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SBI MLS Team of the Month: FC Dallas

FCD (Getty Images)

When reigning MLS MVP David Ferreira went down with a broken ankle, 2010 Western Conference champion FC Dallas figured to struggle while finding a way to replace the catalyst for the team's attack.

Instead, the Red Stripes found their groove.

FC Dallas went 4-0-3 in the month of May to easily capture SBI's Team of the Month honors. Included in that seven-game stretch was a five-match shutout streak that reached 530 minutes before being snapped in Houston over the weekend.

The likes of Kevin Hartman, Brek Shea, Fabian Castillo, George John and Ugo Ihemelu all raised their games to help lift FC Dallas to second place in the Western Conference, seven points behind Los Angeles. Dallas, which beat L.A. to begin the month, has two games in hand.

Which team gets your vote for May's Team of the Month? Impressed with FCD's play in light of Ferreira's injury?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Hate to let facts get in the way but during the month of May Dallas and LA played the same number of games with almost the same results except for one thing. Dallas beat LA on May 1st. So Dallas is 4-0-3 and LA is 4-1-2 during the month.

    Now as far as missing key players. Dallas played all of these games without last years MLS MVP and as was pointed out to me earlier one with out Defender George John who is one of their key defenders.

  2. Let me think, Dallas has won some of their games, and tied a bunch, while Galaxy have won almost all of their last 5 games, usually missing a key player… why isn’t Galaxy team of the month?!

  3. Well George John was out of the game against Houston and the rookie 1st round pick was playing in his place therefore they did not have their starting center back combo playing and it defenitly showed in how their defense played.

  4. agree with Dallas but man the game against Houston was not very good. Not sure if it was just playing in Houston or the short time between games for both teams. Hopefully that is just one game and they get back to playing like they have for the rest of May.

  5. It’s tough to argue with Dallas.

    I think DC deserves an honorable mention however. A 2-0-2 record over their last 4 games is only topped by Dallas and tied by San Jose. It’s come against pretty good teams as well. Three of the four were at home which certainly makes things easier, but I still think it’s a good run from a young team with an inexperienced coach.

    I am a unrepentant homer, however, so maybe I’m just seeing things through rose colored glasses.

  6. Well deserved, and (as noted by Avi) very impressive given the injury to David Ferreira. Brek Shea in particular looked great when I saw him in Seattle — sparked the attack and distributed the ball well on the break, won a good number of headers, pressed in midfield all game, and took his goal very coolly. Now if only he’d get a haircut…


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