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Beasley on verge of Puebla deal


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DaMarcus Beasley's next career stop appears to be in Mexico.

Beasley is on the verge of signing a two-year deal with Primera Division club Puebla, sources told SBI. Should Beasley sign there, it would add Mexico to a list of countries in which the speedy winger has played. He previously played for teams in the United States, Netherlands, England, Scotland and Germany.

The 29-year-old Beasley left Glasgow Rangers to sign with Hannover 96 in the Bundesliga last season, but he only appeared in four games for the club, which is captained by U.S. international right back Steve Cherundolo.

Puebla announced via its official Twitter feed that Beasley's signing was complete, but sources say that the deal is not done just yet.

Beasley is undoubtedly hoping that a potential stint in Puebla can do for him what it did for fellow American Herculez Gomez, who starred there during the 2010 Mexican Clausura season.

Gomez led the league in goals and used his performance there to propel himself onto the U.S. national team roster for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, where he teamed with Beasley.


What do you think about Beasley potentially signing with Puebla? Think it's a good move for him?

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  1. i think your thinking of this dude who had like a wild story, no? ending up in mexico was somewhat of a fluke, and like his own teammates both hated him and protected him. i believe he was the first. fascinating story, and yeah i forgot his name. after him, it was alot smoother for yanks down there. however, i think he was like the leading scorer or something. again, one hell of a story but i just forgot his name. and yes, i googled him after reading his story and read that he was in brazil doing something totally unrelated- like marketing or something.

  2. mike sorber, right? and some dude with a weird name from early 90s, i think. also, dont forget Corona, Vidal, and a whole host of other americans who dont garner press. Maybe thats where Adu should go.Its a solid league. Other then that, Beas is a traitor.

  3. i dont think people are advocating his return. they are simply fans who would like to see him get back into form, and if good enough receive a call up. Of course at his current rate, nobody could honestly believe he should be on the roster but I for one would love it if he somehow found his form in Mexico and came back into the picture.

  4. I like this move. MFL is rated higher than MLS, and Beasley will make more money there most likely. You can’t fault a guy for that.

    It seems like he doesn’t mention the national team is because he isn’t in the picture. He understands that if he gets some PT he’ll likely be able to comment.

  5. To be clear I am not an MB hater and I do not think DMB is the second coming. I simply think that Beasely (like Holden and Feilhaber) is a very talented player who (when healthy) has a lot to offer. I also think that like Spector, Torres and an in form Adu (which is still a theory) there is much more DMB could bring to the MNT but perhaps it’s not the right system or perhaps he has in fact plateaued. But it’s not exactly like we have an embarrasement of fast accurate crossers with an above average soccer IQ, and if we’re giving folks like Robbie Rogers a shot then really what do we have to lose in keeping tabs on him?

    If that makes me clueless, then I guess I’m clueless.

  6. In other news Puebla also made an offer for Nuno Gomez (portugal). Probably in his mid 30’s now but he is probably good enough to score plenty.

  7. Past? how about Wynalda and Balboa and there was a brute defender I can’t remember from the Bora era. Beasly had tried out for Pachuca for a week but I guess Puebla swooped in and took him.

  8. Respectfully disagree. Beasely is in teh same boat a few players, namely Torres and Spector and possibly Adu if he plays his way back to relevance. He has a skill set that just doesn’t fit into the system so he’s forced to play the utility man. In his case it kinda blew up in his face.

    While he was never going to surpass LD on the depth chart to become a starting Left Winger, he was hung out to dry against Brasil at a time where he was struggling with form and injury. Truthfully I thought having him as a left back option at the time was not a bad idea (anyone but JB), but he paid a real price for that.

    he needs to get his groove back, I stil lbelieve there’s a lot of miles left in him, it’s just gotta be at the right place. Fingers corssed that place is Mexico.

  9. People talk like he was always garbage…this guy has accomplished more in Europe than almost any American. It may have been a short period of success, but he did really well. And he was superb for USMNT for a good stretch of time.

    Obviously he didn’t become what we hoped he would, but it’s not like he’s a bum who can’t hang in a decent league.

  10. I heard someone (maybe Wynalda) once say that they’ve never seen anyone change more once they had some success than Beasley. If that’s true it sucks b/c he is really talented, and could still be a top 5 player on this team if he just worked hard enough. But good for him, he’s got some cash and is enjoying life. I can’t say I wouldn’t do exactly the same thing.

  11. It’s really easy to toss stones at decisions from the safe distance of history. I’ll take a shot at defending him. He had World Cup experience (something only a few others had), was a left sided player that had shown at least a little bit of life in friendlies in the leadup.

    A year’s perspective probably dictates that Bedoya would have been the better choice, but I don’t think anyone is saying we’d have got past Ghana without Bedoya. Whereas, in the Gold Cup, it’s much more likely that we will need him if we are to win the tournament, and he wasn’t even on the roster. Including Beasley in 2010 wasn’t the worst move in the world.

  12. Agreed- he’s been a great player for us. And look- people revive their careers; it happens. Not saying it’s going to, but don’t count him completely out yet.

    If he doesn’t I hope he sells a lotta bling down there.


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