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USMNT Spotlight: Life on Loan


  1. Can you blame him for hitting Van Bommel though? Haha

    I wouldn’t go so far to say MB had always played well for the USMNT. He does frequently rise to the occasion and put out good performances, and he should be starting against Spain and every game in the Gold Cup, unless he has real stinker of a game in there. Bradley was the best CM against Argentina, and he’s simply better than Edu.

    Jay DeMerit, however I can’ recall ever having a bad game for the USMNT, and he should be on this roster. I’m a little worried about Gooch, Ream and Goodson. He should also be there for the sheer awesomeness of his beard. That alone will strike fear into the heart of Mexicans.

  2. I’ve never seen Jermaine seem so humble.

    He’s come a long way from his interview where he said, “If I want to wack Van Bommel, I’ll wack Van Bommel.”

    I wanna see Jermaine and Edu! Let’s forget the 3 man central mid idea until we get Stu Holden back.

    The logic that MB has always played well for the USMNT is true, but same can be said for Jay Demerit. Slightly unfair.

  3. I like Jermaine Jones, he seems like a much better guy than he’s been painted as in the past. He’s rough tackler, but he’s no Nigel De Jong.

  4. Pretty funny how Jermaine mixes German words in there.

    “und you want that, aber now”

    His English is getting a lot better now.

  5. I love how honest and candid Howard is when answering questions. It’s nice when athletes actually answer questions and don’t just regurgitate cliches. I wouldn’t mind seeing Jones stay with Blackburn, but Bradley needs to find greener pastures.

  6. Jones’ English is getting a lot better. Still funny how he will randomly (and probably accidentally) mix in German words though.


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