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Mid-Day Ticker: Najar named to Honduras roster, Ronaldo fumes & more


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Andy Najar is one step closer to competing in the CONCACAF Gold Cup.

According to a report out of Honduras, Najar has been named to Los Catrachos' 30-man, preliminary roster for this summer's competition.

Najar, who has struggled to see regular playing time for D.C. United after a stellar rookie season, committed his international future to Honduras at a press conference last month. He would have been eligible for both the Under-20 World Cup and the Gold Cup, but Honduras didn't qualify for the U-20 event. Instead, it appears as if he'll have the chance to crack the senior squad for the regional championship.

Here are a few more stories from around the soccer world:


Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo had a problem with the officiating of his team's UEFA Champions League semifinal with Barcelona, and he isn't hiding his feelings.

Ronaldo told Reuters, "We knew we could beat Barca, but the referee didn't let us. Once again it was the referee that didn't allow us to dictate the outcome.

"The referee in the first match (Wolfgang Stark) took away our chances of playing the final. Whoever knows anything about football knows that Barcelona get preferential treatment."

Ronaldo was a key figure in a play in Tuesday's second leg during which Madrid had a goal waved off by referee Frank de Bleeckere. He was ruled to have fouled Javier Mascherano in the build up to a would-be goal by Gonzalo Higuain that could have tilted the scales of the matchup.

"Higuain's goal was good," Ronaldo said. "(Gerard) Pique pushed me, and I landed on Mascherano. He didn't used to fall to the ground in England, but he's picked up the bad habit of doing it here like everyone else."


FIFA will reportedly vote on adopting the use of goal-line technology next July after a series of suppliers and technology manufacturers present their systems over the course of the next year.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has indicated that goal-line technology could be used at the 2014 World Cup, but FIFA has organized a thorough examination to ensure that the most-accurate and reliable system is in place if and when the use of technology is approved.


Brazilian club Santos is the first team to clinch a spot in the Copa Libertadores quarterfinals after holding Mexico's Club America to a 0-0 draw in the second leg of their knockout tie Tuesday night.

Rising Brazilian star Paulo Ganso scored the lone goal in Santos' 1-0 victory in the first leg. Santos will face either Cruzeiro or Once Caldas in the quarterfinals.


Hope to see Najar make the final roster for Honduras? What do you make of Ronaldo's comments? What's your stance on goal-line technology? How far do you see Santos going in the Copa Libertadores?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. “he’s picked up the bad habit of doing it here like everyone else”

    That made me laugh. Cristiano was diving well before he went to Spain. Where did he pick it up?

  2. you know what’s sad…being considered one of the best players in the world, and have 0 (zero, none, nada) shots when your team needs two or more goals to make it through.

    once again, you failed on the big stage.

  3. “He didn’t used to fall to the ground in England, but he’s picked up the bad habit of doing it here like everyone else.”….does anyone else see the irony in that statement. ugh poor Rolando i would hate to have his life. <–sarcasm

  4. I’ve noticed that Marcherano has been diving a lot more lately. Even with Argentina. I watched Portugal-Argentina and USA-Argentina and then multiple Barca games and its really getting to be outragous. And it is strange because i dont recall him doing it that much in England.

  5. If someone wants to watch a great game, watch Netherlands vs Brasil at the 98 world cup. Men playinv vs men. Not divers playing vs divers.

  6. Indeed too many fouls from one side and too many dives from the other side. The second game was better than the 1st leg match.

  7. David, no worries, I got the joke! In fairness to Capt. Ob. though, some people on these boards make outrageous statements and are serious. Accordingly, unless someone puts a smily face with the post, it is hard to know whether the post is serious or not.

  8. FIFA wants a most accurate technology…C’mon Sepp, implement a half-assed system that is worse than linesman. That will get the tongues wagging…

    Seriously though, top level leagues need this in place….

  9. Wow take yourself too seriously much? Do I have to put LOL after all my comments on here not to get someone like yourself writing something condescending (and unnecessary) after all my comments on here.

    Oh and even though I was making light of Eurosnobs comment (also condescending btw) it is not as though so called experts are always right or that facts don’t change. The earth used to flat as I recall a couple centuries ago…

    Or even in soccer terms, a lot of experts thought the Red Bulls could get back to MLS Cup in 2009 after getting there in 2008, How did that workout?

  10. agreed. even if they lost on agg., they could still be happy that they won. and like you said, scoring early after halftime could have changed the game entirely.

  11. it’s crazy. the ref’s decision didn’t make sense. he should have let both dives play on and let the goal stand.

  12. Najar is no traitor. He has only lived in the U.S. for something like four years and doesn’t even have citizenship yet, but you expect him to wait around and play for a country he is relatively new to? Give it a rest.

