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Sporting Kansas City vs. San Jose Earthquakes: Your Running Commentary

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It's Soccer Night in America, and Livestrong Sporting Park is on display yet again (8:30 p.m., Fox Soccer Channel).

Sporting Kansas City is coming off its most impressive outing of the season, routing FC Dallas, 4-1, over the weekend. SKC will try and win consecutive games for the first time all season, but in order to do so it'll have to break the San Jose Earthquakes' six-game unbeaten run (4-0-2).

Earthquakes forward Steven Lenhart has been on fire for the Earthquakes since Chris Wondolowski left for international duty, and he'll be called upon again to carry the load for San Jose.

If you will be watching tonight's MLS match, please feel free to share any thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. Enjoy the game.


  1. The goal was the kind of finish that only natural goal-scorers get. It requires a mix of acrobatics and coordination, touch and invention. He did the same kind of thing last week with an assist, where he sent an overcooked cross back into the box with the most ridiculous off-balance touch.

    This guy has skills that cannot be taught or even learned. He’s a natural and I’d love to ee him get on the end of some crosses for the USMNT.

  2. I dont know what game you guys are watch but this game has been pretty decent in quality. Not bad but decent. Especially for the quakes when Dawkins entered.

  3. I half to say that the game has picked up in quality. Pretty good soccer out there at times. Still don’t the aimless long balls by KC??

  4. YOu are right. KC keeps trying to play 4-3-3 on offense when they dont have the right players to play that style.

    They dont have fast wingers and they dont have good outside backs.

  5. The games been pretty good in quality given the playing styles of the two teams.

    I also agree Bravo is not the right DP for SKC, they need a crushing center-mid and some qualty defenders to get high in results out of this team.

  6. Yeah I hope they bring some good players because tha casual soccer fans will not keep attending if you they play High School soccer.

  7. Kc should have spent 150 million and 10 million on 2 dps that can play soccer. Its Funny that Bravo keeps making good runs and they just punt the ball up field.

    San Jose plays the long ball. So it makes this game a punishment to watch.

  8. These two teams are awful even by MLS standards. Its kinda hilarious. Long ball to a Mexican striker who thrived on balls played to his feet? Crosses that can’t even beat the first man? lol! Just hopeless.


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