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Livestrong Sporting Park set to open tonight

Livestrong Sporting Park (Getty) 

Livestrong Sporting Park, the newest soccer stadium in Major League Soccer, makes its debut tonight when Sporting Kansas City plays host to the Chicago Fire.

The $200 million facility is already receiving rave reviews and is being called, by some, as the best stadium in MLS.

Here is a look at Sporting Kansas City's new home:



What do you think of Livestrong Sporting Park? Planning to visit? Think it's the best stadium in the league?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Congrats to KC fans on getting your own SSS! I know HDC can hold more people, but I think this looks much nicer both inside and outside.

  2. What’s with everyone hating on the guy in the video? The dude is excited. S%*t I would be too if I was a SKC fan or a SKC employee.

    Would you rather him say “Hmmm…new stadium…ho hum…green grass…nice seats…”?

  3. Something I hadn’t realized until recently, but apparently they can open up an additional 1.5k “Standing Room Only” tickets. So I suppose the theoretical capacity is 20k, but probably only in special circumstances.

  4. There are a few, but mostly because they have a history with the name “Wizards” and, while most would agree it isn’t the best name in the world, it is the one they grew to love and is the one that we won our silverware with. In addition, the ones who do prefer “Wizards” also tend to really not like “Sporting Kansas City” as well.

    Really, we will still call ourselves the “Wizards” but it won’t be our club’s name. I think it’s win-win b/c those who want to hold onto the past can, those who hate “Wizards” can and the team can separate themselves from a troublesome name and brand.

  5. The “best” doesn’t matter. The important thing is we are seeing stadiums with a bit of character being built or renovated now just for the sport of soccer.

  6. Getting ready to head out there here in about two hours for a 9:00 kickoff. There is so much to do around the stadium as well! I will be sitting three rows below the I all season long. The video tour does not do justice, the stadium is sooooo much more. Tonight will be amazing and so will Tuesday night! After a season ticket holder for 7 years this next week will make the past all worth it!

  7. I have not been to see Portland’s new stadium either, but you see we have this handy thing called the internet with pictures and video. So, my opinion is that Red Bull Arena is still better. You’re welcome.

  8. Your “pitch” is garbage, clearly some of the worst turf around. Your team is soft and is underachieving. You need a miracle last second goal to beat KC, at home. You’ve lost twice at home. You couldn’t even beat Timbers at home. At least Timbers have a good reason for their mediocre play so far, being in their expansion year.

  9. Z,

    I take it you haven’t been to Jeld-Wen yet and have only seen on it while sitting on your butt watching TV.

    Yeah, MLS is soooo well established and popular that who wants a downtown stadium that sells out and has thousands of passionate supporters that create a great atmosphere. No, I guess MLS is too cool for that. IMO MLS should’ve paid Portland to come into the league, not the other way around.

    As for the field, don’t be a D Bag. It meets FIFA guidelines and is the same size pitch that Stoke uses in the EPL. Ajax didn’t complain about the pitch and seemed to have no problems with it. The turf has the highest rating FIFA can give.

    So go f$%* yourself and your pathetic jealousy. It’s whiny excuse makers like you holding American soccer back. And if you’ve really got a problem come on down to our stadium, go to the North End, and say it to somebody in person.

  10. Very nice stadium with a lot of technological advances but I don’t like the capacity. Under 20,000? and they’re having a Gold Cup game there? They should of added a second level.

  11. Oh, have you been there?

    If not, you have no right to have an opinion. Just as I don’t, because I haven’t been to either.

  12. By the “biggest stadium for MLS,” I assume he means the field.

    The stadium is a bit small, but it looks like a real gem. Plus, I’m betting they’ll have the best BBQ in the league.

    Is it expandable, at all? I’m hoping, in 20 years, that teams will be able to do 20k easy. The Union are already making plans to add to PPL Park….

  13. Congratulations, but please refrain from putting your business out on the internet, you never know waht kind of psycho is out trying to get someone.

  14. ????

    By which you mean….?

    The DC gov’t?

    The Baltimore gov’t?


    Who, exactly, are they fighting? As far as I can tell, they’re not “fighting” anyone. They’re desperately trying to get cooperation and financial considerations.


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