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Must-See Goal: U-11 Scorpion Volley


  1. Hey K,

    Yeah, I’ll be over. Flight leaves early tomorrow morning though for training camp, it got moved up. Pick up your phone next time I’ve been calling your *ss all morning.

  2. Not trying to be a wet blanket here, but that wasn’t even close to a scorpion volley.

    I see people are going crazy over what Dempsey attempted to do, and everyone is trying to find something similar.

    Don’t get me wrong, it was a class flick on by the kid, but come on you might as well call it a bicycle kick considering the similarities between what he did and a scorpion kick.

  3. Did you notice the part of the headline that said U-11??? Or were you fixated on the must see part. Ya’ll are crazy if you don’t think that was (cgh cgh) impressive (hee hee).

  4. Not sure what you’re getting on the guy about since he is correct.

    What the boy did was nice, but it wasn’t a scorpion kick/volley.

    A scorpion kick requires you to jump forward, body parallel to the ground, and both legs up above your body to hit the ball. There are almost 0 similarities between the scorpion kick that Rene Higuita (the keeper from the Wembley match) invented and what this kid did.

    That being said, nice flick on.

  5. I didn’t catch the episode but I can imagine what you’re getting at and I disagree.

    Josh D is right. That was not a scorpion volley at all. Calling this a scorpion volley is no different than if I raised my leg really high, kicked a ball backward, and proceeded to label it a bicycle kick.

  6. That’s not a proper scorpion kick. Technically you should be off the ground as in a backwards bicycle kick. That’s more a flick. See Colombia’s keeper for a proper scorpion.

    Regardless, hardly “must-see” which is a term being associated with almost everything on this site now…


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