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Which team has a better chance of making a comeback, Real Madrid or Schalke?

PuyolRonaldo (Getty Images)

Schalke and Real Madrid both face 2-0 deficits this week after dropping the home legs of their respective UEFA Champions League semifinal ties.

Madrid could bow out of the tournament later today (2:45 p.m., Fox Soccer Channel) unless Jose Mourinho can conjure up a magic formula to save his team from elimination at the hands of rival Barcelona at Camp Nou.

Schalke, meanwhile needs to go into Old Trafford to face Manchester United (Wednesday, 2:45 p.m., FX) and find a way to replicate its road performance in the quarterfinals, when it topped Inter Milan, 5-2, at the San Siro. Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney was held out of training with a minor hamstring injury but is expected to be fit for the match.

Which team, Real Madrid or Schalke, has the best chance to make a comeback and advance to the final? Cast your vote after the jump:


How did you vote? Who do you see advancing to the Champions League final at Wembley Stadium?

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  1. I could see something like this. The thing is Barca is very likely to score if Madrid is pushing forward and I don’t see Madrid putting in 3 or more goals on this Barca defense.

  2. Early Madrid goal could make things pretty tense for Barcelona. I think the game ends 2-1 to Madrid and Barca goes through.

  3. Do you watch soccer? I’m curious as to whether or not you think we’re talking about baseball or something.

  4. Or, instead of giving a narrow view, you could give the full 2010/2011 seasonal view:

    Ronaldo – 45g, 14a in 60 games.
    Messi – 50g, 22a in 57 games.

    Let’s not forget this part:

    Ronaldo – not going to win the La Liga title or make the Champions League final.

    Messi – La Liga champions, CL finalists (at least).

    This isn’t really much of an argument. Messi is clearly the better player.

  5. C. Ronaldo 29 goals in 30 matches
    Messi 30 goals in 30 matches.

    Saying one is just not as good is stupid and purely a biased opinion.

  6. Phil, Abidal was cleared to play so Barcelona could potentially field all their preferred starters at the back line: Abidal-Puol-Pique-Alves. In contrast, Real will miss Pepe and Ramos due to suspensions.

  7. Josh, it would be very hard for Real to mount a sustainable attack at Camp Nou, if Barcelona continues to have 70-80% of possession. They have a chance for an upset, but a very slim one.

  8. More likely DiMaria or Ronaldo will get booked for diving, Arbeloa goes insane, slugs the ref…who falls backwards into Busquets who instinctively falls and covers his face writhing in agony expecting a card, not realizing that it was the ref who touched him.

    Yup. business as usual…

  9. at least I’ll be watching to see if Schalke can give it a go. No way I’m wasting another two hours on seeing who can play less football.

  10. Schalke just doesn’t have the talent to compete..

    Real on the other hand has the talent, but has yet to try and use any of it, besides to make a really expensive wall..

    I’d say Real has a better chance, but I can’t get that 5-0 blowout out of my head when I think of Madrid trying to bring the game to Barca

  11. Here’s what’s going to happen in the Classico the way it’s going so far: Someone’s going to get their face caved in.

  12. Madrid can catch Barca off guard and at least make the game interesting.

    1. Barcelona’s defense is suspect when the opposition can amount a sustainable attack.

    2. If Madrid can score first and early, the pressure will be on Barca in front of their home fans.

    3. Madrid have to get Ronaldo into the best positions so he can score. Let him roam, let him play his game.

    Maybe it’s just my American optimism, but Madrid are good enough to pull an upset, so why not?

  13. ¡Hala Madrid! It will take a monumental, historic performance, but Madrid is not out of this tie. This seems like a great opportunity for Ronaldo to prove he is still on par with Messi.

  14. neither. Schalke looked totally outclassed by ManU in the first game and RM can’t defend with 10 players anymore. We all know what happened the last time they actually came out and played against Barcelona

  15. Schalke has the better chance, but still doesn’t have a chance really. The only reason they do is because ManU plans on resting starters to save them for Chelsea for the weekend. But even a less than full strength ManU won’t lose at home.


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