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Report: Onyewu close to deal with Sporting Lisbon

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Oguchi Onyewu's tenuous club situation may be close to getting settled.

According to a report from Portuguese outlet A Bola, Onyewu is close to signing a deal with Portuguese power Sporting Lisbon.

Onyewu was loaned to FC Twente this past season from AC Milan, but the Dutch club did not act on its option to buy Onyewu's contract outright. He is still under contract with Milan, but reports from Portugal suggest that Milan would let Onyewu go on a free transfer.

Sporting Lisbon finished third in the Portuguese Liga last season and will participate in the 2011-2012 UEFA Europa League.

What do you think of the potential move for Onyewu?

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  1. I hope Gooch does good. Having European Portuguese roots on my mom side and Afro Portuguese roots on my dad side I love it when new players get signed to Portuguese League teams. For the nats we need players in clubs in Portugal. I hope Gooch will start a list of Americans who are successful in Portugal. A lot of our guys are not successful in Portugal.

  2. Germany making it to the Semi’s in 06 was a huge accomplishment. The team was young and inexperienced and in “re-building mode”. The real knock on Klinsman is that it was Low who was the mastermind..

    However.. does Klinsman get Chandler on the roster? Does he figure out the back 4 quicker. Does Klinsman figure out his best 18 quicker than BB? I think answer is yes.

  3. My correlation with adu and bedoya was that neither would have had an opportunity w/o something unexpected happening… jozy, feilhaber, holden injuries coupled with their improved and consistent play. While many on his board rate bedoya, clearly he was not originally in BB’s top pecking order at mid.

    Imo sacha did not have a good tourney, so did not want to use him as an example. Although you are correct, pre gold cup, he played himself back in the picture.

  4. I’m not a B.Bradley fan. I think his personnel choices and rigidness is a hindrance. I will say that at the end of this Gold Cup I think we finally know our best 18. I just wish he knew it going into the Gold Cup.

    Same thing with the Confed Cup in 09 and WC last year. BB never knows his best 18 going in..

  5. it seems like every tournament we crash out because our team is too unexperienced or overwhelmed by an experienced veteran team like Mexico or Brazil.. vet players should be holding their spots better and younger players should be pushing for those spots… we shouldn’t have to just turn over the team to younger players because the current team isn’t what we are looking for.

    this move looks good to me.. hope Gooch takes some time to settle somewhere and focus on his club status.. we have plenty of time before qualifying gets going..

  6. For gooch 29 is old. He is dependent on his physical abilities. he doesnt read the game that well and is not good on the ball.

    we need to go with youth and let it develop instead of throwing out guys that really are physical specimens rather than soccer players on the international stage at least.

  7. The benches or the stands?

    In all truthfulness, he was getting minutes at Twente. Surely, he’ll get mins in Portugal.. Gooch’s summer USMNT team mins were a little bit of trial by fire as well.. in a position he hasnt played in months.. See Lichaj at RB for someone who can go from good to average with a sudden position change.. even if back to their natural position.

  8. I think you’re the one not understanding if you believe the leagues of Denmark and Belgium are on par with the one in Portugal.

    Just look at what clubs from each league achieve in European competitions these days and you’ll see for yourself.

    The Portuguese league is one of the better European leagues.

  9. SL is on par with Denmark & Belguim and not a “top club” so this would be amajor step down. To say Gooch is ahead of Goodson in any way is just not understanding the clear evidence showed with both club & country.

  10. Sorry that is just plain foolish. Senior national teams need veterans. Look at any good national side and you’ll see its led by a bunch of early 30s guys.

    Youth has to be blended in little by little into the mix.

    Perhaps you didn’t watch the GC, but not sure Ream and Agudelo (our youth movement as you say) were very convincing…

  11. Well if he was “rusty” as you say, or basically not fit for the GC, then it’s just more proof at BB’s incompetence over the past year.
    If you call a veteran like Gooch, you HAVE to play him. If you know he’s injured/not fit, etc.. then DON’T CALL HIM UP.

    Because truth be told, a fit healthy Gooch is a league above Ream, Goodson or any other CB in the US pool right now. The fact scouts from top Euro clubs are still looking at him with interest basically proves my point.

    So his non-play at the GC is just another reason why BB must leave his spot to someone else. He simply has been utterly lost since the end of the World Cup, and the US team’s results in the past 12 months illustrates that clearly.

  12. Actually since he’s always been slow, age won’t be much of an issue since his game is all about power, and Gooch is very fit. He’s probably the fittest guy in the US player pool.

  13. Gooch is good.

    I was shocked that BB didn’t use him during the GC. Really Ream should not have started the first 2 games, and Gooch should have seen some more PT.

    People are crazy to write him off, he’s our best CB. Why the hell bring him to the GC if it was to sit him all tourney? If you call up veterans, you have to play them or else don’t waste the spot and just give it to a younger player.

    The fact top European Clubs are still interested in Gooch proves that he’s far from done and I’m certain he could have helped us in the GC.

    He’s still better than Goodson, better than Ream, and a good complement to Boca in the middle.

    Another blunder by BB at the GC, adding to the list.

  14. I think that Kinsmann does not get enough credit for his coaching of Germany and Bayern. In WC 2006, Germany won its group, eliminated a very strong Argentina team and lost to the eventual champions, Italy, in the overtime. How many coaches that are in consideration for the USMNT took their teams to the WC semi-final? More importantly, Klinsmann has overhauled German youth development system and got German teams play attractive attacking style. He was sacked by Bayern when Bayern was 3 points off the first place with five games to go, i.e., they still had a chance to finish first. They also made it to the quaterfinals of the Champions league, where they lost to the eventual winner, Barcelona. In the last season, Bayern did worse under Van Gaal (who is a very good coach) in both Bundesliga and the Champions league.

