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Win tickets to Seattle-Portland on SBI

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If you are a Seattle Sounders or Portland Timbers fan and you are trying to find tickets for the big match on Saturday, SBI has the contest for you.

SBI and Golazo Energy Drink are teaming up once again to bring you the latest SBI Ticket Contest. We are giving away two pairs of tickets to the Sounders-Timbers match. Here's how to enter:

Post a comment below with a brief (and we mean brief) explanation for what the Sounders-Timbers rivalry means to you. Also list your Twitter handle in the comment (yes, you'll need to have Twitter to enter the contest). Then, Tweet a message including the following: #SBITicketContest #SoundersTimbers #GolazoEnergy and #SoccerByIves. You must be a Twitter follower of @SoccerByIves AND @GolazoEnergy to enter.

Sounds like a lot to do, right? Well, these are pretty nice tickets so you're going to have to work for them.

We'll announce the winners on Friday afternoon Pacific time so submit your entry ASAP.

Good luck everybody.


  1. You know it’s an epic rivalry when Seattle’s front office decides not to remove the massive tarps covering 30,000 of their seats in order to prevent the possibility of additional hordes of Timbers fans traveling north and “invading” Seahawks Stadium with their noisy chants and overall exuberance. As a Portlander, I respect and understand the Sounders decision—this game is too enormous to take chances. I suspect we would do the same thing.


  2. I cant imagine anyone that is in a position to use ticket and posting on SBI doesn’t already have tickets.

    I don’t have Twitter which probably makes me the BEST winner….as I am the oldest.

    It means games at Memorial Stadium in the 1970s and 1990s.

    It means games in the Kingdome.

    It means games at Qwest.

    It means games across many different leagues.

    and many different players….Roger Davies to Roger Levesque.

    And yet the more it changed…the more it stayed the same.

    Levesque with a winner in injury time tomorrow !

  3. I’ve been born and raised in the Seattle area, however I’ve always been a Timbers fan at heart. I’ll enjoy the bragging rights when the Timbers bring another victory home for the boys in green and white.

    Go Timbers! RCTID!


  4. Life long soccer fan recently moved to Seattle. Looking to get behind my new home team! What better way than to start off vs their big rival!


  5. Seattle vs. Portland will yield a bunch of spoiled, entitled millionaires forced to retreat to their Sound yachts (or a bunch of smelly hippies to their drum circles) dejected in loss–but one enormous victory for MLS and American soccer.

    When I root I root for the Timbers.


  6. while saturday’s game might appear to mean our dignity, our pride, our happiness- as fans of either team that’s simply not right, because at the end of the day, i’m rose city til i die and even my adopted seattle could never take that away. here’s to a rivalry that transcends the game itself- a rivalry more like a political argument- a rivalry that i, as an oregonian living in seattle, have been caught in the middle of.

    long live cascadia!


  7. this rivalry will get the lifeblood of the heart of soccer in America pumping! (yay pithy melodrama!)


    aka caleb’s sister

  8. Of course I want the Timbers to win but that would just be the bonus for me. Hopefully both Timbers and Sounders fans have fun celebrating and watching this huge event in our rivalry!. That being said I hope you Flounders go out and show some real flair, I mean really break a leg! (That good enough? haha)

  9. Forecast for #SoundersTimbers: Cloudy, with a chance of blood. #SBITicketContest #GolazoEnergy #SoccerByIves #GoSounders #FlannelHatefest


  10. Hold on a minute, this sort of good natured post will not be tollerated. As a seattle fan I demand that at a bare minimum you call us Flounders. Preferably you’d throw something at Roger Levesque as well.

  11. When I meet soccer hooligans from around the world, and I try to defend US soccer to fans of La Liga and the EPL, I constantly say “just wait till the Northwest Derby.” This match is our chance to show the world why we scream ourselves hoarse at every game. Its time to show my international football friends the video proof of the passion these cities share for the game they love.


  12. The rivalry means a great chance to show that Oregon is just better than Washington. The Ducks have been crushing the Huskies, the Sonics aren’t even a team anymore, and the Timbers are going to go to Seattle and do work. RCTID.


