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Mondaini suspended four games, fined $1,500 for Morales tackle


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Chivas USA's Marcos Mondaini has been suspended four games and fined $1,500 for his tackle that broke Real Salt Lake playmaker Javier Morales' ankle over the weekend.

Mondaini came in with a sliding challenge from behind, and Morales immediately went to ground clutching his lower leg. He has been ruled out until at least October after having successful surgery this week.

Mondaini received an additional three-game suspension and $1,250 fine tacked on to the automatic one-game suspension and $250 fine for being red-carded. His punishment is far less severe than the one given to Brian Mullan, whose tackle that broke the leg of Seattle's Steve Zakuani resulted in a league-record 10-game suspension and $5,000 fine.

What do you think of the punishment handed down by the league? Fair? Too harsh? Not harsh enough?

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  1. I think this is probably reasonable. Mondaini’s tackle was from behind, clumsy, and had little chance of actually winning the ball. However, I do think he was going for the ball. A $1500 fine and 4 games will make him reconsider such tackles in the future.

    However, the difference between his tackle and Mullan’s is that Mullan’s was CLEARLY out of frustration. He was angry about the previous no-call, went in high and late, and with both feet up on Zakuani…simply terrible. He acted out of COMPLETE disregard for Zakuani’s safety. I personally think his suspension should have been for the season.

  2. OUTRAGEOUS!! THIS IS NOT SOCCER. THIS WAS A FRUSTRATED COWARD COMMITTING A HEINOUS FOUL!! MLS NEEDS TO GROW SOME BALLS! f*** mondaini! Morales’ career could be over and he gets 4 games. The coach and team should be fined and mondaini should be out for the season.

  3. Either way your right, I don’t get any Spanish channels here in CT (we get both Boston and NYC channels. We only get Univision unless we get the Spanish package with my cable provider.

  4. Huge difference between an English speaking channel and a spainish speaking one… No you could not tell it was broken until the close up. It looked like he rolled his ankle, which is very common.


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