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USA vs. Panama: Match Night Commentary

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The U.S. men's national team looks to secure its place in the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup semifinals tonight with a win against Panama at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa (8pm, Fox Soccer Channel).

The Americans opened their tournament with a 2-0 win vs. Canada, but face a Panama side with a stronger attack and familiarity with the United States, having lost to the USA in each of the past three Gold Cups.

Here is my Fox Soccer preview on tonight's match, as well as a look at match-ups to watch tonight.

SBI will be providing commentary on tonight's match so please feel free to follow along. As always, you are welcome to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Tonight's commentary is after the jump):



  1. im torn between the US beating Guadeloupe and getting smashed by jamaica or losing and FINALLY firing the blight that is bob bradley. we dont need a coach. we need a freaking manager. bradley aint that.

  2. true, but it did change the game. I like Jones better than I used to, but I don’t see him as a player for this team who believes we can make a comeback. I’d love to be wrong

  3. I don’t remember the last time I have been so upset with a US team performance. Our defensive line is ball watching and losing physical battles. Most of the offense went through the middle. The few times we utilized the flanks, we scored and we created sufficient opportunities to at least tie, if not win, the game. But we did preciously little of that. And I got to wonder if that a coaching problem.

    I am also surprised by the amount of times our players were going down easily at the slightest touch, essentially begging for a foul / penalty. If Bedoya stays on his feet, we may have a score.

  4. yes, and a couple of others share the mantle, a good thing. how about that set piece service tonight? not Landon’s fault we lost; look to the central defense for many answers to that one

  5. Im 100% over bob. We seemed to forget how to play against a team that bunkers down and counter attacks…as useful as playing spain would be before the confederations or world cup, it makes very little sense to play world class talent when you are going up against minnows. We needed to play teams that put us in positions that we would face in concacaf during the gold cup, not what we would see next year. As the cuup comes closer then we should focus on teams who hold posession. We were uncomfortable all night in the dominant roll….I’m ashamed of our boys tonight.

  6. This team only gets going after they throw B Bradley’s game plan away and start playing on instinct. Looking at the body language of some of the players I think they are fed up with the way this team is being run. Klinsman was probably on the phone with his agent by the 15th minute. I’m rather depressed and angry right now.

  7. We have Howard, Dempsey, Jones, Bradley, Spector all in the EPL.
    We’ve got Dolo in Germany 1st division
    We’ve got Edu playing in the champions league
    We’ve got Gooch playing in Dutch First Division
    We’ve got Boca playing in 1st Division France
    We’ve got Jozy playing in 1st Division Turkey
    We’ve Goodson and Bedoya playing in Denmark and Sweden 1st Divisions
    We’ve got Landon who rocked it at Everton…
    We’ve got Sasha playing in Belgium’s first Division


    Our roster has an arguably better pedigree than Mexico’s

    NOBODY can seriously tell me we don’t have the players. It’s all on the coach at this point.

    There’s no way we should be outplayed by Panama.

    BB has clearly done his time. No matter the outcome of the tournament, it’s been an AWFUL play from USA since the WC. Just take a look at our record since the WC: wins vs. South Africa and Canada and that’s it.

    I mean seriously our starting defense changes at every game, and then we wonder why we suck at defense… We always allow early goals. No strategy all energy.

    I supported BB last cycle, but the USSF blundered by letting him get a second cycle.

  8. this was truly a terrible match for the USA. There is no, I repeat, NO reason for a loss against a team like Panama. The manager has to shoulder much of the blame for the lazy mentality of the players, as well as his hesitancy to make changes straight away after half time. Additionally, it seems as though (despite my opinion being that Dempsey is the best player for the USA) the mentality of the US attack lives and dies with Landon Donovan. He was invisible in the beginning. When he awoke, so to did the US team.

    This is an inexcusable loss and merits serious reflections. Ratings:

    GK HOWARD 5.5
    Helpless on the goals. Desperately pleaded and shouted at his defenders to no avail.

