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Mexico make big jump, USA slip two spots in latest FIFA World Rankings

Giovani Dos Santos (

The Mexican national team received a major boost in the latest FIFA World Rankings, moving up 11 spots to No. 9 in the world on the strength of its Gold Cup triumph last week.

The United States slipped two places to 24th, behind the likes of Montenegro and Turkey, which both moved passed the Americans in the most recent rankings, released today.

The biggest beneficiary from the Gold Cup was Jamaica, which skyrocketed 17 places to 38th overall. Panama also enjoyed a steep jump, climbing 15 places to No. 52.

Spain and the Netherlands remained the top two teams in the world rankings, with Brazil slipping to fifth.

What do you think of the latest FIFA rankings? Think Mexico deserves to be a Top Ten team? Think 24th is a fair ranking for the USA?

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  1. Let’s face it guys, right now Mexico is riding high on the horse, and deservedly so. They won convincingly in the Gold Cup final, and have very talented players at several positions. However, I think the U.S. MNT will rebound. They’re just having to eat a little “humble pie” right now.

    I do agree with others that it’s probably time for a coaching change. I don’t think Klinsmann will happen…too many roadblocks there with youth development control.

    People that could be considered in the mix:

    1. Peter Nowak; I hope this doesn’t happen. He’s a former Bradley assistant and U.S. U-23 head coach. I doubt he will infuse any fresh ideas or approaches.
    2. Jason Kreis; Great track record and tends to get the most out of less.
    3. Bielsa; Kind of a long shot as I see it, but a very proven track record at the international level with Argentina and Chile.
    4. Jurgen Klinsmann; I put him in because his name will surely come up. However, I doubt talks with the USSF will go far with him.

    One thing I will say about Klinsmann. People have been saying his track record is not that great because of his unsuccessful stent at Bayern. I would offer that coaching at the club level versus the international level are two ENTIRELY different things. His stent with the German national team in 2006 was very successful, and I don’t believe that was solely due to the presence of Joachim Low.

  2. You forgot the U.S. players that play for Everton, Hannover 96, Blackburn, and Bolton.

    You can be assured Adu will not be playing for Rizespor next season. I will also bet money we see Donovan sold in this summer’s transfer window to an EPL or Serie A team.

  3. I think this is fairly accurate. We were up 2-0, and Adu had nearly put us up 3-0 when Dolo went out. The ENTIRE dynamic of that game changed when Bornstein came in. I’m still simply sick that Bradley brought him in…what a huge coaching blunder

  4. Anyone who thinks that no one could do better than Bob Bradley with our player pool needs to get another sport to follow. One that you know something about. Our player pool is not in the top ten but it is a hell of a lot better thant 24th.The men’s national team is in tatters, disarray and sinking every day Coach Bradley stays. To Ives, Fox, Espn, former high profile national member I will never forget you for burying your heads in the sand , pretending not to understand train wreck that is going on and at least seriously debating whether or not coach Bradley is the best way forward.. Cowardice is the virtue of a knave.

  5. Mexico’s best players play for: Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham, Barcelona, Celtic, PSV, West Ham and Fullham.

    The US’ best players play for: LA Galaxy, Fullham, and Monchengladbach, and 2nd division in Turkey Caykur Rizespor.

    Enough said. Mexico’s rankings are accurate

  6. They’ve advanced past the group stage in ever World Cup since 86 (90 they were suspended).

    -1986 Home field advantage 1st in group, advanced
    -1994 ADVANCED, group of Italy, Ireland, Norway
    -1998 ADVANCED, group of Holland, South Korea, and Belgium
    -2002 ADVANCED, group of Italy, Croatia, Ecuador
    -2006 ADVANCED, group of Portugal, Iran, Angola
    -2010 ADVANCED, group of France, Uruguay, South Africa (1st x a host nation didnt’ advance)

    So tell me again how the sky is falling. Keep hating. If anything Chicharito, Gio, Vela Guardado and Barrera will lead them.

    Defense. Moreno, Maza, Salcido, Juarez, and Torres Nilo, and Ochoa in keep looks very good.

  7. You have some kind of bias that is unreasonable. Mexico features one of the best strikers in the world, Javier Hernandez.

    They played Spain recently pretty well, they play Argentina and Brazil tough. They played Italy, Holland in World Cups and friendlies, no problem.

    It’s not like they had Algeria and England in their group, Mexico beat France, and played Uruguay tough.

    No question they can hang with any team on any given day. So what’s the problem again. Line them up.

  8. The rankings are about right. FIFA’s arcane system is just sluggish in catching up with the much better ELO ranking, which already had Mexico considerably higher than the US before the GC and now just looks all the more vindicated. Their updates after the final show Mexico at 7th and the US at 28th.

  9. Actually, England’s not exactly done real well in qualifying for Euro 2012. Right now they’re tied with Montenegro for first in their group, which also contains wonder-teams Bulgaria, Switzerland and Wales. They drew with Montenegro at home.

    Makes it all the more puzzling, really.

  10. Sounds about right, honestly. The US form has been dreadful since the World Cup.

    Now, do I think that’s the team’s true talent level, no– but rankings are based on results, not on guesses as to true talent level.

  11. The USA could have won if they were coached better. Oh, well, as fans we don’t have control over these things.

    Meanwhile, I’m sure all the Mexicans celebrated by firing their illegal assault rifles into the air, if they belong to a drug cartel and aren’t just the victims of a drug cartel being mercilessly murdered by beheading.

  12. They have a U-22 squad going to Copa so those results will not matter. I don’t think anyone from the Gold Cup roster is headed to the Copa American tournament.

  13. that is comical. Mexico deserves to move up A BIT but going up 19 places to #9 is just not in the realm of realism. NO TEAM in CONCACAF deserves to be in the top 15 at the moment. Mexico at #17/18 I could buy. The US is where they belong. We’ve had a lot of poor results ever since the WC. On that note, Bradley must go. There is no reason to ever put Bornstein on the pitch ever. Much less pick him for the team.
    This team needs a youth infusion and needs to let Wilmer Cabrerra take the reigns.

  14. Mexico jumping up is understandable but I still am apprehensive about top 10. The rankings really are off since England is #4 and NORWAY is number #11?!?!?!

  15. Its all mathematical. So quit b****ing and try to understand why things are they way they are.

    Why did the South American teams drop? Because Copa 2007 was played in June and Copa 2011 will be played in July. So this month, Copa 2007 dropped out and Copa 2011 has yet to start. All the big CONMEBOL teams will be back where they should be next month.

    Why is England so high? They win their qualifiers and qualifiers are worth a lot of points. Is it the greatest formula? No, but its the way it is.

    Why did Italy gain points? Because the group stage from last years world cup (in which Italy sucked) lost half its value because its now more than a year ago and it brought their average up.

  16. I hate to say this, but with the emergence of both Panama and Jamaica, we might be hard pressed to even make World Cup 2014.

  17. I wont hold my breath counting gooch’s minutes of playing time for Lisbon. Did you see how comfortable he was on the ball in the Spain game? BB did not even give him a 5 minute cameo in the entire gold cup run… He is done.


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