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Gold Cup quarterfinal matchups set

It was an easier journey for some more than others, but the eight teams to make it out of the group stage of the CONCACAF Gold Cup now know their paths to Pasadena. Here are the dates, locations and times for the four quarterfinal matchups:

Saturday, New Meadowlands Stadium, East Rutherford, N.J.

Costa Rica vs. Honduras, 5 p.m.

Mexico vs. Guatemala, 8 p.m.

Sunday, RFK Stadium, Washington, D.C.

Jamaica vs. United States, 3 p.m.

Panama vs. El Salvador, 6 p.m.

The winners at each site will square off in the semifinals at Houston's Reliant Stadium next Wednesday. The final is set for Sat., June 25, at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif.

Will you be attending any of the matches? Which teams do you see winning the quarterfinal matchups and advancing to the semifinals?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. RB, OK, chill out. I simply interpreted your “+1” as agreeing with s-bah’s entire response to my comment, which omitted Mexico entirely from consideration even though my original comment expressly mentions Mexico as one of three strong teams teams that we will avoid until the final. That’s why I explained how the brackets work and you don’t seem to disagree with that explanation or with the fact that it is better to play Jamaica/Panama than Costa Rica/Mexico. As for Jamaica being stronger than Honduras and Costa Rica, I can see some validity with respect to Honduras, which Jamaica beat 1-0 (although Honduras had more shots on goal in that game). As for them being a stronger opponent than Costa Rica, I am not sure what you base your opinion on. The last two times the US played against Costa Rica, they lost 3-1 and barely equalized at stoppage time for a 2-2 draw at the RFC. I have nothing against Jamaica, but I am not sure that Jamaica has a similar track record against the US. Jamaica did not even make the top six teams in the last WC qualifying. I guess we’ll find out on Sunday.

  2. Eurosnob, you have to understand that I, at least (s-bah can speak for himself) understand how the Cold [sic] Cup brackets work. But thanks for your concern.

    Here was your original comment —

    “the US has a really nice draw avoiding Mexico, Costa Rica and Honduras until the finals.”

    — and here is s-bah’s lead-off response:

    “I don’t get that at all. Jamaica is a tougher squad at the moment than both CR and HON.”

    I agree with that statement.

  3. so true. Made Bale play on the other side most of the game. Can handle Bale can handle any player in CONCACAF minus maybe Chicharito.

  4. S-baha and RB, you have to understand how the Cold Cup brackets work. Mexico, Jamaica and Panama won their groups and by finishing second the US was expected to play against at least one of the group winners before reaching the finals. Would you rather play Mexico than Jamaica and Panama? What is an easier way to the final, beating Jamaica and Panama or beating Costa Rica and Mexico?

  5. Richards is not even close to being their best player in this tournament. I”ve been watching them and their best attribute is their creativity with the ball. Individual skill can cause us serious problems. Vs Honduras i saw no speed but yet they were still controlling possesion by atleast 60 percent and creating chances . Ryan Johnson is a terrible striker , he’s starting for them becuase Cummings is Injured and Ricardo Fuller Is also Injured. Those Injuries may be a blessing in disguise for us becuase Ryan Johnson is sure to miss a few chances.

  6. Really? I wouldn’t. Have you seen them play recently?

    The overconfidence champs of this GC have clearly been on the US side…

  7. Something that the US has going for them in this game is that the Jamaicans have a very open style of play with very little respect for their opponents abilities. This could be exploited by the US since what they seem to be lacking is creativity and finishing their plays.

    The US just has to play a little contained in the back and take advantage of how the Jamaicans tend to spread out. Though game, the winner of which will more than likely go to the final.

  8. really not sure I licaj getting lit up. Fact is the guy is fast.

    For Villa, he was tasked with shutting down Gareth bale back in Dec or Jan. He did admirably. If he could handle Bale I am pretty sure he’ll be ok with dane richards.

  9. Would love another shot at Panama. Jamaica will not be easy, but the boys will get it done.

    I trust Lichaj to deal with Richards. Ricketts will be tough to beat but we are going to see inspired play from Donovan/Dempsey. Finishing will improve.

    Real question is who are CenterBacks???

  10. I don’t get that at all. Jamaica is a tougher squad at the moment than both CR and HON. Panama is not to be trifled with, as we have already seen and the fact that they already embarassed us once does not exactly guarantee that we will play any better the second time around if there is one….

  11. Amazingly, despite finishing second in its group, the US has a really nice draw avoiding Mexico, Costa Rica and Honduras until the finals.

