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De Rosario traded to D.C. for McCarty

DeRosario (Getty Images)

D.C. United's day of wheeling and dealing just got a whole lot more interesting.

D.C. acquired Dwayne De Rosario from the New York Red Bulls in exchange for Dax McCarty in a straight-up trade on Monday.

It's the second time the 33-year-old De Rosario has been traded this season. He was dealt from Toronto FC to New York at the beginning of April in exchange for Tony Tchani, Danleigh Borman and a first-round pick in the 2012 MLS SuperDraft. Now he's headed to D.C., where he'll add juice to the team's attack alongside the likes of Charlie Davies, Josh Wolff, Chris Pontius and Andy Najar. It's the second acquisition of the day for D.C., which traded for San Jose centerback Brandon McDonald just hours before the blockbuster deal.

McCarty, meanwhile, struggled at times with United despite being named captain but could perhaps do better in New York's possession-oriented style of play. It should be noted that New York frees up more money to spend, as De Rosario's base salary ($425,000) was significantly higher than McCarty's ($155,000).

What do you think about the deal? Shocked that the Red Bulls offloaded De Rosario so quickly? Think D.C. is a playoff contender with its recent moves? Do you think the Red Bulls have bigger plans in the works?

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  1. Nielsen is getting healthy, and Da Luz has looked good on the left, so they will probably move Lindpere inside for now. I’d be happy with Bouna, would rather see NYRB sign a veteran central defender or get another attacking player via the summer transfer window.

  2. Absolutely the dumbest trade of the season. Shockingly stupid. If the intent was to have a 2-way midfielder who was more defensive, RBNY could have kept Tony Tchani who is arguably a player with more upside than Dax and who doesn’t count against the salary cap at all (I believe) as a Generation Adidas player.

    I was really happy when RBNY brought in De Rosario — they became championship caliber. Now you can stick a fork in this team until they find a way to generate offense again.

    Dropping Henry back into a #10 role is absolute BS. Why would you want the team’s best scoring threat farther from goal? Stupid.

  3. I understand that the Red Bulls need a keeper, but it seems as though if you are going to part with one of your most important midfield assets, a new one would be coming in in that could be just as or more important.

    I know that Ballack has been linked with a move to MLS for a while now. It seems like a possibility, or at least another midfielder that can fill that spot. As much as I like Lindpere, it seems like someone better could be manning the middle.

  4. OK can someone clue me in on this one? Is it a FIFA or just a UEFA rule that a player can’t play for 3 teams in the same season? If it is a FIFA does it not apply to MLS because of the single entity status?

  5. As is, I give it an incomplete. If this move doesn’t come attached with a Marquez/Taino/Solii/Lindpere type signing and instead comes paired with a Nielson/Salou Ibrahim/old Eurofart like Pires type signing, the Fire Bradley chants will fast be replaced with Fire Soler/Backe rage in NY. They’re certainly coming off as Fantasy MLS’ish at this point.

  6. Actually, it’s not a very puzzling move.

    1. DCU did get younger. The team generally starts 3 rookies, and 4 players who are 20 or younger and has 3 players from their academy who play major roles with the team and 4th on the US U20 side. Sounds like they got a whole lot younger.

    2. Acquiring “older” players? DeRo is older (but I’ll get to that). MacDonald is 24–some old grey beard he is (not). Wolff is a piece (sometimes starts, sometimes doesn’t) who was acquired through the free agent draft. McCarty wasn’t old. Wolyard wasn’t old.

    3. The direction was to rebuild the team with a core of talent. Assuming that guys like Najar, Hamid, Kitchen, White, Brettschneider, Pontius all work out, they could play 10 years in MLS each (granted, that won’t happen but they’re all young enough) and they all start right now. But the team also wants to compete and concluded that there is no creative presence in the middle of the field. Thus…DeRo.

    Maybe it’s a good decision, maybe it’s a bad decision but it’s not a puzzling development. The team got a lot younger, adding a lot of potential foundation pieces and also seeks to compete right now. Win a title? Highly unlikely. But tell fans that they want to win and haven’t given up on the season–realistic.

  7. Before the trade, DC were the youngest team in MLS and they were showing it. Their consistency was terrible and they lacked an experience playmaker in the center of attack. If you look at the team they are still quite young front to back(Najar, Pontius, Woolard, Davies, Kitchen, White, Hamid) and to be a successful team you need some experienced players in the mix and thats just what they traded for. One player who will need to step their game up though for DC after this will be Simms, his defensive load just got heavier as Dax played almost beside him in the middle.

  8. It was a mistake on NYs part to buy him in the first place, it was logical for them to make this trade. There is nothing wrong with DeRo, just that he didn’t fit in. As far as Dane Richards being a better player, maybe for one week. Not to take away from Richards, but his main skill is being fast.


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