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Manchester United to host New York Cosmos for Scholes testimonial match

ManULogo   Cosmos

To honor longtime great and recently retired Paul Scholes, Manchester United has scheduled a testimonial match for Aug. 5 at Old Trafford against the New York Cosmos.

That's right. The Cosmos team that has no senior roster and no league affiliation but has managed to make waves worldwide with its aggressive PR moves and star-studded front office.

According to the Manchester United club website, former United star and current Cosmos director of soccer Eric Cantona will coach the visiting side, which hasn't played a match in more than 25 years. Cantona and honorary club president Pele will invite star players from around the world to suit up for the match.

What do you think of the Cosmos getting the invite for the game? Whom do you hope to see play for the Cosmos?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. No Josh, the money traditionally goes to the player, and depending on the country it’s tax-free. Only recently have players been donating it to charities, but it is at their discretion and not a requirement.

    Testimonials started out as a tribute to players that logged 10+ years at a single club, and historically players were not paid high wages, thus the proceeds from the match were given to them as a “thank you for your service” gesture. And your figure of $100K is grossly off base – Old Trafford is sold out for this match, with nearly 76K seats, the total purse could reach $3.8M if tickets are $50 each but that’s a conservative estimate…. more likely the average price is twice that.

    Maybe Scholes will donate a portion or all of it to charity, but the point is that it’s a sold out affair even with the opponent being a club with no first team – but it’s the name of the club that spectators are going to find so enticing.

  2. To say there would be NO correlation is almost as bad as claiming their is a significant or major correlation between the two items without looking at the data.

    Past research into these types of conditions have shown there is some correlation between general soccer fans and attendance at MLS matches.

    It is interesting to note that one of the factors driving more recent MLS success has been a recognition to market to the huge pool of existing soccer fans in the US rather than the general sports fan.

  3. If you had seen Once in a Lifetime you would know that Bugs Bunny was the Cosmos mascot, so that’s actually not a dumb idea.

  4. In Xanadu did Cantona
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  5. The truth does some times hurt, Tractor. The detractors on this board know more than the Cosmos, Pele, Eric Cantona, Sir Alex Ferguson, and the Manchester United administration, etc. about putting together testimonials and friendlies…riiiight, OK. I stand corrected then. I’m the arrogant one.

  6. Did someone say Xanadu?

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  7. And I’m betting Nike would never allow Xavi and Iniesta to suit up in an Umbro jersey while they are still playing for Barca.

  8. euro snobs are just as annoying as mls snobs = jealous red bull fans… the RB are playing arsenal already go mind your own club.. VIVA THE MOES’

  9. Excuse me, but a real MLS team, NYRB, will play in a real tournament, Emirates Cup, against real European teams, Arsenal and PSG, before this farce.

  10. If it’s going to be several years before they’re ready to enter MLS, why not enter a team into the lower divisions and then “promote” them to MLS like the last several expansion teams?

    This whole “showing the world they’re back” idea is silly. After this testimonial match, they will go right back to not actually having a team.

  11. Actually the money goes to the player to give to the charity of their choice.

    It’s not an end of career bonus. They’re millionaires…. $100,000 or so isn’t going to get their undies in a twist : )

  12. It is easy. I pick the club for people who’ve supported the NYC-area team through the years. Metro/RB.
    Oh, and the Real Cosmos played in NJ.
    This farce isn’t even going to result in anything haha

  13. Their team is their youth. What do you want them to do, have salaried professionals who sit around for the next 2-3 years?

    People are resoundingly ignorant today. “Boo Cosmos, they don’t have a team, what are they doing??”

    They’re building brand recognition and showing the world they’re back by bringing together legends to play for their colors, building connections, and showing off to the Don.

  14. Roberto Baggio. Jay-Jay Okocha. I don’t care how old those guys are. They’re ballers, and they can play forever, as far as I’m concerned.

  15. Exactly. People who are calling this move a joke are looking at this situation from the wrong perspective. What better way to help this future franchise re-introduce their brand to the world than a testimonial match for one of the most well known players on the most well known team in the world?

    Honestly, if I were starting a team I would be operating in a similar manner. They have so much star power and influence in their organization not to mention their academy teams are extremely well run and will produce top level talent for the team and the league as a whole.

  16. Having a youth team or two doesn’t mean you have your ducks in a row. Having Eric Cantona in your front office doesn’t mean it’s competent – actually, it suggests the opposite. Throwing money into PR just means you have money. But they don’t have a stadium. They don’t have a TEAM. All this other stuff is just noise. Give me a call once they actually have something tangible.

  17. they could play at Montclair state and maybe in years and years from now build a stadium where IZOD or Xanadu once stood.

  18. Calling in stars for a testimonial match and attracting them to play for you in MLS are two completely different things. Like, worlds apart. If the Cosmos think it’s going to be this easy to get into and succeed in MLS, they’re in for a huge surprise.

  19. It was also two national teams with large immigrant populations in the area. It has zero bearing on how a MLS team in the area would fare. This isn’t to say that the Cosmos, if that is the name NY 2 goes by and if NY 2 happens, won’t be successful. You simply can’t say that it will be based on those figures because there is no correlation.

  20. Cosmos question:

    Where do they plan on building a stadium?

    If they are actually in NY and far enough away from RB stadium I am all for it, but the odds of a soccer team affording to build a stadium inside NYC seem pretty low to me.

    Anyone know?

  21. The Cosmos just showed the world how strong their connections are. How can MLS ignore?

    When they field the team (this specific non-MLS testimonial game team), and it will have stars, you’ll see what power the club actually has.


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