    Defended decently, but his service was poor throughout.

    Adequate defending, but lost his mark a number of times which made what should have been harmless crosses look dangerous.

    CB GOODSON 4.0
    Poor positioning and marking throughout, although covered better than Ream. His goal helped spark the US attack.

    CB REAM 2.5
    What was he doing? Pushed off too easily, conceded a silly penalty, marked terribly, and showed a shocking lack of resolve. With Onyewu off form, expect Bocanegra to slot in.

    CM BRADLEY 5.0
    Workman-like, as always, but seemed off pace with the quicker Panamian midfielders. Should have scored.

    CM JONES 4.5
    Tackled well, but lacked the precision in his passing that made him such a two-way threat at Schalke. Subbed off at half.

    RM DONOVAN 5.0
    Shockingly absent in the first half, and should have done better with his chance in the box to get it on frame. When will he realize that he needs to set the pace for the team?

    LM DEMPSEY 6.5
    The only consistent threat from the American side, Dempsey was unlucky not to score. Just one of those nights without a break for the Fulham man.

    F ALTIDORE 4.5
    Started sluggish as always, but seemed to wake up after the first Panamian goal. Showed flashes of skill, but always a move slow, a run behind, and a thought too short.

    F AGUDELO 4.0
    Aside from a few skillful runs to nowhere, he was anonymous. Like Altidore, must learn to hold the ball better. Let the Panamian defense into his head a bit.


    M BEDOYA 6.0
    Provided a good energy off the bench, but lacked the support to finish chances he helped create.

    Absolute rubbish finishing.

    M SASHA K 4.5
    Good energy and some timely interceptions.

  9. As much as it pains me to say it, Mexico is a wayyy better team than we are. They are going to win this Gold Cup. Until we fire Bradley and get some creative players in this lineup we won’t go anywhere.

  10. Everyone was bad. Aguedelo and Altidore weren’t especially bad considering the service in the first half. Altidore did some really good work in the second.

    Coach Bradley was the worst player of the game for his godawful scheme (lack thereof?) and inability to adjust to what Panama was doing.

  11. Wow. Congrats Panama. They looked like the physical team that walked in as the favorites and we looked like the scared floppers looking to snake our way into a victory.

  12. I’ve never said this before but FIRE BOB BRADLEY! This team he chose is a freaking disgrace to soccer. There’s no way we should lose to the likes of Panama, EVER! DISGRACE! So pissed off!

  13. Exactly. Tell me the ref decisions don’t make much difference. First time he makes a decision our way, and it generates not only the best chance we’d had, but a goal. So lopsided in calls up to that point.

  14. I’m over mr Bradley’s tenure, there is no way that we should be outplayed like that on home soil by another CONCACAF opponent.

  15. This is absolutely pathetic. The subs played well (minus Bedoya’s disgusting dive, and everything about wondo), but they were too late. Losing to Panama on home soil is about as sad as it gets.

  16. Garbage. Pure Garbage. Tell me why it takes, not a 2-0 score, but a 2-0 score PLUS a non-call on a clear penalty to wake this team up and have them show some urgency?

    Off the ball running was zero until the non-call on Bedoya. Then, and only then, we started moving off the ball and created a steady stream of opportunities. Should have buried more than just the equalizer. Game we should have won, but it took us an eon to wake up and play.

    I’m so aggravated I could…wait, I’ve already been doing that for 30 minutes. Nevermind.

  17. I blame Bob Bradley for playing a defensive style against teams that we could beat 9 out 10 times. Good job you idiot! I can understand that style against Spain, Germany, England, but against Panama…… well there you go.

  18. Why is anyone surprised? Bob Bradley, no tactics, no players with vision.

    That said, we probably still make the final. Just a boring, boring team.

  19. Why is it that multiple times tonight it’s Altidore that comes back to make himself the only one available for a pass from the back. Where the F*** are our midfielders!!!!


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