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Gold Cup: Jamaica tops Group B, Guatemala through after routing Grenada


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Mexico isn't the only team enjoying a dominant Gold Cup.

Jamaica improved to 3-0-0 after a 1-0 victory over Group B challenger Honduras to clinch the top spot in the group Monday night at Red Bull Arena. Jamaica didn't concede a goal in the group stage and finished with a +7 goal differential.

San Jose Earthquakes forward Ryan Johnson scored the lone goal for the Reggae Boyz, blasting a shot from distance off the crossbar and having the rebound ricochet off Honduras keeper Noel Valladares in the 36th minute.

In the group's other final game, Guatemala routed Grenada, 4-0, as MLSers Carlos Ruiz and Marco Pappa got on the board along with Jose Del Aguila and Carlos Gallardo. The win gives Guatemala four points. That and its +2 goal differential assure it of being one of the top two third-place finishers and a spot in the quarterfinals. For Grenada, the loss sealed its point-less tournament, and the Spice Boys finished with a -14 goal differential. The team also lost its captain, as Anthony Modeste announced his retirement from international soccer.

Highlights from both matches of Monday's matches are after the jump:



Jamaica awaits the second-place finisher from Group C in the quarterfinals. Honduras, which finished second in Group B with four points (and won the goal-differential tie-breaker with Guatemala), has a date with Group A runner-up Costa Rica in a marquee quarterfinal matchup. Guatemala will face either Mexico or the winner of Group C in its next match.


What did you think of Monday's matches? How dangerous do you think Jamaica can be? Who do you see taking the Costa Rica-Honduras quarterfinal?

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  1. When did the USA get a 1-0 result against Spain in Spain?

    I think there is a difference between saying a team is better and saying there is a “huge gap” between teams. In one scenario its worth watching the game because the result could potentially go either way though it will most likely go to the favorite (ie Panama vs USA). If the USA plays in Panama they probably still win but I would watch that game because that isn’t certain.

    If however there is a huge gap there is no point in watching the game as neutral because you not only know the result ahead of time you know it will be a blow out. I wouldn’t say a game between Spain and the USA fits into this category especially if its in a neutral field and both teams have their A squads. I also wouldn’t put the USA and Panama in this category. I would however put Mexico Cuba in this category.

  2. so there isn’t a big gap between Spain and USA because we barely lost to them 1-0 in Spain and beat them 2-0 in Confederations? you also have to think which USA side are you talking about..the one that beat spain and almost beat Brazil or the current one…

  3. I think the US, Mexico, Honduras and Costa Rica could be competitive with most of South America (excepting Argentina and Brazil), but the other CONCACAF countries would be WAY out of their league.

    It would be nice if those top 3 or 4 CONCACAF countries could join CONMEBOL, because as you say it would lift their game, but I don’t see it happening.

  4. When someone says there is a “huge gap” between between country x and y then that means country x will not get beaten or tie country y in a meaningful game ever especially a home game. I didn’t say Panama is better then the USA clearly the USA is the better team but the gap isn’t huge. Panama has been playing the USA close for several years now one time it even went to penalties the win by Panama doesn’t mean they are better but it does show the gap between the USA and Panama isn’t huge. The El Salvador tie just shows the gap between those 2 countries isn’t huge one of which was on his list not that the gap between Mexico and those 2 countries isn’t huge.

    Really only Mexico has shown they have a huge gap between them and the teams in their group we will see if the gap is huge between Mexico and everyone else.

  5. I’m beginning to like the idea of merging the CONCACAF and CONMBEBOL. I know the South Americans won’t get off their high horse but our top 3-4 could easily compete with them. Obviously Brazil and Argentina would be the toughest obstacles but playing them more often would also erase the gap between us.

  6. “El Salvador tied Costa Rica” really is that a parameter…that’s not saying anything at all..Costa Rica just got stumped by Mexico 4-1 and Honduras and Guatemala both just lost to Jamaica…and Panama that’s one time out of how many times they’ve play against us, like they say, you play us long enough you might actually win one. which is exactly what happened, it was bound to happen. the Story is still the same..and we just beat Canada also, and not only beat dominated them the whole game…so poor example really.

