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Vikings owner says MLS to Minnesota a possibility if stadium is built

Zygi Wilf 1 (Getty Images)



Zygi Wilf is known for being the German-born owner of the Minnesota Vikings. He could soon be known for being an owner of an MLS team.

Wilf held a press conference on Tuesday announcing that he had reached an agreement with Ramsey County and the city of Arden Hills for a new retractable roof stadium worth an estimated cost of $1 billion. The stadium will serve as the new home of the Vikings, but Wilf also believes it could be the site of an MLS team in Minnesota.

Even if the stadium is built, there's no guarantee MLS would give Minnesota a team. Wilf would still need to cough up the $40 million necessary to buy into the league, and MLS would still have to decide whether or not Minnesota is a good location for a team.

Here's a video of what the Minnesota stadium would look like:


What do you think of Wilf's idea of a joint-venue for the Vikings and an MLS team? Do you think MLS in Minnesota would be a good idea?

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  1. Why not more than 20 teams? Is there a reason BESIDES the fact that the EPL and Sepp Blatter say that’s the limit? The country is big enough to support more teams and who cares if there isn’t a “balanced schedule” and “single table”? Just let the conferences duke it out for the chance to play in the final, is what I say. That way you can get twice as many teams, if you wanted, in the same schedule allotment we have now. You Euro-snobs are all the same… can’t see the forest for the trees.

  2. Dude, RBA is a b*tch to get to from NYC – that platform and the PATH entrance is just too damn small when you get out in Harrison. The station needs a serious renovation and some way to prevent the hour-long wait to get on after big games. I went to the THFC friendly last summer as well and that was even longer of a wait to finally get on a train – about 2.5 hours.

    They seriously need to fix the place up if they at all want to consider themselves an NYC team, at least in my opinion.

    But again… this has been discussed many times and I don’t want to thread-jack.


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