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Columbus signs Horton, club’s first Homegrown Player

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The Columbus Crew announced the signing of Louisville forward Aaron Horton on Tuesday, marking the first time the club has ever signed a Homegrown Player.

Having spent just one season at Louisville, Horton was able to sign with Columbus as a Homegrown Player as he was a member of the Crew's 2010 USL Super 20s National Championship team last summer, where he was named tournament MVP.

Horton, who turns 19 on May 19, was able to sign with the Crew as the club placed defender Josh Williams on the Disabled List due to the second-year defender suffering a torn right hip labral.

Horton was one of the breakout stars of the NCAA Tournament. He scored a pair of last-minute, game-winning goals to help Louisville reach the NCAA Final, where the Cardinals lost to Akron.

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  1. They have plenty of other prospects they could do that with and not have wags like yourself be able to make that point. As pointed out, Barson was Akron’s captain last year, for instance.

    Perhaps it’s just that Horton’s game is incompatible with the prevailing style of play in college ball. Perhaps it’s that Horton is willing to take a developmental salary and none of the rest of the guys are because they think they can get more down the line. Who knows?

  2. Columbus actually did steal Tim Horton’s when Wendy’s bought them and brought them to US. That aside, I suspected this would be first homegrown. This kid hasn’t played for the same team in consectutive seasons in years. Team Ohio, Olentangy HS, US Residency, Team out of Chicago (Sockers?), Olentangy Orange HS, Crew Academy, Louisville, and now Crew (reserves). I like the kid and saw him play @ Orange several times last year. Definitely talented but seemed to have a sense of entitlement or something about him – maybe just confience. I hope he succeeds and that I’ve misread him from afar. Hopefully another Olentangy & Crew Academy product – Chad Barson is next after serving as Akron captain this year.

  3. Horton goes from not being able to start a college game and only scoring 3 goals in college to being a pro?? Something is wrong with our system. The Crew have been getting major heat for not signing anyone and have tried to legitimize their youth system by signing Aaron.


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