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Tainio to miss Red Bulls-Galaxy match

TeemuTainio (Getty)

If the New York Red Bulls are going to beat the Los Angeles Galaxy this weekend, they will have to do so without standout midfielder Teemu Tainio.

The Finnish midfielder has been ruled out of Saturday's Galaxy-Red Bulls match after he was unable to fully recover from the groin injury that forced him to leave last week's 1-0 victory against Sporting Kansas City at halftime. The Red Bulls confirmed on Friday that Tainio will not travel with the team to California.

Tainio has arguably been the Red Bulls best player through the first seven weeks of the season, with his sharp passing and work rate helping the New York midfield dominate opponents.

Without Tainio, New York will have to turn to either Carl Robinson or Mehdi Ballouchy to start against a strong Galaxdy side.

What do you think of this development? Who would you start in Tainio's place? Think New York can beat the Galaxy without Tainio?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. There are only two things wrong with this idea. Carlos Mendes at CB and Rafa Marquez at CDM. Other than that, it’s a good one.

  2. Maybe Backe will go with Solli taking over Tainio, Solli was playing center mid in europe ? correct me if i’m wrong? and put mendes at right back which he was playng at recently. I wouldn’t be surprised since they might be slighly defensive being away from hoem

  3. I’d love to see John Rooney get meanigful minutes. The likelihood is very low though even with Tainio out. Rooney would be an attacking MF in this offense, but I would love to see him over Robbo or Ballouchy

  4. I recommend you worry Pat. The pink cows will be neutered by Sunday morning.

    IT DON’T MATTER (clap, clap, clap, clap, clap)… Listen for that sound from the Riot Squad and section 136 in the friendly confines of HDC Saturday night and look for the TALL guy in row E with the beautiful wife on his side enjoying the HELL out of watching the gaLAxy go TOREADOR on WHOEVER you put out there!

    Lllllllaaaaaaa galaxy, clap clap clapclapclap!

  5. Ballouchy is more of an attacking midfielder and Robinson didn’t impress me at all against Sporting Kansas City. I would try a new young midfielder such as Matt Kassel or John Rooney. Also they could tuck in Limpere or Solli and have someone fill in their spot

  6. It’s nice to finally have a coach about whom I can say, “I’m not sure what move he’s going to make, but I have faith it’ll be a smart one.”

    It doesn’t matter that LA is apparently a bit weaker this year. With the time difference, travel, talent on their side, and just the fact that there’s not much separating MLS teams, any points will be good points for NY.

  7. Granted, he’s had only maybe one or two good games since he’s been here, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Ballouchy get a shot to be Tainio’s understudy. Could be a pleasant surprise, and there’s no risk this early in the season.

    Robinson frankly looked like he should retire, and the only way I want to see Mendes on the field is if one of the back 4 is injured.

  8. I wouldn’t mess around with Rafa and Mendes. Why weaken the league’s best defense? Put Ballouchy at the bottom of the diamond and fight LA’s attack-minded midfield with one of our own. I think Ballouchy’s superior speed and passing skills give him the edge here over Robinson. Just make sure he knows he has to stay home and not wander too far forward.

  9. this is where i’d bring in Tchani, but now the best option i see is to put in Marquez at that spot and Mendes in defense

    looks like we’re all in agreement. somebody call Backe

  10. Robinson will not work because he is too slow. During the KC game, he was reluctant to pass forward because he was worried he was not fast enough to get back to cover any mistake he might make. The NYRB system does not work when the the player in his position is bias to making back passes.

  11. Ballouchy’s a scrub, unfortunately. Bring in Robinson. I’d love to see them trade or sell Ballouchy and Roy Miller for a better left back and give the no. 10 to DeRo.

    As per JFC’s awesome suggestion, bring in Mendes. Have either him or Rafa play CDM.

  12. Get better soon Teemu. We need you. We will see if Dwayne and Medhi can pair effectively together. We could use Tony right now.


  13. This is a big blow, the offense fell about without Tainio vs. SKC, I’d prefer Robbo to start over Mehdi, better positional sense and despite a poor outing vs. SKC he still has it.


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