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USA vs. Guadeloupe: The Highlights



  1. You can choose to watch who you want, but if you make a grand public pronouncement, you leave yourself open to all manner of commentary. Sorry…

  2. what the hell is wrong with Landon? he looks uninterested. maybe he’s lost a step because he almost never runs at people any more.

    and Dempsey’s misses were inexcusable. he looks bored with the whole program.

    i’d like to blame Bob Bradley, but these guys are supposed to be two of our best players and should be leading by example. if they’re not going to show up, then we are certainly not going to make the Final.

  3. Yeah, that play made me swallow hard, but I believe the attacker was called offsides, so the foul happened during a dead play and Goodson was saved…

  4. I’m trying to point out that when you put the shirt on you should care how you play and what the outcome should be. You leave nothing behind, you give til you drop and when you score it’s for the name on the front and not on the back. I want to see high emotion, high! passion. I want the players to be as excited as the fans when they play and not like a bunch of zombies.

  5. Not really responding to wides:

    You know what makes me laugh, when people criticize Landon for not tearing up these less talented teams. Since when does Landon terrorize defenses? In case people forgot he is a right/left midfielder. He is a true number 10 and always looks to create for others, not for himself. If you can’t see all the good things that Landon does in the midfield then you truly are not watching carefully. He is a link to the strikers, but he also has to track back and play defense. He finds players that are open and almost never loses the ball. He does an exceptional job but never gets the credit because of a couple of mistakes. If Donovan scored a goal tonight everyone would be talking about how well he played. It’s not all about the goals for a midfielder, that’s a striker’s role… Yes, I am talking to you Wondo.

  6. Maybe, just maybe, they should work on scoring on an open net first. Then they can put a little time into their celebrations. 🙂
    (That was too easy)

  7. Are you guys serious ? You all complain about Jozy not scoring and Wondo is the MLS golden boot winner and cannot score on GUADELOPE. THAT IS WHERE ALL THE HATE IS COMING FROM.

  8. Wow… helluva strike by Jozy. At least there was one positive with that goal.

    It’s weird, Bradley’s been trying new formations and players but it’s just not working. I think it is time for a change, if only to light a fire in the players pants. It just seems like we’ve regressed and certain players know that they will have a spot no matter what happens.

    I love Deuce but I think he needs some of the Fulham treatment with the Nats… ie always having to prove to a new manager he has what it takes.

  9. Mikey,

    That’s certainly a possibility; however, Bob said that he wanted to bring Adu into the mix to see where he stands. He pretty much insinuated that he didn’t intend to play Adu. That’s what I was referring to. Now, if Freddy was lightening it up, he’d be playing.

  10. Very true. At the same time, at least the recently-concluded NBA Finals ought to put to rest the notion that US soccer would just improve if we had the best athletes. It turns out LeBron can’t finish, either.

  11. well, when you beat yourself up after missing a chance it can make start to play more and more nervous as the nerves rack up. I think most professionals try to “forget” or ignore the miss asap so they can continue playing confidently. That said, you could see the misses starting to shake Dempsey as just nothing would go in. He’ll rebound fine though.

  12. A couple of thoughts from last night’s game:

    Jozy is not a back-to-the-goal player. He needs to have the ball in front of him and run at people or into space. His first touch was not good when he first came out and it has not improved much in the four years since. At this point, I think Villarreal is ready to cut its loses and sell him because it is clear he is not made for La Liga style. The excuse that he is still young is not valid because there are other young players in the second division with better technique.

    On the other hand, I would love for the Yellow Submarine to make a move for Michael Bradley. His technique would improve so much more and he could learn from players like Marco Senna and Borja Valero. If Bradley could develop into a player like the latter one, we would have an incredible player in our national team.