  15. 29 year old who has has never been fleet of foot, injury(ies) appear to have slowed him further and lacking in confidence.

    29 years old in the real world is still a baby but in football and his player skill/body type, I have to disagree with you Tony.

    He’s on his cliche’ downward path of his career, unfortunately.

    Love him for his service and respect him for his passion but it’s time to move on. Father time insists.

  16. Talent takes the team to a higher level…the talent disparity between the US and Mexico was obvious. Our players just aren’t good enough right now.

  17. Agudelo first needs to break into the starting line up for Red Bulls before we can start talking about him making it at a top club in Europe.

  18. Cmon, let’s be serious. That’s a gorgeous, fairly new stadium that was built before the economic crash. I’m sure they are great seats.

  19. Striker, I believe, but he’s stuck in the same Traffic nightmare. He tried out for SJ last year, but nothing came of that — I don’t know if that was Traffic’s call or SJ’s.

  20. Carrico is the captain, I thought?

    Bold proposition; if Carrico remains the skipper then it’s more likely a battle between Gooch and the Peruvian guy, which hopefully Gooch can win.

  21. I don’t buy all this Klinsmann hype that everybody is still on.

    The guy had a very stale season at Bayern and was sacked before any sense of longevity was established (understandable as high expectations lead to this in the big leagues).

    In addition, he took an experienced, complete German National Team to 3rd place in WC2006, which is better than 29 other teams yes, but also is no better than they finished in 2002 (3rd place). Basically, his 2 biggest jobs have seen teams not get any better under him.

    I don’t know that the same can be said about a potential move with the Nats, as I feel that BB is not addressing our player pool as he should, but I am not really convinced by Klinsmann’s top-flight resume.

  22. I agree with you but I don’t think citing Bedoya in that clause makes sense. I don’t think anyone except BB thought Bedoya was out of the picture. Here we are talking about a player whose level of play and form are in question; Bedoya was simply a snub that almost any knowledgeable soccer fan or analyst saw as a horrible move.

  23. People keep calling him old. He’s 29 – that is not close to old for a center back. What he is is injuried. There is no assurance he will make it back to the level he reached in 2009, but you’d think USA fans would actually wish the guy well in stead of line up to trash him when a failry big club expresses interest.

  24. I’m ready to move on from a MNT perspective unless he actually gets better over the next season and beyond. He’s just slower now and seems less confident. Get the youths in there. In related but unrelated news I had a dream the other night that FIFA allowed switches for Hangeland, Subotic, and Rossi and they all took them. I have never been so sad to wake up in my life.

  25. Sounds like a good move for Gooch. If healthy, he should be able to get playing time at Lisbon and hopefully resurrect his USMNT career. We need him.

  26. Berlesconi (sp?) is a scumbag of a human being but I dont believe they would have taken him up on that offer.

    That said, when Gooch made that statement I cringed. It was the kiss of death on a number of levels and falled well short of conveying loyalty/honor and looked rather weak/feeble.

  27. What position does Kamani even play? I remember seeing him in our u-20’s playing ST, CB and even some Mid.

    Kid has size, if I recall correctly, hence the moving around?

  28. a word?









    Those are just a few “words” why. Hope to see the beast back in form though. You know Bob is just waiting to utter the words “Release the Kraken!” ala Clash of the Titans on an opposing national team.

  29. You need me, Gooch, if you want to further your international career.

    Make sure this isn’t a Milan 2.0 decision, my friend.

  30. Thank you for the voice of reason… anybody who knows about serious knee injuries knows it often takes 2 years to get back to comfort…

    He was awful against Spain but he was serviceable for Twente when IMHO he was still recovering…

    Gooch will start and play well and get back his old position… I would take Gooch over Ream any day right now…

  31. Sporting is also rumored to be interested in Andres Guardado. Would be interesting to see them play together. Also the papers in Portugal are actually reporting a three year deal.

  32. “Stale Bob”

    Hehe. “If bad football coaching is something you wish… Then check out this man who looks like a fish! StaleBob TrackPants!”

  33. B/c right now, Gooch is a shadow of what is was as a player. Poor on the ball, weak positioning, bad first touch, terrible distribution, easily exploited by quicker players and not playing confidently. In limited time with the NT in the past year he’s looked poor–which is why Ream, Goodson and Bocanegra are all ahead of him at centerback and Chad Marshall is nipping at his heels.

    When Gooch went to AC Milan, I really didn’t understand the excitement. I thought it was probably a terrible decision. I didn’t forsee the injury but basically what has happened is he’s gone about 2 years with no significant playing time. That’s a quick way to go from a NT player who’s a vital cog and a difference maker, maybe one of our 3-4 best field players to a guy who’s a liability and not even one of the 3-4 best players at his position. Gooch needs to get significant amounts of PT in a decent (not great) league.

  34. He will do a great job in Sporting… Domingos (Sporting Lisbon manager) is looking for a tall/strong CB, at the moment they only have Polga (32 yo Brazilian), Rodriguez (recent signing from Braga and Perunian International) and a 22 yo Carrico (product from Sporting academy), if you follow the Portuguese SuperLiga you will know that Sporting’s defense conceded most goals from crossings and corners, reason why they need people with good presence in the area, they don’t need a distributor or a fast player, they are looking for players like Gooch, he will get play time together with Rodriguez! Mark my words


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