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Canada eliminated from Gold Cup after late equalizer clinches group for Panama


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The Canadian men's national team's Gold Cup began with a goal conceded due to shaky goalkeeping, and it ended the same way.

Goalkeeper Milan Borjan couldn't control Blas Perez' rebound attempt on the goal line, and Luis Tejada got the final touch to score in the waning moments of the clubs' Group C finale, which ended in a 1-1 draw at Livestrong Sporting Park.

Canada had gone ahead earlier in the half on a Dwayne De Rosario penalty kick, and a win would have sealed the team's place in the quarterfinals. Instead, the last-second draw, coupled with the United States' win over Guadeloupe, knocked a Canadian team that had high aspirations out of the tournament.

With the draw, Panama won Group C and will face El Salvador in the quarterfinals at RFK Stadium on Sunday. The winner of that game will meet the winner of United States-Jamaica in a semifinal in Houston.

Highlights of Canada's tie with Panama are after the jump:


Canada managed two goals in the tournament — both penalty kicks by De Rosario — while amassing a 1-1-1 record. Its 2-0 loss to the United States began with goalkeeper Lars Hirschfeld being unable to stop Jozy Altidore's blast that was right at him in the early going.

Its MLS players — New York's De Rosario, RSL's Will Johnson, Toronto FC's Julian de Guzman, Vancouver's Terry Dunfield and Houston's Andre Hainault — will return to their clubs ahead of this weekend's matches.


What do you think about Canada's Gold Cup? Did you expect much better from the Canadians? How far can you see Panama going?

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  1. gold cup provides the funds for all those crappy caribbean federations survival and it also provides concacaf with the means to pay for the youth and womens tourneys in the region. i believe that why its hosted every two years.

    Canada are the biggest under achievers in Concacaf. they have the team and talent but their Fa needs some re-organizaton and vision

  2. I’d like to see Canada host it their fair share (I’m sure, weather-wise, many players would, too). However, Canada doesn’t have the number of immigrants from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, etc. that provide a built-in population that’d be interested in seeing games that don’t involve the tourney host … and this tourney exists, primarily, to make money for CONCACAF.

  3. Any people here live in Canada? What is the reaction like to their disappointing Gold Cup? I am curious about how much interest there is for the national team.

  4. The tournament isn’t in the US, to benefit the US. It is here because they know they will draw for most of the games, that include a Latin American team. I am assuming this would be the same in Canada, but I doubt it in Mexico.

    If it was for the benefit of the USA the final would be at one of the smaller stadiums and not at the Rose Bowl where the USA would be the visiting team in terms of support.

    Concaf can make more money via ticket sales with it in the USA.

  5. Canada simply didn’t look like a team during the tournament. Their passing looked off, they didn’t really attack or defend as a unit. It looked like a bunch of guys who had been put together without much training time and/or cohesion. I would agree that their coaching needs a massive upgrade, enough with the Canadian guys, time to go outside and get someone with a style of play he can implement and bring out the skills the roster has.

  6. It would be interesting to know how many residents of each CONCACAF country live in the US. For some of these, Mexico, El Salvador, etc. there are large populations living in the US that get to support their home country right where they live now. I think that is probably one of the biggest reasons the tourney is here, i.e. attendance!

  7. Canada were poor and didn’t deserve to go through.

    I did see them live in the 2nd half vs. Guadaloupe on Saturday. This was arguably the worst live football that I have seen in years. I have seen better Sunday League games. Granted, it was very hot, but the Canadians had 0 creativity. Kick and run style isn’t going to cut it…

  8. I also hoped that Canada would advance. Amazingly, the US still has a really good draw for the elimination round – if they beat Jamaica they will play the winner of Salvador/Panama, thus, avoiding Mexico, Costa Rica and Honduras until the final.

  9. Agreed. Canada should host the next and let Mexico get a chance. Millions of dollars in revenue. USSF and CONCACAF need to pimp the heck out of this tournament.

  10. I’m more dissappointed in the federation. It is time for Canada to step up and host this tourney. The field situation can’t be too much worse then what we saw in Detroit.

  11. Feel bad for the Canadian fans. They have a better squad than what shows during games… And it must be frustrating for them that the likes of Hargreaves chose another country. They face the same problems we do.

  12. I think they were pulling their best Luongo impersonation since he can’t stop anything when he’s south of the border

  13. Canada may want to invest in a good goalkeeping coach.

    Borjan’s spill last night was probably worse than Hirshfeld’s whiff on Altidore’s shot. I mean, Borjan HAD the ball. How’d he lose it?

  14. I imagine the current Canadian team is a bit like the US must have been circa 1990-94.
    A similar style to the current US, some similar issues, 20% of the talent.

  15. The US and Canada with a superior player pool are so poorly coached and worse, the lack of effort is astonishing. These guys have no love for the shirt and obviously no respect for palying for their country. Shame on all these people.

  16. I’m dissapointed for Canada. Thought they had a good squad. But, as a RBNY supporter, does this mean DeRo is available for this weekend’s game?


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