  13. I am sick and tired of you know nothing hacks on here claiming that the Guadeloupe team we played was horrible and no better than an amateur under 20 from Seattle…

    If you people had a clue you would realize that most of the players from last night do indeed have decent professional contracts in France…

    GK Grandel… Played from Utrect and no in France 2nd Div

    DF Tacalfred… Plays in Ligue 2

    DF Zubar…Plays from Plymouth Argyle

    DF Ictoi… former Paris St Germaine youth player, several in French leagues

    DF Viator… former Ligue 2 player for several years

    MF Auvray…Ligue 2 much of his career, now MLS with Sporting KC

    MF Gamiette…current Ligue 2 player for Stade de Reims

    MF Loval…current Ligue 2, former Utrecht player in Eridivise

    F Socrier…current Ligue 2 player for Ajaccio

    F Fautrai…former Youth player @ Lille

    This is the game Guadeloupe team that lost in the Caribe Finals to Jamaica on penalties 1-1 (4-5)…

    If it makes you guys feel better to claim that they are all amateur to support your bitching and moaning about how awful we are under Bob… go ahead and continue to be uneducated about CONCACAF football… The fact is… we should have won the game 5-0 and on night where Clint has his shooting boots on, we would have done so… the game was NEVER IN DOUBT…

    Should we have thrashed them? Of course… Is it the end of the world? No…we still have all our goals in tact with the easiest route to the final…

  14. Good observation. Sadly I think we’ll once again have to see if the USMNT follows that good ol’ axiom…”It’s not how many times you fall down, but how many times you get back up.” I’d really love to just once have a good string of performances that we could build off of rather than pulling our socks up after a disappointment.

  15. Wondo = new Brian Ching?

    Anyone notice our strikers have stopped scoring since Ching stopped featuring for the MNT?

    Just trying to cause a little trouble here…

  16. First let’s get the good out of the way, we made past the group stages. But then everything else was bad. Just a very poor showing from the USMNT. The US needs to learn to finish opportunities. Also I think this should be the last tournament that Mr Bradley should coach. All players should know that anyone at anytime can’t get bench if they play bad including Dempsey, M. Bradley, Dempsey, etc.

  17. Who cares where Jozy puts his hand while the anthem plays? He stands respectfully and often sings along. He has a lot on his mind at that very moment. Did you notice that only MB, Boca and a few others were bothering to sing it last night? You’re knit picking our boys and playing the “I’m more patriotic than you” card that we see too often already in politics. Soccer should be an escape from that stuff IMO.

  18. We don’t have a leader out there with the confidence to dominate a team. We play like a u13 team. Most of this is coaching and discipline, but that doesn’t explain the awful finishing or does it?

  19. I agree 100%, but how do we explain Landon? He has been given ample rest by the Bruce this Galaxy season. He might still be ill, but he looks pretty awful. He did have a “few good kicks” as my mom said when I was in AYSO as an 8 yearold, but shouldn’t we expect him to dominate in a game like this? I am a fan, but he has played terrible for the last year (he has a couple good Galaxy goals this season though).

  20. Another American being a wise A**, I can choose to watch who I want, referencing the lord, you clearly are an example of why Christians are despised these days, always trying to judge someone.

  21. I havent had a vacation in two years either, but I’m pretty sure I could have scored on that tap in that he lazily allowed to be cleared.

  22. Seconded. Was shocked at his decision to take off Wondo and not Dempsey. Yes Dempsey enjoys playing, but you have to make that call Bob for the betterment of the team. If they’re tired now, it only gets worse from here on out.

  23. He played well but I like my strikers to score goals and didn’t look like scoring all game. It was either sky high shots or dimpy shots to the keeper’s hands.

  24. Fantastic striker. But there’s always a “but” – those two goals he scored were give-mes. The Canada one was a folly of the highest order and the Guad one caught the keeper by surprised and he didn’t even try.

    Now saying that…50% of every goal is luck and I’m happy for Jozy to be riding a high right now and hope he can turn that high into gold and that gold into playing time this season.


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