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USA vs. Mexico: The Pre-Game Tailgate

The big game is here.

The United States and Mexico, arch-rivals and regional powers, face off tonight in the CONCACAF Gold Cup Final at the Rose Bowl (9pm, Fox Soccer Channel).

Mexico enters riding a high-powered attack led by star striker Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez, while the United States is led by a strong veteran nucleus including Tim Howard, Clint Dempsey and Landon Donovan.

The rivalry has been dominated by Mexico overall, but the United States has enjoyed success over the past dozen years, boasting a 10-4-4 record in the past 18 meetings between the sides.

If you're looking for some reading on the game, here is my Fox Soccer column on tonight's match, and a look at the recent matches in the rivalry. Also, here is my breakdown of all the key match-ups in tonight's match.

SBI will be providing some pre-game coverage from here in Pasadena, so please feel free to make SBI your place for pre-game discussions.

Let's get it started:



  1. No, they’re distinct feeds. and best online depends on what you’re looking for. You want spanish, Univision. You want more neutral go Concacaf….(or go to the various sites to find a stream, I’ve got 1 going in English and watching the game live on Univision)

  2. I can see Adu drawing a lot of fouls too, which will disrupt El Tri’s game. Still say we win this 2:0…

  3. What’s the best online feed for the game? Is the CONCACAF feed the same as the one that will be on Univision?

  4. Wow, where you waiting for this game to let your emotions out?

    But it is funny when “cholos” call themselves “puro Mexicano”. They are just a sad combination of both cultures.

  5. What I like about Adu is his arrogance. His belief that he is the best on the ball and he can get past you with ease. That confidence keeps him from being taken out by the crowd and the moment.

  6. American fans at least have to give Bob Bradley credit for going for the win and not sitting in and hoping for a few counters. Without possession Agudelo would have just run around. Now we have 6 MIDFIELDERS on the field who, in the top four at least, can rotate positions with ease when we do counter attack. It may be just wishful thinking, but go USA!

  7. Yeah, I’m rejected, but Americans seem to be a bit nicer to me than uber-macho, Mexicanos who think they’re the baddest vatos on the block (at 5 foot 2 inches), who’s familia have been here for three generations, and of all things claim to be ‘puro Mexicano’ and call everyone else sell-outs, but end up only dating white girls with no asses.

    …and of all things booing the anthem of the only country they have ever lived in!!!!!

    Chicano is also a term for a socially conscious Mexican-American who embraces both aspects of their culture and not just one. So, I get the best of both worlds (menudo rojo and USA soccer). 🙂

  8. The attendance gap doesn’t bother me that much for the game itself, but it is sad to see the USA lift the trophy in an empty stadium.

  9. Bobbo is actually going with my lineup and formation from the “Who should the USA start” thread. He reads SBI, I’m sure of it.

  10. If Adu is ever to make it work with the National Team, this is the lineup. Adu in the hole behing Dempsey. Can the US really be trying to play possession ball and use the speed on the wings? This is going to be fun…we may not win…but it’ll be fun!

  11. Adu starting is far less controversial to me than Sasha Klejstan starting other games or Robbie Rogers being on the team. Adu has actually shown he can play well when given the chance. The others have proven the opposite.

  12. Just remember to chant ‘pollo’ back at their asses……I will be seriously pissed if they boo the national anthem. Seems like everyone is jumping on the Mexico bandwagon today and the funny thing is that the majority of Mexico fans are from the states. Yes, I understand cultural pride, but damn, don’t boo the anthem of the country that your parents, grandparents, etc. came to to give you a better life. The opportunities to drink crappy Bud Light, become a pocho, and oogle at white girls…..(brown man’s kryptonite).

  13. I don’t care if it’s 95-5. Those 95 limit themselves to Me-ji-co, Me-ji-co over and over. Timmy, Lichaj, Donovan, Dempsey and company can play through that 😉

  14. I think CONCACAF does a good job trying to make the tourney as neutral as possible for the other teams. That being said, Pasedena was always going to be like a Mexican home game.

  15. Come on USA!!!! Should be a good game, but I still wish we brought in Herculez over Rogers. At least we’d have another option up front if something went wrong rather than this waste of space that can’t even make the bench.

  16. Ives: Nice article. However, there’s a missing word in the third paragraph. I think it should be “this group of players” or something like that.

  17. Agreed, it would be too much to expect a majority to be US fans so we actually had home field advantage in our own country, but we should be able to manage 20-35%.

  18. Its same way here at my house. Just my wife, daughterand my self. Everybody else is for Mexico. Go USA all the way.

  19. Practically speaking, having the game at the Rose Bowl is pretty close to having the game south of the border. Most of the people living in that area, even American citizens, are Mexico fans. Shouldn’t expect anything else.

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