  7. Besides if we are basing wealth just on football infrastructure then Mexico is the wealthiest country in the region by far. I mean the budget their league has compared to everyone else isn’t even close.

  8. I don’t agree Panama doesn’t seem to be that far off(I believe they recently beat a country on your list). El Salvador tied Costa Rica and Guatemala tied Honduras you throw in T & T and Canada as not having a “huge gap” between the top teams and CONCACAF is actually starting to look more competitive then it has in the past.

  9. All the money raised during Major Concacaf Tourneys, is handled by Concacaf and is to be distributed among all Concacaf countries to help them develop soccer infrastructures,player develpment and facilities, and some how create some parity with Mex and USA and the rest, which will raise the level of play and therefore make it way more interesting to watch. We all know Concacaf is corrupt, so no money gets distributed, rich get richer, poor get poorer and is the same thing over and over for generations to come. Me growing up in Guatemala I can tell you is not about soccer culture or wealth, is about not having a proper player development. Guatemala has a lot of African players as well but they never make it and are neglected because of poor scouting process.

  10. Wouldn’t say it’s population size.


    -Stable home soccer league
    -Stable soccer culture
    -Solid coaching
    -Players playing abroad

    Some of the best countries in the world at soccer are from small populations.

  11. Thought they played well but let the fans get into their head at the end when they fell apart. Was glad to see them win though, seem to be an honest team.

    In the 85th minute, they had a sub actually JOG off the pitch! JOG! Can you believe it??? He didn’t feign injury, didn’t walk, didn’t stop to talk to people or sign autographs – the Jamaican just jogged off.

    That team just wants to play and I love it about them. Glad to see those diving Hondurans get what they deserved with that loss. Was embarrassing and the ref didn’t help..

  12. Actually Mexico is pretty wealthy. It’s economy is significant in the world and no comparison to other Concacaf countries except US and Canada.

  13. Understood, but if not in the QF’s, then USA would’ve probably gotten them in the SF’s … thus, does it REALLY matter which?

    Let’s first just sit back, have a Molson, and root for “O’ Canada” to win by 1 or 2, and then crack open a Sam Adams and start yelling “U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A” at our tv’s.

  14. I think the economy plays a role, but also population size and soccer tradition (which has an impact on the quality of the local professional league and the development of the country’s young players).

  15. There’s a huge gap between ONLY MEXICO and CONCACAF. They treat the minnows of CONCACAF like…..MINNOWS OF CONCACAF!!

    US lack consistency. One moment we’re beating Spain and Almost beating Brazil…..the next moment we are slapped by Paraguay…massacred during a rematch with spain….beaten by Panama….and having fans unsure whether we have a chance again a 27th ranked team.

    Secondly, Mexico is not that wealth, so I don’t how this works DC Josh…..

  16. There is a huge gap between USA, Mexico, Jamaica, Honduras, Costa Rica and then the rest of the countries in CONCACAF. I wonder how much a country’s wealth affects its international soccer team. Any economic majors want to chime in?

  17. Or third, v. Mexico….

    First isn’t out of the question. All Canada needs to do is beat Panama, and we need to beat Guadeloupe. Goal difference should put the US first. I like first.

  18. So if the US finishes 2nd in its group, as appears likely, we’ll be facing Jamaica in the quarters.

    Not really looking forward to that…

  19. Ives et. al.,

    At the end of the Gold Cup how about a recap of how all of the participating MLS players performed. So far they seem to be aquiting themselves quite well. I would love to see a typical 1-10 rating like you sometimes do after Nat Team games.

  20. Has Grenada ever been good in this tournament, or at all? They always look terrible and get embarrassed. Remember that terrible keeper they had last Gold Cup lol? That game against the US was hilarious watching that guy, he was awful.

  21. Jamaica played very well against Honduras. It was a shame that a lot of fans started throwing stuff onto the field. I think Jamaica will be a tough match for anyone in the next round.


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