  13. I watched game 2.
    “but Real Madrid fouled and fouled and continued to foul in _game 2_…..”

    I suppose that wasn’t very clear

  14. You should contact them all and let them know what a grave error they all made. I’m sure it’ll mean a lot coming from you, a guy at home complaining on his computer who obviously knows way more about the sport that people who do it for a living.

    Let it go.

  15. what’s all this Ronaldo talk, didnt he retire from Real madrid and end up at Corinthinians before retiring for good? bleeping pretty boy cristiano is no ronaldo. As for Najar, he’s a bleeping traitor. Actually, Honduras is a little fish so I hope they rip it up…especially on the US. I’m hardcore US, but I dont mind a good spanking from smaller fishes in Concacaf (just not to the freakin you know who just across the rio grande).

  16. i think justice was served for his dive because the ref didn’t call it. then, for whatever reason, he’s calls mascherano’s dive. justice would have been letting both dives play on and let the goal stand.

  17. WOW I finally got to see the goal in question. Did the ref really think Ronaldo dove forward and rolled several times in order to take Macherano down from behind? That was inconceivable. Given it is Ronaldo but that was way way too far.

  18. +1

    Ronaldo totally dived. The irony is that the ball was going through to Higuain anyway. Justice served, imo. Ronaldo is a serial diver and his reluctance to stay on his feet cost his team dearly. FWIW.. I am not a Barca fan. Outside of Messi, I despise the club. Mascherano is detestable.

  19. the funny thing is ronaldo falling on mascherano was a dive in itself. pique barely touched him and he crumpled into mascherano.

    that said, i cannot stand mascherano’s game. what is it about barcas defensive mids that they resort to these tactics? how can grown men like mascherano and busquets feign contact, roll around on the ground like they have a broken leg, and pop up to harass the ref all in under a minute?

    oh, its because it helps their teams win, unfortunately. damn you fifa.

  20. I will be so disappointed if FIFA votes NO on GOAL-LINE TECHNOLOGY. They need to implement this technology ASAP, not only for the next World Cup but also on all big venue games such as Champions League, EPL, La Liga, etc;

  21. absolutely. i mean, you could tell over the last couple of games that he was not that comfortable playing in the back. many times he tried to hold onto the ball too long and turn back as if he still had a lot of field behind him (which he usually does in the mid). when he dove, and essentially gave higuain a wide open goal, it was again his soccer brain acting too quick based on his time in midfield where the striker would still be outside the 18.

    god, just watching that reply kind of gets my angry. as with any terrible dive.

  22. It’s blows my mind, because as a defender you should be the last person to dive. You can’t risk it, or so I thought. If I would have dove in a game and they would have scored my coach would have sat my butt on the bench.

  23. I wasn’t able to watch game 1 but Real Madrid fouled and fouled and continued to foul in game 2. There were several ‘tackles’ on Messi were there was zero attempt at the ball. I agree with the announcers when they said RM could have had several players picking up a second yellow.

  24. I have to say… Barca is a much classier team than Real Madrid. That said, the officiating did seem really one-sided in both legs of the semi’s. Madrid’s problem is how they react to it – it takes them further out than if they had kept their cool (eg. Mourinho getting kicked out of round 1 over pepe’s red card and having to sit out during round 2). Did Barca deserve to win? Yes imo. Should they have won that comfortably? I don’t really think so.

  25. What do you expect Ronaldo to do? It’s clear UEFA and FIFA refuse to try and make the game better. Maybe after enough whining and fussing about it they may start getting some media pressure. It is a joke when the game is destroyed by divers/cheats. Yes Real Madrid game 1 tactics were boring, but perfectly legal and within the laws of the game. The other hand simulation is not legal and was in full force. We saw the wrong players get carded. We saw a goal called back in which a player was fouled but the ref let the play go on and because he fell on another player the ref called it back. I may have to watch it again but from what I saw it was a foul.
    I would appreciate to be able to watch other people on Barce’s team except Messi and Villa, because they are the only two who won’t go down and try to fight through tackles.

  26. Kind of sympathetic to Ronaldo here, but whining about it publicly isn’t the right way to go. That said, I laughed at the Mascherano comment.

    Barcelona were the better team, but I hope they play cleanly in the finals. Either ManU or Schalke are less likely to just hack away at them, more likely to play them straight up, so it should be a better game. It’s awful to watch players take an elbow in the chest and go down clutching their face (for both reasons).

  27. I may agree with Ronaldo, but it’s hard to listen to him talk about Mascherano diving and play-acting (which he was.) The bummer about Ronaldo is that he’s strong enough to fight through half the tackles attempted on him, rather than going down looking at the ref. Pot, kettle, blackness, etc.

  28. Ronaldo is right, Mascherano’s acting and diving were painful to watch and take the shine off Barca’s “win”. The ref should have some classes in spotting a feigned injury. When the guy who’s hit has to look back at the ref in pain to see if it’s working – then he isn’t hurt.

  29. i do agree with ronaldo that the goal was a good goal. but im not so sure i agree with the way he is handling the situation.


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