  12. +1

    While I thought Wondo as a starter brought more to the game than Agudelo did in his previous start, if you want to adjust to Jamaica and get the best 11 on the field you need to get Bedoya on and Dempsey up top, but withdrawn.

  13. I have to admit that I’m warming up to Kljestan, who I thought was ridiculous at first. Thought he showed a nice touch and moved the ball well the past 2 matches, though he’s come in too late to make much of an impact. He’s kind of slow in the pace, however. Overall I’d rather see Edu.

  14. I watched the U.S. play Jamaica a few years ago before the 2006 WC. Yes, very different teams on both sides, but the one constant is the Jamaican speed. Hejduk got flat out beat around the corner and the striker slotted it in right past Meola…yes, Meola. The MNT brought him in so he could get his 100th cap.

    Sunday will not be any different in terms of speed for Jamaica. I’m not sure what Jamaica’s height is like now, but in 2006 they were a very short team. The U.S. should look to capitalize on that with set pieces and corners in the air to guys like Goodson and Altidore.

    I’d love to beat Jamaica and get another crack at Panama with a different line-up, one that includes Bedoya and Kljestan, who gave Panama more difficulty in the midfield when they came in.

  15. You beat speed with the offside trap and support from the wingers.

    Because of that, I don’t start Dempsey on the wing. As much as we all enjoy his offensive efforts, he’s terrible in defense and hardly tracks back. We need Bedoya who’s also faster.

    My line up is the same as last game, but Wondo out, Bedoya in. Dempsey moved up, Bedoya on the wing.

    I’d tell the boys to give some space and push them toward the wings. I’d advice them not to commit and try to hold them up for midfield support.

    I’d advise the midfield to run their heart out both ways and Jones and Bradley to not commit to far up. If one is up, the other stays back.

    I’d advise the offense to hold up the ball and keep possession. Jamaica are better defensively on the wing, so I’d attack through the middle.

  16. Jamaica will not be an easy match up at all. I guarantee US will concede a sloppy penalty and go down early. Luckily they’ll likely fight back and squeak out a win in OT or penalties.

    Mexico is a sure bet for the finals and if US gets there playing the way they have it is going to be ugly. Maybe not as bad as last Gold Cup, but Mexico is going to be dancing around our 18 yard box all day long.

    Does Bob get the axe if US fails to win the tournament? I would imagine if US doesn’t at least make the finals he will be in trouble.

  17. I was their when he was handing them out after the World Cup last summer. He was talking about the same thing “good effort” and “next time”, and he gave out these really nice medals, the kind you get after a youth soccer season. Besides that the food was great Michael Bradley was making burgers, to bad they were all burnt up and tasted like S#%t though, good times….. good times.

  18. The key here is not to get cocky.

    Jamaica will be happy to hand over possession to us and lull us into an over confidence in their final third, while we’re pushing guys forward, in which case they’ll break with speed and Boca or Goodson are not good one on one vs. speed. I sense cards for our back four.

  19. That’s alright. Bob is a Mickey Mouse coach who prefers to pat his players on the back for “good effort” and “next time”.

    I’m sure win or lose this tournament, he’ll be buying them trophies to handout during their picnic.

  20. I will be at RFK, watching Jamaica live for the first time. None of the Jamaican players scare me like Omar Cummings or Ricardo Fuller would if healthy, but their team spirit does. A hot team (Jamaica) has a great chance in a tournament against a better opponent who is in a rut (USA).

  21. Your an idiot, lichaj cant stop anything he got lit up last night and if the Gwada boys were better finishers if would’ve been ugly.

  22. He’s a solid MLS player, but lets be honest, he doesn’t burn every defense in MLS every game. Licaj has the speed to handle him.

  23. Bettors have better odds for Panama than Jamaica. I think that the US goes through to the finals and gets beat by Mexico. They are in a zone right now and we are tight and struggling. but this could change if somehow we get into a flow and get some breaks.

  24. Yeah, I’ve watched two of the Jamaican games too and that what I’m afraid of. Specifically I keep thinking of the centerbacks. I hope they pull it off but the speed of Jamaica worries me.

  25. That late Panama goal put serious $$$ into the pockets of the Gold Cup with ES advancing and playing at RFK. That place will be packed.

  26. As bad as the US has played, if they can control Jamaica’s speed, you’ve got to like their odds of getting to the final. Don’t see them losing twice to Panama in the same tournament (!!) or to El Salvador.

    Can build some solid confidence before getting waxed by El Tri in Azteca West.


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