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MNT in England: Marcus Hahnemann


  1. Ives- As a former Sounder does Seattle have any chance at landing him or will he go in to the National Team Pot or whatever you call it?

    It would be great to bring him back. Seattle down to Portland has to be the most bike friendly area in the nation.

    Funny how he is so country now. He grew up in Bellevue across the lake, where most of the Microsoft, Costco, Amazon, etc millionaires live. Maybe he got tired of all the flash.

    Plenty of rural areas near by. I see people saying he could have that anywhere. Seattle/Portland/Vancouver are the only places to match the terrible English weather.

  2. Geez…sorry Hahnemann doesn’t “pimp his ride”, play video games, or do whatever else you see on MTV.

    Kudos to him. Like he said, it’s away from everything (in other words the city), and a very nice way to live.

  3. Wolves dropped him. Never understood why. It was more the defense errors than his. Hope he can either picked up as a No2 by a promoted PL and fight to be no1 or simply join MLS next year

  4. same here. Was nice to see his home and how serious he takes biking. Shame it didn’t go into his obsession with heavy metal

  5. That lifestyle is a possibility should he be with virtually any MLS team. the only one I can think of is Red Bulls, though they practice at Montclair so you could live out west in NJ


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