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UEFA Champions League Final: Your Running Commentary



The UEFA Champions League Final most have been expecting for a year is finally here, as FC Barcelona takes on Manchester United in today's final at Wembley (2:30pm, FOX).

The teams are meeting in the Champions League for the third time in four years and for the second final in three seasons. Barcelona enters the match as favorites to beat United much the way it did in the 2009 final, but Manchester United comes into the match with plenty of confidence after winning a record 19th English Premier League title.

Lionel Messi will once again be the star attraction, and will look to break down United's defense much the way he did two years ago, but Manchester United's defense has been playing well and will also feature star goalkeeper Edwin Van Der Sar in his final match before retirement.

If you will be watching today's final, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. The team was expected in Barcelona Champions Trofee Federation on Saturday afternoon, with thousands of fans arriving, expected in the streets to celebrate victory belijnen. Instead of fighting they should celebrate for the victory, this is not good. Thanks for sharing this post!

  2. Arsenal played well in that game, but was lucky to win after having only 34 percent possession in that game and having Barcelona goal disallowed. And in the next game in Barcelona, Arsenal did not attempt a single shot (on goal and otherwise), while Barca had about 20 shots. And while Arsenal fans would blame the ref for Van Persie’s red card, Arsenal played most of the game 11 on 11 and still did not have a single shot.

  3. Well, Barcelona finally get a chance to show off some passing, working the ball through the United box a few times before winning a corner. They prowl the perimeter of the box but can’t find a way through. In the meantime, it’s being reported that United striker Dimitar Berbatov (who won the Golden Boot in the Premier League for most goals) has left the stadium presumably after being left out of the lineup. Fun stuff all around.It’s kind of hard to emphasize how obvious it was that a goal was coming for Barcelona. They had completely taken over the game for 15 minutes and were having no problem finding space in the box. Now let’s see what Manchester United can do to counter.

  4. What happened today is EXACTLY what I told people would happen. Barcelona possessed the ball to death on ManU, and simply waited for the defensive errors and pounced on them…67% possession on the match! This Barcelona team has to be the best club team I have EVER seen, and I’ve been watching professional club soccer for 25+ years.

  5. Wasn’t trying to single him out, just wanted to provide an example. Giggs was bad today and so was Valencia. Only MF that showed up was Park, and even then he wasn’t perfect (what the hell was he doing on that second goal?).

    The Darren Fletcher issue has been a mystery all year. He is clearly United’s best central midfielder, and is actually pretty underrated imo. But he has been out with a mysterious “virus”? I think he had mono, and they didn’t want to tell anyone.

  6. Easier said than done, amigo. United is a team that is comfortable playing possession football (although they are also good on the counter attack). It’s just that Barcelona puts you under pressure, you cough the ball up, they get it back, you can’t get it back, but when you do you are under pressure and they take it back…..

    Even Arsenal, an even more possession-oriented team than United, lost the possession battle to Barcelona.

  7. How is this even an argument? How do you beat Barcelona? YOU KEEP THE BALL AWAY FROM THEM. The same way you beat any good team. If you let them have it, they are patient enough to exploit you. On the other hand, if they sit back and park the bus, you have to be patient enough to make it work. Not like the US team which forces the long ball as a first or second option.


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