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MLS discipline ticker: Davies fined for dive, Soler’s comments cost 10K and more

Davies (Getty Images)

Major League Soccer has fined D.C. United forward Charlie Davies $1,000 for his dive that earned a penalty in the waning minutes of United's 1-1 draw against Real Salt Lake last weekend.

"The MLS Disciplinary Committee ruled that Charlie Davies intentionally deceived the officials and gained an unfair advantage which directly impacted the match," MLS executive vice president Nelson Rodriguez said in a statement released by the league. "This type of behavior tarnishes the image of the League, is detrimental to the game and will not be tolerated.

"Moving forward, all instances of behavior that serves to deceive and that directly impact the game will be subject to severe discipline, including a fine, suspension or both."

Davies ran at RSL defender Chris Wingert and appeared to dive without being contacted in the penalty area. Referee Terry Vaughn awarded the penalty nonetheless, and Davies converted the ensuing spot kick to salvage a point for United.

In other MLS disciplinary news:


MLS fined the New York Red Bulls $10,000 for general manager Erik Soler's statement that publicly bashed the officiating crew from New York's 3-3 draw with the Portland Timbers.

"The statement released by Red Bull New York this week undermines our substantial efforts to continue improving all aspects of our competition," MLS commissioner Don Garber said in a league release.

Soler wrote on Monday:

"We have carefully reviewed the film of our match against Portland last night and I can safely say that the level of refereeing was absolutely below the standards of what is required for a MLS match and completely unacceptable.

"First, the red card given to Thierry Henry was inexplicable. There was no violent conduct on his part whatsoever and this decision was made by a linesman who was more than half a field away. Second, in any soccer game, there is no way that one team can draw 20 more fouls than the other team, especially in a match where one team drew just five fouls. I have never seen this occur in my 30 years in the game.

"We are aware that U.S. Soccer and MLS are working hard to improve the officiating in this country and we support those efforts wholeheartedly. However, if we want to continue increasing the level of play, we cannot let these types of refereeing performances occur. We look forward to speaking with the League to appeal Thierry’s automatic red card suspension and expect that it will be rescinded so that he is available for our match Thursday in Seattle."

Henry did not end up being eligible to play in Thursday night's match.


MLS fined the Los Angeles Galaxy $5,000 for violating the league's injury report rules. The league's disciplinary committee determined that the Galaxy purposefully left David Beckham's name off the injury report ahead of the club's game at Colorado despite knowing that he wouldn't play because of back spasms.


What do you think of the fines? What kind of a message do you think each one sends?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Well RSL is a team full of acting talents such as Espindola and Morales. Even being a DCU fan I can’t stand Davies’ recent addiction to flopping inside the 18, but the level of outrage from some fans at this when their own teams (not just RSL) have blatant divers seems a bit hypocritical to me.

  2. agree, but it’s gonna take some time for that aspect of the game to catch on with our Nations fanbase. I loved when we played like hardmen and jumped up after every rash challenge and only went down when something was broken…but that isnt going to win games. Lets be honest, it sucks when the other team does it, we bitch and moan and we look the other way when our best forward does the same thing. As a DCU fan, I don’t mind the fine, just as long as they stand by this trend with EVERY player in the league.

  3. Never happening. MLS does not have an appeal process for red cards unless the card was given to the wrong player (that happened earlier this season). If a red card is given, for anything, to the player who actually committed the offense, it cannot be appealed, regardless if the card was justified or not.

  4. Finally!

    I like DC9, hopefully he cuts it out.
    More importantly, MLS needs to do this EVERY TIME a player dives, not just once or twice.

  5. Concacaf and fifa have enough problems right now, don’t look for them to be handing out too many fines from their high horses any time soon.

  6. Training refs…lol.. I have been a ref. for 10 years and I can only say one thing with certainty..The ref.s that are promoted aren’t based on merit per se..but more on politics. and I have no desire to be a MLS referee.

  7. I think the publicity of being acknowledged by the league as a diver will help change this behavior. I hope at least.

  8. There is a world of difference between Jones and Davies. Jones ‘enhanced’ the contact to make sure it was visible. Davies has a history of inventing contact and flopping.

