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Tuesday Ticker: Gullit axed again, Aston Villa to interview McLeish and more

Gullit (Getty Images)

Ruud Gullit's managing stint in Chechnya ended the same way it did in Los Angeles — with him being shown the door after a brief time in charge.

Gullit was fired by Chechen club Terek Grozny on Tuesday, just five months after being hired as the club's manager.

He was given an ultimatum to win Tuesday's game by team management, but a last-minute goal doomed his team to a 1-0 loss and cost him his job. Gullit won just three of 13 games while at the helm, and Terek Grozny sits in 14th place out of 16 teams in the Russian Premier League. 

Here are a few more stories from around the soccer world:


The Aston Villa coaching search continues, and it appears that the next in line for an interview is Alex McLeish — formerly the coach of Villa's prime rival, Birmingham.

The decision to interview McLeish has been met with resistance from the club's supporters, so much so that Villa's Board of Directors released a statement detailing its reasoning for wanting to speak with the Scotsman.


Manchester City defender Jerome Boateng hopes to return to his native Germany to play for Bayern Munich after reportedly reaching a four-year deal with the club.

City has yet to agree to the transfer, which is holding up the move.

Boateng moved to City from Hamburg last year, but the move didn't unfold as he had hoped it would. He struggled to find regular playing time and did not get many minutes at his favored centerback position, where he claims he will play should the move to Bayern go through.


Ivory Coast international and Lille striker Gervinho will speak with Arsenal about a potential transfer this summer.

Gervinho, 24, was a big part of Lille's run to the Ligue 1 title, scoring 15 goals and accounting for 10 assists during the season.


What do you think is next for Gullit? Think Boateng is a good fit for Bayern Munich? Would you support your team if it went out and hired your rival's manager? Think McLeish would get the job done at Villa? How do you think Gervinho would fare at Arsenal?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Guzan will not be playing between the posts at Villa next season, even if he was at his best. Unless its a penalty shoot out, he has no chance.

  2. he took a risk, betting that jobs would open up, and knowin that AV was hiring. It seemed like it was pre-planned, but i think it was just coincidence

  3. Afford?? Read the article from a few weeks ago about how they had a game with all sorts of famous soccer legends playing, no doubt for ridiculous fees because why else would anyone go to Chechnya.
    If I’m remembering correctly, the Chechen strongman who owns the team Gullit was managing miraculously scored multiple goals against them!!

  4. i thought that mark hughes basically left fulham to take the aston villa job? sorry if i missed something here, but it seemed to me like it was basically going to be a shoo-in for hughes to villa.

  5. as they say on YouTube…click “like” if you didn’t even friggin’ know they HAD a pro league in Chechnya. At least not one that could afford Gullit as manager.

    Makes you wonder where THAT money comes from (I say stereotypically, without knowing anything about the place)

  6. They don’t understand… Michael Jordan…. Larry Bird….Isaih Thomas…. just cause you’re a great player doesn’t mean you’ll be a good coach/gm

  7. Ugh. As a Villa supporter, I’m not thrilled about the possible appointment of McLeish — not because he coached Birmingham, but because I don’t rate him as highly as some of the alternatives. We’ve gone from talk of Moyes and Ancelotti, to Hughes and Martinez, and now McClaren and McLeish? I feel like we should hire someone soon before people start talking about Iain Dowie or just promoting Gary McAllister.

    And here I was dreaming of Villas-Boas or even Klinsmann. I’d be thrilled with Moyes, happy with Hughes.

  8. Honestly flummoxed that nobody picked up Gervinho after the World Cup. One of the “no duh” most promising players along with Sanchez and Honda.

  9. If McCleish is hired, I sure hope Guzan does his best to impress him pronto. Get him a beer, some chips and a monthlong subscription of Axe

  10. O/T but does anyone know Howard’s contract with Everton? Is he expected to be their no.1 until he retires?

  11. If there was ever a movie based on the NT’s achievements at the Confederations Cup, who do you think would play Altidore or Dempsey or Michael Bradley or Howard or Donovan or even Bob Bradley?

  12. any news on whether EJ is heading back to MLS or Greece or perhaps even Scandinavia? He’s definitely not the same player he was 3-4years ago but he’s still worth more abroad than in MLS

  13. Gullit should try to get fired on every continent.

    Chechenya was getting too stable anyway, he should take his management skills to a truly wartorn and lawless region, like perhaps South Sudan or Somalia.


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