  13. In a place where, even with the bluest skies you’ve ever seen, soccer balls were meant to be slopped through the rain… where blue, white and green will always be the colors… where fans stick to their roots (unless you’re like Cooper; a falling Timber,) and where the ‘Stache is proper matchday style, Pacific Northwest soccer is its own breed, and Sounders-Timbers is the legacy.


  14. This rivalry is a chance for me (born and raised in the Seattle area) to defy those around me and cheer for the team that I love. Wearing rival colors in sounders territory makes me so proud and I’ll never stop. Onward rose city! It’s also a chance to tell sounders fans that this game existed before they entered the league.


  15. Mom and her whole family are born and raised Portland Timbers. Me? I’m born and raised with Tacoma pride and proud Sounders til I die. This is more than a rivalry. This is a family feud. I would love to hold my head high this Thanksgiving, crowing about six points for the rave green.


  16. It is about the drive of cascadia and the internal struggle of sister cities. The beauty of the region juxtaposed by the urban chaos can only be distilled into an epic match of football.

  17. Its not just the venue, the players, or the club that make soccer it great: its largely the rivalries. They bring passion and intensity that make each game better,and more meaningful. To have that with portland and seattle will make each club, each player, each fan care that much more. And it will gain the MLS more respect worldwide. There is a beauty to the rivalry. I know I am, I’m sure I am, RCTID!

  18. You should come up Friday and hit the Golazo party. Free entry, lots of soccer/soccer fans, free drinks:

    On Saturday, you could head to Fuel for a massive party that starts noonish…it’s hosted by ECS. There’s no shortage of bars around Qwest Field. Parking is a pain, so public transport/walking is not a bad idea.

  19. May 14. This day means everything to me. Not only because its the day the world sees how serious the Pacific Northwest is about soccer but its also the day I marry the love of my life. Thanks to the Sounders my fiance and I had our first date at a Seattle vs. Houston game…and the rest is history. After the MLS schedule was released, I moved my wedding forward in the day just so I could find time to watch Sounders take on the Timbers. This day would be perfect if my new wife and I could also get tickets and celebrate our marriage with a soccer game.


  20. Fire fan here. Will be in Portland at a conference on Friday, so I bought a ticket and am driving up on Saturday for the game.

    Any recommendations for pre-game would be welcome and and appreciated. No allegiance to either team, so Timber-centric and Sounder-centric both work. Just want to be part of it.

  21. This the rivalry is… people in england having a reason to talk about soccer in the USA. John Spencer saying that he’s never experienced anything like it, Taylor Twellman’s tweet on opening night at JELD-WEN – “Portland has set the bar PEOPLE!!”. Portland is home, but I live in Seattle, and I love seeing both sides! I love love love being a part of what’s getting the country excited about soccer.


  22. ronprestonjr

    As a die hard sounders fan, getting tickets means watching the 1000 of so timber fans leaving our stadium after a loss and singing (to the tune of guantanamera), “your only here because of us.”

  23. It’s always been a rivalry and it certainly will always be a rivalry. What’s different now is that it is THE rivalry, after Saturday we will leave no doubt with MLS fans everywhere about what soccer in the North West is and what they now have to strive for, we’re about to raise the bar….again. Would kill (perhaps literally, but hopefully it doesn’t come to that) to be there for this monumental match, Go Sounders!


  24. The Sounders-Timbers rivalry means a Saturday out in beautiful Portland with my friends, family and other fans to enjoy the day and cheer on our Timbers at the Cheerful Tortoise.(That is unless I win the tickets!) Rose City Til I Die!


    (And to respond to the above poster you don’t have to have won trophies to have the spirit of competition and love for the game.)

  25. As a Sounder fan, it means 6 points for my team because the cinders have never won anything. How can you call yourself soccercity USA when you have never won anything in soccer?


  26. The rivalry means the difference between talking to loved ones. Win? I’m a chatterbox. Lose? And I curse each of them who pulled for the Flounders under my breath for the next week.



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