    One is just good play the other is shameful. The line between the two is razor thin but there is a line.

    Davies deserved the fine and he should stop with this nonsense. He is too good of a player when he is at his best to continue doing these theatrics.

  9. Really? I’ve just been railing on cheating but the scenario you describe is absolutely impossible. The game itself would have no integrity at all if results can be changed after the fact.

  10. When did everybody get together behind my back and decide to change the spelling of the word “lose” to “loose”?

  11. Thanks for nicely summing up two(of many) things that are wrong with our society… cheating is only wrong if you get caught and that it’s OK to do anything as long as it gets you ahead even at the expense of others.

    Should Davies be fined and should the NFL players that you cited be fined, hell yes.

  12. Good points, it’s similar to the henry’s handball vs Ireland ; don’t blame the player for doing everything to win blame the ref for not making the right call. Then again if refs were getting fines every week that would be one rough job!

  13. If the MLS really wants to stop the diving, keep the $1000.00 fine on Charlie, award all three points to RSL, and disallow the PK! If they did that once or twice maybe then both the players and refs would stop giving away easy PK calls???

  14. Maybe they could implement a % scale (i.e. 1% pay or something.) Charlie Davies makes a LOT more than $42K. That way fining him say $5000 wouldn’t set a back-breaking precedent for other players, who would be fined say $500 if they made near the league minimum.

  15. Should a NFL receiver get fined for faking a passing interference that brings the ball down to the 1 yard line for his team? Should a FG kicker get fined for embellishing a roughing the kicker call that brings the ball closer in for an easier field goal? Hell no. Because they are doing everything they can to try and help their team. It is up to the ref to make the right call. That is what Davies is trying to do and they are punishing him for it. It is lame.

    The decision to dive is made in the heat, flow and passion of that particular game. It is part of the drama. The player takes the risk of faking the dive. It is up to the ref to call it correctly. You shouldn’t discipline for that afterwards. That is the “water cooler” talk of soccer. If anyone should be fined it is Vaughn and his ref team.

  16. Hey Garber, instead of complaining about people undermining your attempts to fix the officiating, why don’t you tell Salazar to stop going on power trips?

  17. So did Soler’s comments also cost RBNY any chance of getting the red card appealed? Or was that never happening anyway?

  18. Look man, was it a dive…sure was, embarrassing.
    Have different replays shown a bit of contact…yup. I think the reaction by the Jamaican player is telling, he knew he touched him. If FIFA starts handing out suspensions then the whole Italian, Spain, Portugal and Argentina would teams would be next, since they embellishing every single little contact, FIFA is not going to open that can of worms.

  19. How about you use that 10K and invest it in training the refs!

    If everyone is complaining in the league then freaking FIX IT!!

  20. i thought jones dove too, but if you check out the vid ives posted in the live chat (wish i had the link) you do see a nick to jones. of coarse he dramatized it, but he did get clipped. plus, the dude’s a bowling ball, he was just hitting max speed. i can’t imagine i would take much in the way of physics to send him tumbling.

    davies fine: yes!!! i’ve been a dc fan since day one, but that was ridiculous… and embarrassing. good for the league. i think the fine is so low because it’s one of the first, if not the first. hopefully it will get steeper with each dive. this enforcement could really open some games up.

  21. Much harder to come down on a “dive” when there was at least some contact. They might have to bust out some physicists to recreate the effect of running full speed and having your heel knocked and see what happens.

  22. Can someone put together a MasterCard commerical for this: $1000 for diving, $5000 for abusing the injury report, $10000 for defaming MLS…[insert mickey mouse MLS joke here] priceless.

  23. I think $5k would’ve been more appropriate but I won’t complain because the league did make a move. Hopefully his next offense warrants a suspension.

  24. I applaud the Davies fine, but I wonder how much of an effect it will have. The blatantness of his dive was so rare and clear-cut that they had to do something, but a $1000 fine isn’t going to stop guys from going down when there actually is a whisker of contact.


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