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  1. Liam Gallagher is known to be a huge “Ceeeeetyyyyy” fan.

    I still think the wormhole episode is the best, but this one gives it a run for its money. And the OBL reference is very cheeky.

  2. Holy sh!7!

    That’s the funniest S1TV in ages. The ending cacophony of sheep, It, sirens, “Shut up FIFA”, and the BRILLIANCE of Voyeur’s crooning Moon River is breathtaking.

    Imagine what an NFL version of this could be like…


  3. Mick isn’t in there. It’s Avram, Roberto Martinez, Robbie Keane and Ian Holloway. Whenever Ian Holloway is caller on the show they always have a sheep in the background

  4. I think i missed an ongoing joke. Who is the sheep? I know that Grant is the Vampire, Mick sounds like a buffoon, and Roberto is the Spanish guy.

  5. Best yet? The introduction of real plotlines have really helped this show. I swear there is more going on in this four minute show than most shows on TV.


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