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SBI Stoppage Time: A Look Back at USA-Spain


  1. Ives is so much more relaxed in this video than in his appearances on the FOX CL Final telecast. Poor guy looked so stiff and nervous there. Wanted to tell him to lighten up and have some fun- it’s still just soccer! Oh, and Curt Menafee was awful and obviously knew nothing about soccer.

  2. As far as newcomers vs vets, like the ream v onyewu commentary, imthink agudelo starts before jozy. After what we’ve seen, i would love to see bedoya, lichaj, or spector (or shades of grey) on the wing and deuce pair with agudelo to at least motivate jozy a bit.

  3. Wow, i really really wish i hadn’t used the s word in a break through nats philosophy reply to this. I finger typed it on a cell phone for what seemed like an hour, but it doesn’t exist anywhere. Point was, bob is human, and is thus as corruptable, imperfect, and wrongheaded as all humans. Despitethat. Go usa!

  4. Sorry but Rogers was awful, no pass completion percentages from a single game will change the fact that he does not look like he has what it takes to play at the international level.

  5. There were no defensive breakdowns on the left side with Rogers in there. Spain was drilling holes in the right side. There was a severe breadown at CM, DM and CD resulting in all three goals.

    Rogers was not getting service from his CM and his Lb had his hands full. He did complete over 85% of his passes and was the only dangerous player in the first 45 minutes. He also put 2 of his 3 set pieces in dangerous places.

    Compare Bedoya second half. Even with a decent CM (Bradley) Bedoya fluffed his one chance with a bad touch.

    I put the blame in the first half on the spine players more than anyone else. Jones in particular.

  6. The elephant in the room?

    We once again allowed a goal in the first 10 minutes of the match. Luckily, for once in a blue moon, we were the beneficiaries of a legitimate goal being disallowed.

  7. Obviously, the timing of the game was poor because our focus needs to be on the Gold Cup, and there were illnesses, injuries, etc…

    However, I think there is a serious problem with Nat’l team player selection. It’s a clique that has little to do with current form, playing time, etc… Rogers is not even doing that well in MLS, but gets called in. Kljestian? Adu, 2nd division Turkey?! Altidore has done nothing forever on any team. I’m shocked we didn’t trot out Eddie Johnson. Jermain Jones has been terrible in his last several appearances.

    Coach Bradley just cannot pick teams. Under his reign, the US team consistently goes down a goal or two early because of his starting lineups and formations, then he adjusts and gets “praised” for being a good coach. It’s ridiculous. A good coach puts the right team and tactics out in the first place and calls in-form talent into camp.

    He and Gulati both must go.

  8. 1. To be honest, we certainly aren’t exceptional at full strength. 2. Without our starters we are much worse — the drop-off is precipitous. 3. Against great teams and without our starters we are dreadful. 4. Spain is the best team in the world. 5. The game didn’t count except for FIFA rankings. 6. Tuesday is everything.


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