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Chicago sells forward Puerari to Atlas


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With all of the Chicago Fire's recent forward acquisitions, there couldn't be room for everybody in Frank Klopas' stable of strikers, and Gaston Puerari is the odd man out.

The Fire sold Puerari, a Uruguayan forward acquired in the offseason, to Mexican club Atlas on Wednesday for an undisclosed transfer fee. Puerari appeared in 14 matches for Chicago, tallying a goal and two assists, and his sale opens up an international roster slot in addition to providing a bit of a finanical windfall for the club.

"Club Atlas was very keen on Gaston, and we made the decision to accept the offer based on the best interest of building our club," said Klopas, the Fire's technical director and interim head coach.

Atlas also happens to be the club that employs former Fire defender Wilman Conde.

After signing Puerari and fellow Uruguayan striker Diego Chaves in the offseason, Chicago added Dominic Oduro, Cristian Nazarit, Orr Barouch and Gabriel Ferrari to its attacking corps during the season, giving the club a surplus at the position.

What do you think of this transaction? Wish Chicago had held on to Puerari? Like the move?

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  1. As “bad” as the Fire’s results have been this year, they are only 4pts out of the MLS playoffs.

    This team is much better and deeper than last years team, and really think they will turn the ship around under Frank. Especially if the end up bringing Pardo in this Summer.

    Besides this team is in every game and are fun to watch, they never give up and are not giving away last minute goals like last year.

    We will have to see…

  2. Absolutely. Klopas has had, what, 12 days to coach this team, has 5pts in 3 games, and has made a total of 1 player tranfers.



  3. I tend to agree. I think that Puerari was slotted in the wrong places by CDLC. He enhanced Chaves’s play in my opinion, but for whatever reason it was decided to break up that strike tandem. Plus, he had a good sense of humor it seemed.

    I do remember him getting criticism when he was signed for being a smaller player, though. Good luck at Atlas, Gaston!

  4. this truly is a lost season for Chicago unfortunately. I’d rather they not try to make a big bold move in the summer. I’d rather they sell off all they can and bring up young players from the dev academy to get real game experience. Sure they’ll probably get pasted but it’d be great experience and it would make them all the better and hungrier to make it back next year.

  5. there is no other way to say this….but the chicago fire suck! time for klopas to go. need new general manager and coach if this team is going to do anything anytime soon!

  6. I was always happy to see Puerari in the starting lineup — early in the season definitely looked like he could provide some offensive creativity. Wasn’t convinced CDLC used him right (minutes / position / substitutions).

    Hope we got some decent $$$ and spend it wisely — I’m definitely sorry to see him go.

    Best of luck, Gaston.

  7. This season has been one to forget but I hope Klopas as a plan and this was more than a quick sale for some cash. I think the international slot factored in. Maybe there’s something in the works.

  8. How many teams have now sold a player they acquired over the winter period? I can think of at least 3… That’s crazy!

  9. find someone to pull the strings in the middle, logan pause is good in a defined role, but they might be asking too much of him right now. a little help would be a bonus.


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