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Mid-Day Ticker: de Gea close to United move, Gunners willing to sell Cesc & more

De Gea (Getty Images)


Manchester United are quickly going about the necessary transfer moves to retain the EPL title.

A week or so after securing up-and-coming English defender Phil Jones and days after Ashley Young's capture, the club has brought Atletico Madrid keeper David de Gea in for a medical at Old Trafford presumably before his signing.

Only 20 years old, de Gea has spent his entire career at Atletico, but the Premier League champs are having no problem attracting promising players to their squad, which was often the subject of "overaged" criticism.

In a deal believed to be around the £17 million mark, de Gea would become the third player to join the Red Devils, and there is no question that manager Alex Ferguson has effectively gone about snapping up his targets in an effort to inject youth with quality into his squad.

Here are some other stories to keep your Monday rolling along:


In one of the most on-going transfer rumors in recent memory, Arsenal is reportedly ready to let Barcelona prise its prime asset away from its clutches if the La Liga side meet the valuation.

When an Arsenal senior official was quizzed about the transfer of the Spaniard, he said he expected that Barcelona would make an improved offer this week, and if the price was right, Fabregas would be allowed to leave.

The La Liga champions made an initial offer for the player earlier in the month, but it was said to be rejected straight away.  The same Arsenal official said that the club realized his value was not as great this summer as it was last (around the £40-50 million mark), but that Barca would still have to pay up.

The La Liga giants have made their interest in Fabregas well known with several senior members of the squad calling for the acquisition of Fabregas, but Arsenal has always been unwilling to sell its captain.


Ivorian ace Gervinho has his heart set on joining Arsenal, according to his current club, Lille.  Since revealing that the player would be available for the right price, the Gunners have headed the line in landing Gervinho.

Lille chairman Michel Seydoux claims that the player himself has a personal interest in joining the Premier League side, but no official move has been made by either side in terms of a prospective transfer.

With possible exits from captain Cesc Fabregas potentially and Samir Nasri, Arsene Wenger could be be looking ahead to life without his stars as Gervinho is a similar player to Nasri.  

The chairman did say, however, that young prodigy Eden Hazard will not be moving anywhere this summer, even for "big money".


Is there ever a month when Carlos Tevez's status as a player is in question?

June was no exception, as speculation surrounding his Manchester City and International careers was rife.  

However, earlier this month Tevez committed himself to City, ended any rumor that he was on the brink of quitting the club.

And it seems that his International career was confirmed alive after manager Sergio Batista included the 27-year-old striker in his 23-man squad for the upcoming Copa America tournament.

Batista called in the big guns with Lionel Messi, Gonzalo Higuain and Sergio Aguero all included in the roster as well.


Do you think United are making the right moves in the transfer market?  Will Arsenal finally let Fabregas leave the club?  What would you think of Gervinho joining Arsenal if Nasri left?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Let Cesc go. Barca is where he wants to be and he couldn’t carry Arsenal anyway.

    Arsenal needs to do one thing…sign QUALITY!! No more no-name young, impatient contract chasers. They need experienced, quality players who won’t wilt under pressure in big games like Cesc and Nasri.

  2. The only reason I checked the comments was because I figured the comments would surround her. haha.

    Just as i was bout to give the soccer by ives crew props for posting the pic it looks like they changed it.

  3. i think that was every guy’s first thought on seeing the picture. I’m also guessing those guys holding up the blankets were intending to shield de Gea from the press, but also hoping de Gea and his grey-tights-wearing girlfriend would take advantage of the privacy.

  4. Those weren’t sheets. That was the Shroud of Turin. Man U were hoping that he was an indentical match for Jesus.

  5. First day in Manchester and already De Gea has a clean sheet.

    Epic fail in hiding the identity. Guy could have walked in in a hoodie with sunglasses without all the cloak and dagger nonsense.

  6. Funny, I saw the picture and immediately felt like a creeper wondering about that girl. 1st comment here is in regards to her. haha

  7. dunno, but i think its his sister. His girlfriend is a hot, tall blonde girl, and I’ve read a couple places he has a “london based sister” that will help him get settled/learn english etc.


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