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SBI MLS Player of the Week: Jeff Parke

JeffParke (Getty)

After not scoring a goal in almost seven years, Seattle Sounders defender Jeff Parke picked a good time to break his goal drought.

The Sounders centerback headed home a game-winning goal in stoppage time to cap another stellar defensive performance in Seattle's 1-0 victory against Sporting Kansas City. The goal, and his overall strong outing, made Parke SBI's choice for MLS Player of the Week this week.

Parke beat out a good field of candidates, including Philadelphia's Carlos Ruiz, Houston's Brad Davis and Portland's Eric Brunner.

What do you think of the selection? Who would have gotten your vote?

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  1. If you want any of an idea of why montano isn’t getting playing time go watch the reserve games. That will show why he isn’t getting any MLS game playing time. He still has an attitude problem especially towards the officials.

  2. As a Central midfielder or out wide? Carrasco’s played well in the middle and I haven’t seen anything that leads me to believe that montano has the passing skill or vision to fill in there. Out wide I’d agree that Carrasco didn’t do well but I’d cut him some slack considering that he’s a rookie playing out of position. He defintly wouldn’t be there if other players were fit.

  3. Amen Luis F.

    But I see him proposing to Jaqua on air first.

    That is a serious man crush he has going to be that blind.

  4. The best part of this story is Sigi’s call-out.

    Pre- game in front of the team Sigi asks when the last time was that Parke scored off a header.

    Now he needs to call out Montero.

  5. What? Carrasco is a rookie CM playing winger for the first time ever. I think we can give him more than one game to draw such conclusions; he’s been great at CM.

    Congrats to Parke. When you score goals once every seven years, you have to give the guy player of the week honors… especially if you consider he helped with that clean sheet too

  6. Parke was one of the few good choices Sigi made with the lineup for this game; don’t know why he has been on the bench in favor of Ianni. Enough with Carasco (the new pete veganes), he is not ready and Leveque can’t play forward in MLS. Sigi needs to figure it out and soon.

  7. My wife and I had to rewind and re-watch it because I was so sure he used the shoulders of the guy to get up… he didn’t. His shins were at the same level as the head of the defender in front of him. Michael Jordan style jumping! As a Seattle fan, that was an embarrassing game as I felt our guys played fairly poorly on the attack. Our defense was pretty good and that same defense came through on the attack at the end. Happy with the outcome no matter how ugly it really was.


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