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Mexico makes roster replacements


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As Mexico prepares for its Gold Cup semifinal game against Honduras, it has reinforcements in tow.

Coach Jose Manuel de la Torre has called upon defenders Paul Aguilar (pictured above), Hector Reynoso and Hiram Mier to take the place of their suspended teammates for the remainder of the Gold Cup.

Mexico U-22 goalkeeper Luis Mitchel and attacker Marco Fabian, part of the team that Mexico is sending to Copa America, are in Colombia with the U-22s but are on-call should they be needed for the Gold Cup.

Aguilar, a right back, is the most experienced of the trio joining the team immediately, as he was on Mexico's roster for last summer's World Cup. Mier and Reynoso, both centerbacks with little to no senior international experience, will provide more depth to a defensive unit that lacked backups at each position after the suspensions.

FIFA and CONCACAF gave Mexico the green light to replace Guillermo Ochoa, Francisco Rodriguez, Edgar Duenas, Sinha and Christian Bermudez after they followed a positive test for banned substance clenbuterol with a negative test a few weeks later.

Their cases are still under investigation, but Mexico was permitted to replace them for the remainder of the tournament.

What do you think about the replacements? Do you see any playing a vital role for El Tri?

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  1. They are allowed to supplement the U-22 team that is playing Copa America with five players over that age. Michel (no T) is one of them.

  2. As a Mexican I absolutely agree with you. C’mon the mighty U.S. and Mexico receiving crumbs from scums like Jack Warner???

    What the heck???

  3. And let me guess, Mexico is disliked by you also right?

    The swine flu epidemic? Mexico was also one of the few countries in the world to take matters into it’s hands and quarentine, wear masks etc.

    Your argument about Compean not being succesful is a utter contradiction in terms. So he wasn’t successful but still Mexico got participation in all three tournaments? what are you smoking?

    Mexico doesn’t need ANYONE and least of all the biggest mafiosi of all Julio Grondona!

    Of course Mexico is forced to take a weaker squad to Copa America. They often steal the show! They’ve participated seven times. Have two second places, one third place and two semifinals. Not bad for a guest huh???

  4. These players will only help them for practice; they won’t see the pitch unless we see 8 injuries or so for Mexico.

    As far as CONCACAF influence, it is true that Caribbean nations have too much influence. IMO US and Mexico should try to head for CONMEBOL. Those two countries gain nothing from this trash of a region. The competitions are a joke. If you want to be forced to really get better and invest better…go to CONMEBOL. Miss a world cup. See what happens then.

  5. Who is talking about South America? Mexico has a lot more influence in South America because of television and sponsors. They got backing from Spanish bank Santander to force the South American federation to give very favorable terms to the Mexican teams after the Swine Flu epidemic. In concacaf however it is another story. Justino Compean came out of the CONCACAF 2010 meetings talking about the successful negotiations when the result was that they almost lost participation in all 3 tournaments. They lost 1 and they have to send the olympic team to Copa America not by their choice. They should be trying to drive policy but they are not able to. Carribean teams have more control. Mexico is also disliked by Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. U.S. issues are of a different sort.

  6. You have NO IDEA!!!!


    MUCHO DINERO!!!!!!

    The South American tournaments are subsidized by Mexico fool!

    Nothing gets done without Mexico comprende!

  7. Yeah imagine other countries that don’t even bother doing the test like the central Americans or carribeans. And maybe the U.S.

  8. There are federations in concacaf that don’t do doping test. And yes even in the U.S. Imagine the central and caribeans teams who probably don’t even do the test.

  9. If they have been caught by FIFA/Concacaf instead of the Mexican Federation themselves they would have definitely been suspended and not allowed to come back. The fact that the Mexican federation did their own testing and suspended their own players gives them some credibility in the eyes of FIFA (regardless of what really happened). Mexico has no real influence in Concacaf. They had been individually joining south american tournaments but CONCACAF forced them to abandon Copa Sudamericana, They almost lost Copa Libertadores and then were force to play Copa America with mostly under 22 players. The carribean nations have a lot of influence in CONCACAF

  10. And OF COURSE if the US was in the same situation they would be allowed to replace players.

    At least thank Mexico for setting the precedent!

  11. Explain to me in what way is it wrong?

    1.FEMEXFUT (Mexican Soccer Federation) tested the players independently, one of the very few Federations to do so!

    2. If US players do the same you would NEVER find out! Unless they pee in a cup after the game.

    3. FEMEXFUT decided to separate the players as a precautionary measure.

    4. FIFA and CONCACAF did not ban the players from anything!!! Although FIFA later suggested to keep the players away from competition until the situation gets sorted out.

    5. By all accounts, and especially given the amount of the substance in their system, it all comes down to contamination by food tainted with Clambuterol. Commonly used as an agent to fatten cattle in Mexico.

    6. Hiram Mier is the future of Mexico in CB, next to Moreno!!!

  12. I agree it should not have been allowed…then again Jack Warner got off the hook…so its per for the course…can we replace Jozy if he can’t play the next two games?

  13. ” the positive tests seems like a fluke accident as opposed to players consciously doping.”

    Alternately, the positive and negative tests were weeks apart, so it seems like they got caught, knew they got caught and consciously stopped doping.

    To-MAY-to. To-MAH-to.

  14. Everything that I’ve read and heard so far seems fair. Mexico took the appropriate actions and the positive tests seems like a fluke accident as opposed to players consciously doping.


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