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Davies remains confident of USMNT future despite missing Gold Cup

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CARSON, Calif – The 23 man US National Team selection for the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup is carved in stone, but amid all the striking talent, Charlie Davies is absent from the list.

In the fall of 2009 Davies experience a near fatal collision that was predicted to be a career ender for the striker. But the fight and determination to get back to form has brought him back to the national team radar, though he still isn't all the way back.

This year Davies has revamped and revitalized his form and is the leading scorer for D.C. United with six goals. He is in a three-way tie for second throughout the MLS. Some argued his start would be enough to secure a spot in the National Teams roster; much like Edson Buddle did last year.

However, it was not. Coach Bob Bradley did not select him because Davies is simply not there yet.

“Right before the Gold Cup [Bradley] actually gave me a call to tell me I was in consideration but at this time he felt I wasn’t there yet,” said Davies. “That I got to keep pushing and keep improving and make a statement on why I should be on that team.”

“I was hoping to expect that call to play with the national team; that’s my second family. I’m not going to feel too good until I get back on that side.”

While others would have been out in the dumps sulking at the heartbreaking news that transpired, the 24 year old was in high spirits and remained optimistic with determination to keep rocking the net at D.C. and ultimately making it back to the US team.

“After having a conversation like that, it really gives me a boost and more determination to get back and I know I’m that close, which makes it even sweeter to know if I put in that extra work I’m going to get there,” said Davies.

Davies may not in on the roster but do not question his loyalty. Davies will be cheering on the U.S. national team in this Gold Cup tournament, and believes the Americans can re-gain their Gold Cup title.

“I hope they win it,” confessed Davies. “They have all the talent to win it and potential to win it. As long as they’re playing well, they have what it takes to win.

“They know that they have my full support behind them, and I hope they do it.”


  1. One of the things that Olsen has more or less made a policy is: if you haven’t played recently due to fitness issues, you will NOT start. DCU for the past couple of years would field some players that were incapable of going a full, hard 90. The consequence was that other coaches knew they had 3 subs to play with in the game and DCU would only have 1 or 2. Olsen simply will not start someone who can guarantee he can give a good, hard 90+ minutes. Plus (related to this), Davies just wasn’t sharp–he had very little practice time in game situations (mostly jogging and stretching with modest touch work).

    As for the breakaway, here’s the perverse reality of Davies at the moment. I think his finishing touch (on first touches/shots on goal) is actually quite good and probably sharper than Altidore and maybe Agudelo’s at the moment. But his first touch on the ball (especially in the open field) is bad. He’s last 3 goals on counters or breakaways where his first touch betrayed him and he pushed the ball too far in front and the keeper got to it.

    He’ll get there. Parts of his game are back (or close to it). Other parts…definitely not.

  2. I always said that he needed to get stronger because of his tap, and slide kick goals that he had on running plays, people critize me but yet again, I see the same thing. I hope he gets better but right now. he is just not ready for the NATS. PERIOD.

  3. Charlie, if you saw today’s game, you’re a lock. Jaun couldn’t stay on his feet, and Jozy was puffing after 25 minutes.

  4. Wow. So it will definitely be Lichaj at left back. I’m actually kinda glad this is happening (provided Boca is ok). Hopefully he can do well and we can forget Bornstein.

  5. I hope you’re wrong. This looks like a near full strength Spain squad. I can understand them not playing the whole game, even not starting, but it seems silly to not play those guys. The only question is how bad will the rest of the guys look out there? We will still have quality but that is a tall order without LD.

  6. Why shouldn’t he be confident? Striker is by far our weakest position. Just by playing in ten or so MLS game’s he is probably what, like fifth or sixth on the depth chart? Depending on how Bob feels about Buddle and Gomez I guess. I suspect it’s just a matter of when not if at this point

  7. he is a starter. but coming off a three week layoff, on the road, a striker almost always starts on the bench until you prove your fitness again. play 30 minutes, train for a week and you are most likely back in the starting lineup next week. His replacement is playing well (Brettschneider) so there’s no reason to rush him back in a match the team honesty couldn’t expect to win going in. a draw is a good result. I expect CD to be back in the starting 11 against San Jose next saturday at RFK. Although I hope Brettschneider gets in, he deserves to hear the cheers at home after his road trip performances.

    CD is a counter attacking forward, if he can’t finish those opportunities, he’s not ready.

  8. I know he is coming off a hamstring injury but why is he not starting at DC? He blew the best chance of the night with a break away vs the galaxy.

  9. When I read the headline I thought it was going to say, “Davies remains confident of USMNT future despite missing sitter against LA”.


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