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Mexican keeper dropped from Gold Cup squad for headbutt

JoseCorona (Getty)

A day after delivering a vicious head butt to a Morelia trainer during an on-field skirmish in Mexican League playoff action, Cruz Azul goalkeeper Jose de Jesus Corona has been dropped from the Mexican national team's Gold Cup roster.

Corona leveled Morelia trainer Sergio Martin with a powerful head butt that leveled Martin, who had thrown punches of his own during the skirmish that ensued after a Cruz Azul fan entered the field of play during a Morelia blowout win, setting off Cruz Azul players. The head-butt went unnoticed by match officials at the time, but the video evidence was damning and now Corona will miss this summer's Gold Cup.

What do you think of this development? How long do you think Corona should be suspended?

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  1. My thoughts after seeing the headbutt was that he used really good form: Squared up to the target, made contact with the top of his head, used his hands to hold his target (thus keeping his target steady and providing added leverage, and finally, he followed through.

  2. I’ve always kind of thought that Corona was better than Ochoa. Just something intangible about Corona that Ochoa doesn’t have. Ah well. Better for the USA….


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