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Morales undergoes ankle surgery; October return a possibility

Morales (Getty Images)

Real Salt Lake's MLS Cup title hopes took a bit of a hit after Javier Morales suffered a severe ankle injury, but there's hope that Morales could be back in time for the club's postseason push.

RSL's Argentine playmaker underwent successful ankle surgery and could return to action in October, said Dr. Andrew Cooper, the team physician who performed the operation.

Morales suffered a fracture-dislocation and torn ligaments in his left ankle after a tackle from behind by Marcos Mondaini, who was red-carded but has yet to be disciplined further by the league. The injuries have been corrected, but the time range for the recovery and rehabilitation period is hard to pinpoint.

There's no guarantee that Morales will return this season, but statements by Cooper and general manager Garth Lagerwey indicate that it's a legitimate possibility. RSL has three games in October prior to the playoffs: Oct. 1 at Los Angeles, Oct. 14 at Colorado and Oct. 22 vs. Portland in the regular-season finale.

What do you think of this development? Think RSL will still be a title contender without Morales?

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  1. How does a MLS club get a replacement for a lost player if that player is the caliber of Javier Morales? With the MLS Salary cap as it is only markets like New York, L.A. Chicago, maybe 1 or 2 more can actually afford the hit to replace a player like Morales.

    RSL will rely on its remainingteam and I believe that team will get them into the play-offs, then if healthy? Javi can lead a motivational and insperational run for RSL into the MLS Cup.

  2. Morale may never be the same…They need to get a replacement in the transfer window. I hope the hacks in this league get what they deserve.

  3. RSL is sitting on 15 points with only 6 matches played, not bad. They play I believe 9 or their next 14 at home and should have enough points to get comfortably into the play-offs with a few more wins and ties later on in the year.

    I dont’t expect a Suppoerters Shield for this team but if they make the play-offs and Morales is avalable for a play-off run then a MLS cup is not out of the question.

  4. Morales is one guy that they don’t have a replacement for. They need to go out and find one if they want to keep their top spot.

  5. No, this shouldn’t just happen. Make an example MLS. And Moreno’s whining to the ref was atrocious also. That hack should be suspended also.

  6. +10000 – No place in soccer for a foul directed at a player without plaing the ball (Mondaini) or fouls with excessive force (Mullan). Leathers just sucks and has no skill.

    I think they (RSL) are still a contender, and will become the masters of the 1-0 win and 0-0 tie.

    Maybe not SS, but MLSCUP11 is a possibility.

  7. +1

    Sad to lose any player but it hurts more when the players hurt are quaility players. The only reason Colorado won the cup last year was because the refs and the leauge didn’t clamp down on overly physical play.

  8. I’m so tried of these comments about wreckless, not malicious tackle. He was beat, he took out the player, he was never trying for a block, or the ball. Again watch the tape! If the league dosent send a BIGGER statement on this one, it’ll happen again. Leathers tackle was playing aggressive and accidental. Mullan, and Mondiani were to inflict pain. Maybe not to break bones, but YES to hurt the player! These injured players are a lot of the reason I watch all the MLS games, I could care less about Mullan, Mondaini. As I said before-Can them and Ban them!!!

  9. The thing with RSL is that they are a little bit deeper than most teams in the MLS. Sure, their bench isn’t perfect, but it is a whole lot better than most teams. Although the loss greatly hurts them, they should be able to carry their own weight through the season and continue to play well.

  10. Very unfortunate for Morales. Real Salt Lake will not be the same without him….. Guess the Red Bulls are the only real team left in the league

  11. Glad the surgery on Javi went well. As an RSL fan, I hope they will be smart about his return. October is so late in the season, I’d like to see him rehab it and come back next year so he’s 100% match fit and ankle is as good as new. That being said, if RSL is in position for Supporters Shield and he is ready to go…then that would be fantastic news!

    As a side note, I hope MLS doesn’t punish Mondorani for too long. It’s a dangerous precedent to start punishing guys severely when malicious intent was not part of the equation. Was it wreckless? Yes, and he should miss a few games for it. But it’s soccer, and crap happens sometimes.

    My prayers continue to be with both Javi and Andy Williams, who’s wife is still battling cancer. God bless you both! Long live RSL!!


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