusion. Hopefully he’s regained some confidence that he seemed to lack in recent outings. When’s on, he’s very strong and skillful.


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