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Is Mike Magee the best GK in MLS?

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Okay, it wasn't a serious question, but we just had to acknowledge Mike Magee's stunning turn as the Los Angeles Galaxy's emergency goalkeeper after a Donovan Ricketts injury and Josh Saunders red card left the Galaxy without a netminder.

Magee had no problem stepping up and volunteering for the job despite never having been a goalkeeper before, and all he did was make four saves and post a shutout to help the Galaxy win a game despite being a man down against the San Jose Earthquakes.

In case you missed Magee's performance, here are the highlights.

What did you think of Magee's impromptu performance in goal for the Galaxy? Did you think the referee blew the call on Saunders' red card? What MLS field player would you like to see in goal?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. * I know there’s a third keeper on the roster in Brian Perk, but after Magee’s performance maybe he’ll get to watch after the net for 90 minutes. ;] Would like to see Perk play though, haven’t seen him play before.

  2. With Ricketts out for 6 weeks and Saunders suspended on a red card, is Magee going to be the Galaxy keeper for their next game, as well? What a mess… but good on Magee for the awesome performance!

  3. thank you for saying this. Headbutting a player is a red card. The ball was under control in the keepers arms. This was headbutting the player. Straight red for both would have been correct.

  4. I don’t know about the best GK in the MLS…but her sure was funny in the Hangover 2! Oh wait, that was Bradley Cooper, who looks EXACTLY like Mike Magee…check it out…

  5. Anyone heard an official word on Ricketts’ arm? The announcer ASSUMED it was broken, but I’ve yet to hear an official injury report.

    Fingers crossed for our Buffalo Soldier.

  6. I always loved watching Magee play for the Metrostars. He was not necessarily the best guy on the field, but he seemed to enjoy playing so much. It always looked like he was just a kid having fun. (I think he started pro at 18, so I guess he really was a kid.) His excitement and joy when he scored where just out there for everyone to see.

  7. Never played goal before? Wasn’t he the stand-in when Bruce Arena pulled that silly switch to abuse the “3+1” substitution rule as coach of the Metrostars? Or was that Eddie Gaven?

  8. Even if Lenhart got his deserved yellow in the game, I still hope MLS steps up and suspends him one match for that mickey mouse crap.

    No way the league can condone bs play like Lenhart pulled there. I say step up and suspend him one match for unsporting behavior — regardless on the in-game yellow.


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